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A Very Gargoyle Halloween

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Summary: Willow dresses as Demona's human form from Gargoyles. No ones dies in this fic (yet).

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Cartoons > GargoylesElizabethFR1531,8861204,98925 Feb 0626 Feb 06No

Chapter Three: The Day After

A Very Gargoyle Halloween

Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don’t remember now who owns Gargoyles but, it isn’t me.

Summary: What would happen if Willow dressed up as Demona from Gargoyles?

AN: Slightly revised with minor corrections, including skin color.

Chapter Three: The Day After

That morning Willow made her way to the library. As she was about to enter she heard some very British swearing.

Entering the library she found Ethan bound to a chair at the table and loudly complaining about how Ripper should let him go for old times sake.

Willow wondered how the two knew each other.

Giles spotted her human form “’Ah Willow have you returned to normal?”

Willow shook her head, “No, I apparently have Demona’s curse. And that is no fun, nope not fun at all. Please tell me there is a way to reverse it.”, with Demona’s knowledge she doubted it but, she had to try.

Giles began cleaning his glasses, “I’m afraid not, Willow. I’ve had words with Ethan.” and he glared at the other englishman. “and if you don’t return to your normal state by morning then it is irreversible.”

“Oh, that is so of the bad.” and she sat down hard in a chair.

That was when Xander walked in followed by Buffy.

“Wills, so you are back to normal?” asked the Slayer.

Willow shook her head, “Nope. I’m stuck being a Gargoyle at night. So not of the good.”

The Slayer was confused, “But, you are back to normal.”

Xander interjected, “Buffster, you haven’t watched Gargoyles have you?”” at Buffy’s negative. “Well Demona was an immortal gargoyle cursed by Puck in one of the episodes to become a human during the day.”

“I’m sorry, Wills”, the Slayer said and hugged her.

“So, what are you going to do with him?” demanded Xander pointing at Ethan.

“The Council will pick him up in a couple of hours.” At this Ethan began furiously cursing.


Later that day after school Willow had walked back to her house and was now in her bedroom.

Willow went into her closet and began looking for anything she could wear when in her gargoyle form. There were two halter tops that Buffy had insisted she get but, had never worn. Beyond that there wasn’t anything.

She resolved to go shopping the next time she had the opportunity. But, right now she needed to modify a pair of jeans and underwear. Since her parents were never really around much, Willow had been forced at an early age to learn how to sew to fix minor tears in clothing.

She got to work.


Dusk, was approaching and Willow could feel the change coming soon. She quickly changed out of her clothes until she was naked and tried to relax as Demona had learned helped a bit with the change.

This time she paid more attention to the change than in the morning instead of just the pain.

Willow gritted her teeth but, forced the rest of her body to relax as pain lanced through her body. Standing in front of the mirror she watched as her skin changed color from its normal human tones to that of a blue gargoyle. As she watched a tail grew from her spine along with the majestic wings of a scottish gargoyle. It was an effort to remain standing and watch in the mirror as her legs and feet reformed themselves into that of a gargoyle. Muscles rippled under her skin as her body became strong and powerful then her hands and arms went through their change leaving her with a spur on her elbow and minus a finger as claws replaced the ends of her now powerful fingers. The last thing to change was her head which grew horns and her ears became pointed like that of an elf.

Panting slightly, Willow leaned on the wall a moment careful not to apply too much force to the wall. In the mirror was mostly Demona save for a couple minor changes. Her facial features had some resemblance to Willow and her eyes were green instead of Demon’s color. All in all she could have passed for Demona’s fraternal twin. She had never thought the gargoyles in the show monstrous and didn’t now but, knew very well that in this form she would be mistaken for a demon.

She ran one powerful hand through her now slick red hair and decided to take a shower.


Getting out of the shower the redheaded gargoyle pulled on some modified underwear . Or was about to. She had it seemed cut the tale hole too small. She sighed and very carefully picked up a pair of scissors. This was a pain, especially with her now slightly larger fingers.

An hours work later she could finally pull on her underwear and had to do the same with the jeans. Finally she pulled on a halter top, glad to be dressed at last if not to her normal tastes.

Since she would need more modified clothing she had to go through her underwear for her tougher cotton panties and sat down with her tail curled around her to replicate what she just did to another two pairs of jeans along with underwear.

She’d get some more backless tops along with anything else she needed at the store tomorrow.


Willow’d spent several hours working on her clothes and when she realized that it was 2 AM decided that she couldn’t do anything else that night and got ready for bed the best she could, careful not to shred her bedding. She made a mental note to get tougher bedding as she fell asleep.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Very Gargoyle Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 06.

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