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Love Immortal

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Summary: One night Buffy comes across Willow fighting a man.

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Chapter One

Title: Love Immortal. 1/?
Author: David A. Knapton

Archived: NHA, The Mystic Muse, others if you want but it’s polite to let the author know you are doing so.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my perverted mind. The characters belong to the owners of BtVs and Highlander.
Spoiler: Season 1 & 2, set sometime after Passion but Angelus killed Oz not Jenny who is still working on the spell to restore Angel’s soul, plus the Holtz storyline from Angel season 3 and the Shadows episode from Highlander are slightly different.
Rating: 15/R for violence.
Pairing: Buffy/Willow (eventually) Giles/Jenny Xander/Cordelia.
Summery: One night Buffy comes across Willow fighting a man.
= Thought; [Flashback] = Ah duh Flashback.
Feedback: If you wish but be warned only obscene amounts of money will stop me posting more parts of this story if you don’t like it and want it stopped or you can do what I do don’t read stories you don’t like!!!!
Special thanks to Joshua for his helpful suggestions.


Buffy had been on patrol for about half an hour when she heard the sound of steel striking steel, she ran towards it, As she rounded the corner to an alley she came to a stop, she stood staring at the combatants, she knew she should move, help her friend but her feet refused to move.

A man of about thirty, six foot with his hair down to the middle of his back held in a ponytail was duelling with Willow, he welded a Bastard sword. Although she generally didn’t take in the things Giles tried to impart to her about being a slayer and all that entailed she had to admit to herself that she had a morbid fascination with weapons,

The man held his sword two handed while Willow held the most beautiful Rapier Buffy had ever seen, one handed. With an expert eye Buffy could see that both were using their relative strengths against the other, while the man obviously held the advantage in upper body strength and a longer reach, Willow used her obvious better agility to avoid most of the man’s attacks as well as having quicker reaction time because of holding her weapon one handed.

Willow’s moves reminded Buffy of a ballerina she had no idea her friend could be so graceful! Although she couldn’t seem to move she couldn’t help but admire Willow’s moves, Giles had started her practising with swords when she returned to school that September, she recognised some of the moves but not all! It was obvious Willow had been using a sword for sometime.

She watched as the man would try and overpower Willow, he’d swing at her midsection from the left then reverse it trying to catch Willow off guard, Buffy realised that this guy was as dumb as some of the vampires around town not learning from his mistakes, Willow went about educating him, as his reverse swing passed her she would move in quickly placing several cuts to his sides or upper arms before skipping back out of reach, it took the man a half dozen of these moves before he began to slow up, that was when Willow began her own attack.

Buffy watched in awe as the redhead dismantled her opponent’s defences, she would faint at the man’s head or upper body and when he raised his sword to block Willow would quickly move to strike his exposed upper legs or his arms, she did this several times then finally as she stabbed him in his right thigh and he brought his sword in to take advantage of her exposed middle she quickly pulled her sword out and with a flick of her wrist sent his sword harmlessly past her allowing his own momentum to impel himself on her sword through the stomach; he fell to his knees breathing heavily.

Willow swung at the downed man’s neck who raised his sword to block the blow, Willow had obviously anticipated such a move as her sword did not strike his but struck below the cross-guard hitting the back of the man’s hand who let out a scream, dropping his sword.

Buffy saw Willow raise her sword again with the obvious intention of beheading the now defenceless man; her body seemed to start functioning again. She ran towards them, she had to stop her friend from killing the man then get her to Giles so they could work out what was wrong with her, "Willow, STOP don't do it!" she shouted.

But the shout came to late, Buffy heard Willow say, "There can be only one," as the redhead swept the man’s head off. Buffy stopped in shock looking at her friend, Willow raised her hand, "Please stay back Buffy, you'll get hurt," she said as electrical energy began jumping from the man to Willow as well as the lights around the alley blowing them out.

Buffy thought then shook her head, she had to get Willow away from here.

Buffy just stood there looking at the light show, her thoughts becoming confused as it continued, was Willow possessed? She turned back to the thing that had obviously taken over Willow’s body, the creature screamed, the energy seemed to wrap around her, lifting her into the air. Buffy looked up as the window above and to her left blow inwards, looking back to the thing that had control of her friend she saw that she was now on her knees, supporting herself with the sword. As Willow rose on unsteady legs Buffy slowly advanced on the girl she had thought of as her best friend, she held her stake at the ready unsure how effective it would be against whatever this creature was!

Willow saw the look on her friend's face, the sort of look that she always had when she was preparing to fight, Willow gave her a little smile, "Buffy its okay, its not what you think!" she said trying to reassure her friend.

"What that my best friend is a cold blooded murderer who goes in for decapitation?" screamed Buffy with some sarcasm.

"Ah yeah I did kill him by-by taking his head, but I ah really didn’t have a choice! Please Buffy you must believe me,” Willow pleaded, “I-if I hadn't he would've taken mine. I didn't want you to find out this way honest I didn’t,” she said, “Honest,” she repeated so quietly that Buffy only just heard it, Willow looked at the ground, “Ever since you came back this summer; I've been trying to find a way to tell you...” she trailed off for a moment before looking at the slayer, tears in her eyes. “The others... they told me I had to be careful who I told... b-but you're my best friend and-and being the slayer and your destiny and all I sort of figured that you would understand,” the tears began to rundown her cheeks, “I'm so so sorry really I am, please say you understand I don't know what I-I'll do if you say you don't wanna be my friend anymore," said Willow wiping her cheeks on her sleeve.

Buffy's features softened almost instantly when she saw the tears. She dropped the stake and closed the distance between them, gathering Willow in her arms. Willow had supported her when she had found out she was the slayer and more recently when Angel had turned against them and killed her boyfriend Oz, she had never once seen any anger from Willow, not like she did from Xander and Cordy.

The Dingo’s had been loading their equipment into Oz’s van after a gig at the Bronze after it had closed, the gang usually made a point to help, what with Angelus on the loose but Buffy had been in hospital having caught flu that had been doing the rounds they were all with Buffy saving some children. Angelus had appeared with a cadre of vampires, killing them all, but what they had done after the band were dead was what had been more upsetting, Angelus had taken the bodies back into the Bronze and he and the vamps had set up the equipment and using poles etc had placed the bodies on the stage as if they were performing. Willow had cried in Buffy’s arms for almost an hour solid when they had found out the next day.

No, Buffy resolved to be there for her friend. "I'd never do that to you Will, you've always been there for me and I'll help you through this, whatever it takes, you’re my best friend. Now lets get out of here before someone comes nosing around," Buffy tried to smile reassuringly at her friend.

Willow smiled back, "Thanks," she said as they started out of the alley then stopped, "Oops almost forgot," she said running back and picking up the dead-man's sword before returning to Buffy. "Let's go back to my house, my mum and dad are away again," Buffy nodded as they exited the alley.

From the far end of the alley a shadow seemed to detach itself from the surrounding gloom, "Well well well, that is interesting," mused Angelus as he looked down at the body then at Buffy and Willow as they crossed the street and disappeared. "So little Willow is an Immortal," he bent down and stuck his finger into the quickly congealing blood and brought it to his mouth sucking on it, a moan escaped his lips, "Mmmm immortal blood, its been to long," he said to himself as he rose and exited the alley.


London, 1762

Darla finished draining the old man and let his body crumple to the ground; she smiled as she watched Angelus finish off the old man’s niece, he let out a contented sigh as he let the girl’s body slip from his arms to fall next to her uncle’s, “I so love the young ones,” he said to Darla as his face changed back to human, “Their blood is so much more refreshing and filling.”

Darla swayed her hips seductively as she walked up to him, grabbing Angelus’ head and pulled him into a passionate kiss using her tongue to lick the little blood off his teeth and lips. She released her grip smiling up at him, “Yes the young ones have refreshing blood but by no means the best, there is a creature called the slayer who hunts our kind, her blood is the most potent of all. Just behind hers is immortal blood but the great advantage with their blood is that you can drain them again and again and they come back.”

“Immortals?” asked Angelus wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Yes my dear there are not many of them and they look human, unless you happen to take one by accident or they tell you of their immortality, the only way to find them is to be there when they fight another of their kind,” Darla explained to her lover as they walked out of the back street and headed towards a tavern.


York, Aug. 1764

“Angelus wake up, your Darla has a surprise for you,” said Darla shaking the other vampire.

Angelus opened his eyes looking up at Darla who had a cat that ate the cream smirk on her face, “Where have you been? You left two days ago,” he said smiling as he went to grab her.

Darla move out of range still smiling, “Later my dear but first your present,” she told him grabbing his arm and pulling him up off the bed. She looked at the body of a young maid slumped in the corner, looking pointedly at Angelus, “How many times must I tell you not to feed on the staff, good servants are so hard to find.”

“Sorry Darla I got thirsty last night,” he told her as he allowed her to pull him towards the door of their bedroom.

Darla smirked at him, “We will not need to worry about getting thirsty again my dear,” she told him as she led him into the cellar, chained to the wall was a young dead man.

Angelus turned frowning towards the man then Darla, “Why the redecoration Darla?”

“Do you remember when we were in London a couple of years ago I told you about immortals?”

Angelus smirked as he looked at the man, “You mean?” he interrupted her.

“Yes my dear, I came across this one fighting another in the woods just outside the city,” Darla smiled as her vampire hearing picked up the man’s heart begin to beat, “Get ready for a real treat Angelus,” she told him as she watched her lover morph his face as he closed the distance with the immortal.

[End Flashback]


Willow opened the front door and led Buffy into the living room, she placed both swords on the table, on turning to look at Buffy, she still saw the unease in her friend's eyes.

Willow looked around in a nervous way, "Did you want a drink Buffy?" she asked unable to look her friend in the face and see the suspicion that she knew was there.

"What are you?" asked Buffy.

"Ah that's sort of complicated," Willow began worrying her hands, looking at Buffy she could see that her body was tense as if she was ready to attack at any moment. Willow slumped down on the settee holding her head in her hands, tears beginning to flow.

Buffy was at Willow's side in an instant drawing her into a hug, "Don't cry Will I'm here, I-I'm sorry for acting like you're the enemy. Whatever you've done, I'll help you... somehow, I don't know how but together we'll get through this," she said while rocking Willow back and forth. "First thing tomorrow we'll talk with Giles he'll know what to do."

Willow raised her head from Buffy's chest, she shook her head, "I don't know Buff, I think we better talk to my teacher first."

"Your teacher?" frowned Buffy, "What do you mean?"

"The person that found me when I died the first time," she saw the shock enter Buffy's eyes. "When someone like me who is destined to become immortal is born we age normally until our first death when the immortality kicks in, after that we stop ageing, I'll look as I am now for as long as I live. Anyway the person that finds you usually teaches you the rules of the game and how to fight."

"‘Usually’ becomes your teacher?" asked Buffy still frowning.

Willow sighed, "Yeah usually, unless your unlucky to be found by an immortal that is after an easy Quickening." Willow saw the next question entering Buffy's eyes, "A Quickening is what you saw tonight, when an immortal beheads another they get their Quickening, sort of their knowledge and power, which makes the winner a little harder for the next immortal to kill," she explained.

"So you were lucky and got a good guy to teach you!"

"Yeah she's been very nice; I just hope I never have to fight her."

"Why would you want to fight her?"

"There can only be one Buffy, at the Gathering when all the immortals that are left will be drawn to one place to fight for the prize, we will fight until only one of us is left and that one will have the power of all the immortals that have ever lived, it will give whoever it is the power to either rule humanity forever or help it into a golden age."

"So how did this happen to you?"

"Well if you mean how does a mortal become an immortal, no one really knows for sure, the only thing that we know for sure is that we are all foundlings, I was found in the Sunnydale mall by security and taken to the children's home where I was adopted by Ira and Sheila Rosenberg less than a month later. They don't know that I know, I guess this being Sunnydale and all they forgot to tell me," Willow let out a large sigh her shoulders fell in a dejected way.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Willow's shoulders pulling her back into a hug, "If your mum and dad didn't tell you all this, how did you find out?"

Buffy felt Willow laugh into her chest, "How do you think, I'm a computer nerd, after my teacher explained about my parents not being my parents I hacked into the social service computer as well as several adoption agencies computers."

"So how did you die it wasn't a vampire was it?" asked Buffy worry in her voice.

"No it wasn't anything Hellmouthy, it was so stupid I feel embarrassed telling you," she blushed lifting her head off Buffy's chest again.

Buffy smiled for the first time that night, "How Will, I promise not to laugh."

"I fell down the stairs and broke my neck," Willow's blush deepened as she looked down at her lap.

"Ouch that must have hurt! Why are you so embarrassed?"

"Well all the other Immortals I've met have died in battle or been shot or hung or something and living on the Hellmouth and all falling down some stairs makes me feel like their all better than me," sighed Willow.

Buffy looked rather sternly at her best friend; "You have got nothing to be ashamed of, you couldn't help how you became immortal, what I saw tonight proved that, ok I haven't seen any other immortals fight but I've used a sword a few times, you are good."

"Funny my teacher keeps telling me the same thing," laughed Willow.

"There you go then she has obviously had some experience with this so she would know what she's talking about don't you think?"

"Well yeah I guess, I'll thi..." Willow stopped speaking, her body going rigged as she stood up.

Buffy also stood up touching her friend's arm in concern; "Will you okay? What's wrong?"

"Another immortal is near, I hope I don't need to fight again tonight, I feel too pooped," she explained going to the table to retrieve her sword, holding it at low guard she went towards the front door, just as she got there someone rang the doorbell.

"Do immortals that are after a fight usually ring the bell?" asked Buffy also moving towards the door. She may not understand all that was going on but if as Willow had said she wasn't in any shape to fight again tonight she would step in and stop it, she didn't know how but she would try.

"I don't know, I haven't met all the immortals," smiled Willow, she looked through the spyhole in the door, letting out an audible sigh as she saw who it was, she rested her sword against the wall, "Its my teacher," she said as she opened the door.

“Willow I need to speak with you, I just heard there’s a head... ah Buffy what are you doing here?” said Jenny.

“You’re Willow’s teacher?” said Buffy a little stunned as well as angry, Ms Calendar had already kept it secret that she had come here to watch Angel, now this.

Jenny looked worried for just a moment before recovering, “That’s a strange thing to say Buffy? Of course I’m one of Willow’s teachers you know that, have you hit your head? Do you want me to take you to a doctor?”

“Jenny I told Buffy what we are, she knows about our immortality!” explained Willow not sure how Jenny would react.

“Why would you do that Willow? You are entitled to tell anyone you wish about yourself but you had no right to tell anyone about me,” Jenny chastised the redhead who blushed.

“Hey don’t take it out on Willow, she has nothing to be ashamed of you’re the one with all the secrets and how dare you stop her from telling her friends!” Buffy stepped between her friend and Jenny invading the latter’s personal space.

“I did not stop her from telling you anything about her immortality just to be careful that’s all,” Jenny retorted a hardness coming into her eyes.

Willow started to get worried when she saw the look come into Jenny’s eyes, she didn’t want them to fight, she grabbed Buffy’s arm, “Please stop, please don’t fight,” she pleaded with them.

Buffy relaxed slightly at Willow’s touch but continuing to look at Jenny, “Alright but only because it’s you asking Will,” the slayer said coldly.

Jenny shook off the angry feeling for the moment and turned to Willow remembering she had come to warn the redhead, “Willow I came here to warn you that Duncan phoned to tell me that a head hunter was on his way to Sunnydale, his MO is to challenge new Immortals that have not yet taken a head and still training. Willow, please be careful around town until I have tracked him down...” Jenny frowned as her pupil let out a sigh, “What’s wrong Willow?”

“He found me earlier tonight on my way to the Bronze,” the pupil told the teacher.

“Yeah and if his swordsmanship was anything to go by I’m not surprised he picked on the newbies like Will here but he picked the wrong one when he went after her,” smiled Buffy pulling the young Immortal into a hug, the pride in her friend evident in her voice.

“I see,” smiled Jenny, “Well done; now maybe you will start listening when I tell you that you are as good as any other Immortal.”

“Yeah I told her the same thing earlier, you must be a really good teacher to get her so good since the summer!” said Buffy, Jenny gave the slayer a small smile at the complement.

“Okay with both you and Buffy telling me I guess it must be true,” smiled Willow relieved that with them concentrating on her maybe it would stop them fighting? Hoping it was the best thing to do she looked with pleading eyes at Jenny, “I think you should tell Buffy the truth so she can come to trust you again, please Jenny,” Willow pleaded.

Jenny sighed looking first at Willow and then at the angry slayer, “Lets all sit down shall we?” said Jenny gesturing towards the living room; Willow nodded leading the way and sitting on the settee she pulled Buffy down next to her. Jenny took an easy chair and began her tale.

“I was born Janna in a village near Brasov in what is now Romania in the year 1436 I died in the spring of 1460 when Vlad Tepes, you will know as Dracula, came to the man that I married, a wealthy merchant named Mugur who had displeased Tepes.” Buffy and Willow saw tears standing in Jenny’s eyes, “He had his men drag everyone in the household into the courtyard where he had them impelled in front of myself and my husband. After it was over Mugur went insane at the sight of people he had thought of as friends rather than servants, he tried to attack Tepes for which he ordered his men to impel my husband and as a reward for defending their king they could use my body anyway they wished before they impelled me next to my husband,” the tears had started running down Jenny’s cheeks.

“Jenny I’m so sorry, why didn’t you tell me this before?” said Willow her own tears running down her face.

“Yes why, didn’t you realise how much recent pain could have been avoided, we could have helped each other so much,” added a misty eyed Buffy.

“Isn’t it obvious? Because it is painful, very painful, I am only telling you now so that you Buffy will understand why I have done the things I have done since I’ve been in Sunnydale,” explained Jenny.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm herself enough to continue, “I managed to grab a dagger from one of my captures plunging it into my chest before they could rape me. The next thing I knew was waking up very cold next to my impelled husband, our home had been looted, in my despair I walked out into the streets not understanding how I had survived stabbing myself? Anyway when the local people saw me they called me a demon and stoned me to death, the next time I woke I was in a ditch several miles from the town. That was where a family of gypsies found me and took me in.

“I lived for many years with that family and its decedents. Some 10 years after joining them I found out what I was when I met an Immortal called Marcus Constantine, he stayed with us and taught me everything I needed to know then after I took my first Quickening he left, which happens quiet often after the pupil proves themselves.” Jenny looked at Buffy, a slight tightening of her neck muscles, “After some forty years I became my tribe’s protector which I remained until the late 1890’s I had travelled to see Marcus in Italy... The day before I returned was when Angelus killed my family, I went insane, travelling to the tribe’s meeting place I told them what had happened, I begged the tribal wise-woman to find the killer, she told me that I was not to harm the killer she then preformed the ritual that cursed Angel,” she saw the anger begin to form in Buffy’s eyes, “I swear to you Buffy I didn’t know about the clause of perfect happiness! Buffy, Angelus did things to my family that not even Tepes had done, I was so angry with him, all I wanted was to destroy the monster that had done such things to my family.”

“I’m sorry for what he did to your people Ms Calendar, really I am, but you should have told us at the start, Oz and the others may have been alive if you had!” said Buffy, sad for what Angel had done but also angry and frustrated at Jenny for not saying anything.

Sensing Buffy’s growing frustration Willow grabbed her hand giving it a gentle squeeze, “So what happened after your family died,” she asked Jenny barely above a whisper.

“I abandoned my tribe feeling that I had failed them, I returned to Marcus staying with him for several years before coming to America. I had left my old life and hatreds behind me when I came here then three years ago I was contacted by my tribe who told me that the old woman as the tribal wise woman is known had felt something change in the curse and that Angelus would soon return and face the twice chosen on the Hellmouth. They asked me to come here and watch for signs that the curse was weakening.”

There was silence for a minute before it was broken by Buffy, “I understand why you came here and why you wanted to kill Angelus, after what he has put all of us through over the last couple of months I want to kill him too, but I still can’t forgive you for not telling us the truth.”

“Yes Buffy we will both carry the guilt with us to the end of our days, I feel as responsible for Oz, Theresa and the others as you do, I wish that I had listened to Willow and told you all what I am, but when you died last year and that confirmed that you are the twice chosen and your obvious deep love for Angel and he for you, I had hoped the prophesy would not come to pass.”

“So where’s this prophesy? I’d like Giles to see it if I have to face Angelus I want all the details, I don’t want anymore surprises, if you are going to join us I want it all out in the open. Well everything except you two being Immortal I’ll keep that secret if you want but if you want to show good faith I think you should tell the others they deserve that from you Ms Calendar,” said Buffy.

“I will bring the prophesy to the library tomorrow...” said Jenny giving Buffy a little smile before turning serious again at both the young women, “I’ll consider telling them about my Immortality before school tomorrow,” Jenny finished with some hesitation, it had been over 80 years since she had told anyone of her immortality. She stood up looking down at the two, “I’ll leave you two then until tomorrow, good night,” she said as she saw herself out.

They were silent for a few moments before Buffy released Willow to look at her, “You okay Will? Do you wanna go Bronzing?” she asked.

“No I’m pooped, Jenny told me it can be a little overwhelming when you take someone’s Quickening but it’s still a shock to the system,” Willow half smiled, “I think I’d just like a long soak then bed.”

“Want me to scrub your back?” Buffy smirked.

Willow blushed, “Buffy! I’m not that sort of girl,” she said swatting her friend’s arm.

“Okay Will I’ll phone you later when I’ve finished my patrol,” said Buffy getting up.

Willow followed her to the door holding it open, “Bye Buffy see you tomorrow,” she said smiling as she closed the door and began to ascend the stairs.


Jenny got out of her car she began walking to her front door when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye, she spun to see a vampire step out of the bushes, she sighed dropping her purse and drawing her sword, “I really don’t have time for this,” she said watching as another two joined the first.

“As a teacher I though you would have time,” came a voice from behind her, whirling around to see Angelus stood by her front door with a sword of his own, “Hi teach,” he smirked.

“If it’s a sword lesson you’re after I am more than happy to oblige Angelus,” she said taking up a defensive stance after decapitating the first vampire that had tried to attack her from behind.

“Hmmm let’s see? Ah no I don’t think so!” he said pulling a gun from his jacket and firing a tranquiliser dart into Jenny’s chest, he watched as she fell to the ground, “Bring her boys,” he told the other two vampires who picked her and her sword up. Leading the way Angelus smirked, “Everyone is in for a treat tonight boys the only thing better than Immortal blood is slayer blood,” he told them as they disappeared into the shadows.


York, Sept. 1764

Angelus rushed into the cellar to find Darla drinking from the immortal’s neck, “Darla we have to leave Holtz is coming he’ll be here in minutes,” he shouted to her before turning and running back up into the house and through to the stables.

Darla smiled up at the chained immortal who was groaning quietly, “Such a shame dear boy, oh well it was fun while it lasted Garrick.” As she climbed the steps she grabbed a lit lantern and threw it into the straw covered floor, the flames had already taken a hold before she closed the cellar door.

[End Flashback]


Willow sat at her vanity table combing her damp hair as she spoke to Buffy, “Thanks for being there for me tonight Buffy ... I wish I had told you before tonight to Buffy ... I’ve been thinking about what you told Jenny about telling the others about her Immortality, I’m going to tell the others tomorrow,” she got up to feed her fish, “Yes I’m sure Buffy, it’s been eating me up inside keeping it secret from everyone I love,” she frowned as she saw a brown envelope on her bed, “Yeah okay everyone except Cordy,” she said as she lifted the flap and pulled on the piece of string she saw, she let the phone slip from her as she pulled out her dead fish.

Willow could hear Buffy’s frantic cries to her as she retrieved the receiver from the floor, “Buffy do you think I could stay at yours tonight?” she asked looking around her bedroom nervously.

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