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The Last Battle. The beginning of the end.

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Summary: X-Cross over BTVS and HL. Immortals watchers and slayers. The One Becomes.

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Highlander > GeneralkonniemacianFR1513,266031,84521 Feb 0621 Feb 06Yes
Title: The Last Battle. The beginning of the end.
Author: Michelle Gates (Konniemacian)
E-mail: michelle.gates@l...
Pairing/s: N/A
Rating: Young adult (language)
Summary: X-Cross over BTVS and HL.
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them:( Not making any money either.)
Warnings (if appropriate): major character death, violence and gender-switch.

Xander started looking around the room the scoobies were in, whilst the others attacked the demons he got to work hunting for the orb that they were here to destroy. He wasn’t meant to be there, he was supposed to be in Africa finding new Slayers but he had managed to get home for Christmas, some Christmas this was turning out to be. Same as all other Scooby holidays he thought to himself as he hunted. Xander spun in horror as the others screamed. To his horror they were writhing in agony on the floor of the room with blue sparks of electricity shooting from the tazars barbs flowing into them. The demons that had fired upon them were still holding the rigged tazars in their hands, holding the buttons down.
Even as Xander paused in shock Giles stopped convulsing as his heart failed.
Rage filled Xander and he charged towards the demons axe swinging, Willow stopped moving just as he reached the second demon and Buffy as he reached the third but Xander was too lost in the rage to notice. Just as he decapitated the head demon it activated the orb and Xander was pulled through the now active portal.
Seconds before the portal closed three bolts of lightning arced from his friend’s bodies and entered the portal.


Xander was floating, or perhaps he was standing, he couldn’t really tell, he wasn’t really aware. He was surrounded by darkness, cold senseless darkness. He couldn’t see, feel, hear, smell anything. Void, abyss, complete and utter nothingness. Xander didn’t know that he was convulsing as something insubstantial collided with him, he couldn’t feel it. If an observer had been watching they would have seen the lightning from the portal hit him. The blue, white, gray energy flickered over him as he tumbled silently threw the emptiness. It was in him, on him, threw him, surrounding him. It was filling, draining, binding, and completing him. But he was unaware and in this place there was no one to witness the birth of a new entity.
His mind filled with knowledge he had not learnt himself, Magic flooded him and changed him and his body shifted and flowed into a new form. With a final burst of life the lightning crackled away and Xander floated on threw the void unaware and changed beyond all recognition, His mind torn apart to its basic compulsions. Slayer, Live, Fight, Protect.


Methos eldest of the immortals slowly guided his horse threw the ruins that were once Paris. Suppressing his emotions at the sight of destruction around him he pulled his horse to a stop near what he suspected was the remains of the blues bar that his friend Joe Dawson had once owned before this dark time had come. He dismounted, secured his horse, slowly climbed up the pile of rubble and began digging in the area he suspected the door to the cellar to be.
As he pulled bricks and wood out of the way he considered all that had come to pass.

He had been in the Alps at a small cabin he used during the summer when it had happened. He had watched in horror as beings he had never seen before were shown attacking people in the dark of night, the news stations all over the world broadcast the horror, the images of humans changing into beasts would haunt him for a long time to come.
Gigantic wolves, ridged and fanged humanoids, red horned-scaled beings and many more were shown tearing the world apart. The only name he could think of to describe them were demons. The attacks had started in America, then England, and finally mainland Europe before spreading to the rest of the world.
It had been the sight of London that had caused him the most of his nightmares. The world governments had acted in fear at the intruders, they had dropped an atom bomb on London, no human had survived in London, England but the remote cameras that they had dropped over the surrounding areas after the EM pulse had passed showed Demons still alive.
By this time traffic and pedestrians fleeing this Hell blocked the roads from the north coast. Methos had stolen two local horses saddled up and was the only person heading in the other direction, On one of the news channels he had seen an attack on Paris, Joe’s bar had been in the back ground. It was unlikely that Joe had survived but minuets before the bar had collapsed in on itself Duncan had been fighting one of the demons and entered the bar to get away from the rest.
Methos had pushed his horses as fast as he could and had reached the city within 6 days.
Now he was here searching the rubble for his friend’s body, Half out of his mind with fear and grief.

For two days and nights he dug franticly, pausing only to eat, sleep fitfully or kill demons.
But this time would be different, ten huge demons surrounded him, with a sword and main gauche in his hands he stood his ground.
The biggest demon snarled something and the fight was on. Methos fought desperately, he had seen this type of demon on the news, they tore the heads of their victims, he would have run if not for the fact that they could out run a horse.
Then he was unarmed with one arm broken as he slipped and fell down as the demon hands were reaching for his head. Closing his eyes he braced him self for true death gladdened by the fact that he had taken two of them with him.


Slayer, Live, Fight, Protect.
She awoke. Slowly getting to a crouch she surveyed her surroundings. Rocks, dust, vague shapes that nudged at her consciousness, before she could grasp them the words for the shapes slipped away. Time passed, fighting to protect humans from the enemy before disappearing into the night to hunt some more, fighting to live, living to fight. She slipped skyclad, mud covered, silently threw the dust covered world Killing, Protecting. Time had no meaning, Lost within her-self, no name, no past, unknown future, until she reached a strange rocky landscape divided by a river.
A huge towering structure and strange caves met her eye as she gazed around, she crept threw the caves touching things in awe as she searched for food or humans to save and enemy to kill, Her primal mind unable to recognize the items she saw.
She had been creeping threw the strange caves and spaces for many suns and moons when she found it, found him. She could smell the power in him, this shadow-man, and her creator. She settled down in the ruins of a cave and watched curious as he dug down into the earth under the moon lit sky.
The shadows of the cave hiding her she watched frozen in horror as many enemy dared attack Her Shadow-Man, as he fell she charged out of the building screaming in rage as she attacked. The enemy turned saw her and screamed her name before they fled in fear.
Slayer dropped into a crouch whimpering besides Her Shadow-Man and started pawing at his strange furs trying to find his wounds, she could smell his power filled blood flooding the air.
A slash of pain caused her to jump away and his scent of anger made her flee, Her Shadow-Man was angry with her and had punished her.


Methos’s eyes sprang open as a primal scream of rage filled the air followed by the demons shouting the word Slayer in fear before fleeing. As running feet drew closer he snatched up his gauche in his good hand and braced for attack. Mud covered, but otherwise naked girl crouched down beside him and started pulling at his clothes. Pain from his stomach wound caused him to push her hand away and as she yelped and jumped away her realized he had forgotten the gauche and cut her, angry at him-self over hurting her, he was about to speak when she fled. Methos watched sadly as she ran in to a neighboring building and vanished. Pulling himself up to sit he looked around in the direction she had fled hopping she would return. She didn’t, even though he could feel her watching him.
Once he had finished healing he continued digging for his friend hopping she would recover and return as soon as she realized he hadn’t meant to hurt her. That night her laid out extra food on a shirt and sweatpants in the hope she would take it as a peace offering, before he settled down to rest.

When he awoke both the food and the clothes were gone. Smiling he continued to dig, she was the first human he had seen in days and the fact that she had taken the food was a good sign, maybe she would help him free Duncan.

Finally he pulled away the last of the free rubble only to find large blocks of bricks and concrete covering the cellar door.
Sinking down to lean against the solid wall that still stood near by he rubbed tiredly at his head. Rolling his head to relive the ache in it he froze. A pipe near him was banging. Tap tap tap, bang bang bang, tap tap tap. It repeated. Then it repeated again. Methos felt a huge grin split his face, Morse code, SOS, he drew his gauche and taped back a message.
The urgency of his rescue mission had just increased. There were Mortal buried in the cellar.
Weeping silent tears of joy Methos mounted his horse and galloped off to the nearest hardware store grabbed up a large hammer and galloped back. Jumping down he hurriedly began smashing up the blocked door area hulling the pieces away. For two hours he worked before he collapsed in exhortation.
The bang smash of stone woke him, the girl was following his lead and smashing the rock before moving the debris out of the way. Carefully Methos got to his feet, it was in vain the girl dropped the hammer and moved away before crouching down to watch. His first priority were his friends so whilst staying aware of her location he continued to dig them free.
After a while she crept forward and move a piece of stone out of the way, Methos ignored her and continued to work. It was obviously the correct thing to do with her, as she became more and more confident in her movements as she continued to help him.
Finally he cleared the pile of rocks covering the top of the stairs to the basement. Leaning threw the hole he called down.
“Joe? Duncan?”
Turning he grabbed his medical kit and a flashlight and wiggled threw the hole. As he entered the basement he sighed in relief as her saw not only Duncan and Joe sleeping away but Richie, Amanda, Connor, Amy Tomas (Joe’s daughter) and all the visiting immortals watchers.
Methos blinked in surprise as he realized the immortals all had knifes or swords in their chests keeping them dead. Realizing that they had done it in an attempt to keep the mortals alive by not taking up air or what ever little food had been down here he shook his head and smiled. He would bet his horse that it had been Duncan idea.
Gently waking the mortals he checked them over and led them out of the cellar. The girl seeing his intention of getting them threw the gape helped silently.

Once the mortals were clear he pulled the immortals out and yanked the knives and swords free before waiting for them to return to life. He had a few words to say to Duncan.
One by one they revived and froze at the rage on Methos’s face as he stared daggers at Duncan.
Blissfully unaware of his danger Duncan got to his feet grinning and spouting of about how he had told them Adam would come and rescue them.
Methos stared down at Duncan who was sprawled out on the floor hand to the cheek Methos had just punched staring at him in shock.
In a cold voice Methos started telling the highland child off.
“In the 100 plus years since television, not one immortal has ever been captured live on television healing until you. In 100 years not one of us has been seen coming back to life on television, not once. Until you.” Methos paused seeing Duncan was still clueless about his anger. “Now mortals know of us because you just had to be the hero. You insufferable brat.” Grabbing his hair with both hands he snarled at Duncan “You... you bloody narrow minded sheep shagger.” Turning he stomped over towards his horse.
Duncan and Conner blinked before muttering under their breath “I’ll show you sheep shagger.” the mortals and remaining immortals froze wide-eyed as the two Scotsmen drew their swords and snarled jumping at Methos.
They didn’t get a chance to connect as out of the shadows a growling girl pounced and knocked them down. Duncan and Conner turned to their attacker and froze in surprise.
Methos spun at the sound of a growl, seeing the girl attacking Duncan he reacted instinctively.
“TLUA MA.” Methos roared as she moved to kill the two men who attacked him changing her trajectory caused her to fall hard, dislocating her shoulder in the process.


The Slayer had drifted off into the shadows of the damaged cave unnoticed by the tribe once she had finished helping Her Shadow-Man rescue them.
She watched in confusion as the corpses that Her Shadow-Man brought out of the cave awoke. They felt like Shadow-Men not demons so she held of on attacking, besides Her Shadow-Man wasn’t scared just angry, if he needed her she was close enough to help him.
She listened as he told one of the Others off and when he walked away the Other He had shouted at and his kin went to attack.
The slayer moved to intercept, knocking them of course she recovered and went in for the kill.
Turning her leap into a spin she crashed to the ground and rolled to a crouch.
Her Shadow-Man had spoken to her and said stop. So she stopped.
Keeping her head lowered she watched the men for any further sign of intent to attack Her Shadow-Man a steady warning growl coming from her throat warning the bad Others off what was hers. He had ordered her to stop but if they tried again she would kill them, regardless of his wishes.
The Slayer stood watching whilst she casually reach over and forced her dislocated arm back into the socket, the all the tribes eyes widened as they realized she hadn’t felt pain.


Methos was about to comment on the situation when a dark chuckle pulled everyone’s attention towards the other side of his horses.
“Oh look boys dinner is served” said the for most of the fanged and ridged demons.
“Form a circle mortals on the inside Immortals on the outside.” Methos ordered as the demons slowly walked towards them.
Everyone followed his orders even Joe who Methos and Duncan were horrified to see the others left behind to struggle over the rubble on his false legs, both Methos and Duncan were about to move to help him but the girl got there first. Gently she scooped him up and carried him into the defended area before grabbing a large plank. Moving to stand in front of the demons blocking the route to food she held up the plank with one hand on each end and in a show of surprising strength snapped it as easily as if it were a toothpick.
“Slayer.” The leader snarled “Kill her then we eat.” He ordered.
In a blink the girl was moving faster than a human could. Blow after blow on each side as she struck each demon whose defenses she could get passed in the heart with the wooden batons and they tried to kill her.
One demon got luck and managed to pull on from her hand seconds later that hand tore into his chest and ripped his heart out.
As she moved Methos caught glimpses of her face, a serene acceptance of this act coupled with determination and peace filled it, and He gasped as he remembered the legends he had heard when he was younger than the 400 year old Duncan at his side. Then he remembered the Truth about immortals.
Dropping his sword he raised his hands to the sky an unleashed the full power of his quickening, calling on ancient powers long forgotten to raise a shield around his mortals even as he was lifted up by the wave of power. He called out the Words of Power, words whose origins had been lost, twisted and corrupted.
“We are one, joined in mind and purposes, we will travel to the gathering place of our predecessors, in the end there can be only one victor.” All around the world immortals and per-immortals were raised up by the power and heard the call.
In Africa Adeola the shaman, in Colorado Daniel Jackson, in Japan Aiko to name a few, their surviving friends and family watching and hearing the Words as they were echoed by all.
Over the next few days and weeks all of them, even the per-immortals, guided by their instincts traveled, gathering humans and other immortals along the way heading for America. The urge to kill their own, which was actually a curse to control their numbers cast by the very beings they now faced, was negated by the call in even the most feral and Game orientated.
In droves they traveled gathering in numbers as the long neglected joining to the earth and each other led them to the one place their charges would be safe for the duration of this new war against the dark.
As the Slayer staked the final demon she to was raised up and her gift was copied and placed into the other Guardians.
Knowledge on how to kill the enemy and utilize their quickening as it was intended to be used, from Methos it was passed on. Strength, speed, reflexes, precognitive dreams and the sensing ability of slayers were gifted as had been intended from creation of the First Slayer. And finally the weapons knowledge of all immortals were added to the slayers and shared to all. With a crack of thunder heard around the world the final step in the war against the dark was enacted. The war between 2000 champions for the light and their army’s and the billions of the demons of all forms had begun. In this one small dimension in the mulitverse would the fate of all dimensions be decided, win or lose.
This war would last for centuries yet it would be the Last Battle.

The power flowing threw the Slayer tore her physical body to shreds and three of the four souls contained within it ascended, their part played out they were finally free.
It was over and yet it was just beginning.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Last Battle. The beginning of the end.". This story is complete.

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