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Illusion of Reality

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Summary: Why did time just repeat itself in the middle of a fight and who are the strangely dressed human and demon

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Star Trek > VoyagerbelginteiFR1359,0700127,49122 Feb 0628 Feb 06No

Chapter 5 - Battle Plans

Title: Illusion of Reality 5/? Battle Plans
By: David A. Knapton


Rating: 12A/PG-13

Disclaimer: I own neither the characters from Buffy or Voyager just the idea!

Feedback: If you want, I like it but it's not vital for me to continue my stories.

Pairing: As the two shows.

‘’ = Though.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.

This will be the last update for this story for a while, I am writing more but it is slow going.


The Doctor opened the door to the basement as quietly as possible and led Tom and B’Elanna down the stairs. He had managed to persuade Buffy to allow Spike to stay at the house with them for the planned attack on Glory the following night.

“Sneaking around are we?” came the Vampire’s voice from one of the shadows, “I thought that was my MO!” he said walking into the light.

“We need to talk and the spell on the others would only act as a distraction,” said the Doctor.

“You mean the one that makes them forget Ben is Glory! How does that work anyway, Ben being Glory I mean,” said Spike.

“The essence that is Glory has supposedly been placed in the body of a human male. They both know of the other but have no memory of anything the other experiences. While she is submerged within Ben, she is as vulnerable as any human,” explained the Doctor.

“So you figure the four of us try and take her out while she is little Ben,” surmised Spike.

“Yes, as much as I am loathed to commit murder, we really have no choice and even if we do manage to destroy Glory at a later date, Ben will still die,” said the Doctor.

“Alright, I’m in, but your plan all depends on Ben and not Glory being around,” pointed out Spike.

“True,” said the Doctor, “I need you to take this,” he handed the Vampire a hypospray, “And watch the hospital for Ben tonight and tomorrow. You have enough poison in there to kill a dozen people; it will only take two seconds to kill him if you can get it into his neck.”

“Okay, but why me?”

“Because the three of us would be missed, you also know your way around town,” pointed out the Doctor.

“Right, got you, I’ll go now,” said Spike heading up the stairs.

After he had left, Tom looked at the Doctor, “You sure we can trust him? As I remember Spike was not very reliable in the show!”

“Yes the program made him so that of all the people here the only ones he would not betray are Dawn and Joyce... And to a lesser extent Buffy, who he is beginning to fall in love with,” said the Doctor.


Chakotay and Seven entered the Captain’s ready room for the morning briefing to find the other senior staff already present taking their seats the Commander looked at the Captain, “Good morning Captain. Last night after you had retired, I had an idea to give B'Elanna and the others a little more time. If we link the power supply from the four shuttles into the power grid it will give them approximately 15 extra hours to complete the mission,” he told her.

“I must point out Captain that if we do that and they accomplish their mission in the seven days it will have damaged the shuttles power supply and leave us no means to find more dilithium,” added Commander Tuvok.

“Very well Commander,” said Janeway looking at Chakotay, “We’ll connect all four but only feed three into the grid, just in case.”

“That would be expectable,” agreed Tuvok.

“So Nelix, how is morale?” asked Janeway.

“Fine at the moment, there was a concert to be held in holodeck 2 this evening but of course that can’t be used now. Could we use the dining room after the evening meal has been served?” said Nelix.

“Yes by all means, I was looking forward to hearing crewman Haines rendition of some of Quarantotto Sartori,” said the Captain, “I want to know immediately if we have problems with morale, to that end I was wondering if there was some way we could communicate with the away team as well as monitor their progress? We could then let the crew know on their progress!”

“It may be possible Captain, but we would lose all external communication again,” said Kim. “But communication should be limited to emergencies only as linking it to the holomatrix will draw power from the warp-core but it should be possible to monitor the program without draining any power.”

“Very well, do it,” said Janeway.


Spike spent much of the night searching the hospital for his target, finally tracking him down as Ben’s shift ended; he slipped silently into the doctor’s locker room quickly checking that no one else was there. Pulling out the hypospray, he moved around the backside away from anyone’s view from the door.

He heard the light scrap of metal on metal as Ben opened his locker, his vampire hearing picking up the doctor’s surgical scrubs being removed. Spike could see Ben’s shadow on the wall, moving now with speed no human, other than a Slayer, could match he rounded the corner and moved the hypospray towards his target.

Spike, with his feelings to help Dawn, and the three Starfleet personnel had failed to take one thing into account... Spike screamed in pain as the chip activated, he dropped the hypospray and fell to the ground holding his head.

Suddenly the Vampire found himself being lifted into the air by the throat, the blonde hell god looking up at him, she smirked at him, “Naughty, naughty, mustn’t try hurting little Ben,” she said crushing the hypospray under her foot.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Illusion of Reality" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 06.

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