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A Very Gargoyle Halloween

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Summary: Willow dresses as Demona's human form from Gargoyles. No ones dies in this fic (yet).

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Cartoons > GargoylesElizabethFR1531,8861204,98725 Feb 0626 Feb 06No

Chapter One: The NIght

A Very Gargoyle Halloween

Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don’t remember now who owns gargoyles but, it isn’t me.

Summary: What would happen if Willow dressed up as Demona from Gargoyles?

AN: This is a slightly revised chapter one.

Chapter One: The Night

Willow was about to go as a ghost when she saw something in the costume shop. It was the gargoyle costume of Demona the redheaded gargoyle from the show Gargoyles. Willow grinned this gave her ideas, and went to look for a couple of things that would finish off a ‘Dominique’ costume.


Willow was in front of a house with her kids when Ethan’s wave of magic hit her. The redhead was dressed in a business suit, with her hair in a bun and glasses. Willow was disoriented, then Demona took over. Just as Demona’s personality had taken over the gargoyle in human form doubled over in pain as her skin changed color, bat like wings tore out of her back, a tail burst from her pants, followed by her arms and legs becoming that of the blue skinned gargoyle. Demona was now clad in a loincloth and a strip of cloth that served as a bra. From somewhere she pulled out a golden tiara and affixed it to her head.

Demona looked around in confusion. The last thing she remembered was sitting at her desk at her mansion in New York in her human form. She appeared to be in a suburban area and there were many little monsters going about.

As she looked at the little monsters, she looked at their auras and noticed they were human children under a spell. The spell had no signature she was familiar with.

Turning in a window she noticed her own aura showed her to be under a similar spell.

Demona growled softly to herself at the thought of possessing a human. It was time to find the source of the spell and return to her own body.


Demona landed in front of a costume shop and looked around. The source of the spell was from within. She could feel it. She kicked the door in with her three toed clawed foot, sending splinters of wood in all directions and stalked inside.

The source of the magic was coming from the back room and the redheaded gargoyle made her way into the back where she saw a pathetic human she took to be the one responsible for her ordeal.

She grabbed his throat and her eyes glowed as she growled, “How do you break the spell, human?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“You will tell me or I will end your pathetic existence.”

He believed her.

“The statue.”

Demona glanced at the curtained area where the spell was coming from and dropped the pathetic human then kicked him unconscious. She stalked over to the curtain and pulled it back, exposing a crude bust of a two faced being. Demona looked at it then picked it up and smashed it.

There was a blast of power and she was knocked unconscious.
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