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Will You Care For Her?

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Summary: Visitors bring something special to the SGC. The one-shot just got a little longer.

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Stargate > General(Current Donor)RudesMomFR1383,033414147,77526 Feb 069 Aug 08No

Chapter One

Title: Will You Care For Her?

Author: Rude's Mom

Disclaimer: Lots of people own Buffy and Stargate. I, alas, am not counted in that fortunate number.


Hammond looked down from the contol room. A unit of SFs were taking their places in the Gateroom. The iris stubbornly refused to close despite Major Carter's best efforts. The general heard his second in command enter the room.


“Unauthorized gate activation. The iris malfunctioned.”

The pair watched as three figures came through the gate. A fourth, indistinct figure seemed caught in the wormhole.

“This is General George Hammond...”

“I know. Will you care for her?” the woman with white hair and black eyes asked.

“What the...” O'Neill realized that the small bundle that the man with the eye patch carried was moving.

“The child. Will you care for her?”

“Oh, stop with the blood cryptic already.” The Billy Idol wannabe looked up. “She's supposed to be dead. If she stays in our reality, she'll destroy it.”

“But you don't mind if she does the same here?”

“This isn't her reality so she never died here. She won't upset the balance. You'll be safe, she'll be safe, everyone will safe.”

“Sir, she'll suffer from entroscopic...”

The woman in the gate room finished the sentence, “...cascade failure. No, she won't. She never existed in your world and we've changed her so that she can survive in your reality.”

The second man finally spoke. “Please, will you take her? We can't bring her back without killing her.”

O'Neill exchanged a look with his superior. Hammond nodded and his 2IC left the control room.

“Place her on the ramp and step back.”

Eye-patch complied. The trio stepped back as O'Neill entered the room.

“What's her name?”


And with that the figures withdrew through the wormhole, confounding Carter and every other astrophysist that later reviewed the morning's event. The gate shut down. All that was left were a few drops of blood.

The Air Force colonel stooped down and picked up the squirming bundle. He adjusted the blanket and got his first good look at his new baby daughter. “So, Buffy is it? What the heck was your mama thinking?”
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