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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091016506,04426 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 11

Washington, DC

The General and the President sat across from each other in the Oval Office. A small jammer sat on the desk masquerading as paperweight. The National Archives would eventually discover more than a hour of blank tape for that autumn day. The archivist would not be happy. The conspiracy theorists would be.

“They don't trust us?”

“No, sir. Kinsey was one of the backers of the Initiative.”

“That's just great.” President Hayes once again wished that Kinsey's financial backers had not been necessary to his campaign. He'd probably being paying dearly for that help for the rest of his presidency and beyond. “What's the bottom line Jack?”

“We stay out of the Council's way and our British allies won't pull their support from our joint endeavors. From my conversation with the British Ambassador after Miss Summers left, those endeavors include the SGC and the Middle East.”

“Did they leave any room for negotiation?”

“No. The Council passed on the information about the Initiative's little experiment to British. The creation of a human/demon cyborg has raised questions about our intentions.” The general didn't blame them, supersoldiers under the control of the NID just didn't bear thinking about. “When added to the fact that we hid the existence of the Stargate program, they are well and truly annoyed.”

“You mean royally pissed off.”

Hayes' ears were still smarting days after the call from the British Prime Minister. It had been a conference call. The Prince of Wales had informed him that Her Majesty was not amused. Frankly, neither was the President. He should have shot Kinsey when he had the chance.

“Yes, Sir. Actually, the British are more upset with us than Miss Summers' people are. She indicated that there was a chance, given time, the Council would seek to form an informal relationship with our government.”

“And until then? We just ignore the undead roaming Washington and the rest of the country?”

“Something like that, Sir. According to Miss Summers, the Council has people in place in all of the hot spots with additional resources available as needed.”

Colorado Springs

Buffy paid the cab driver. Luckily, he took MasterCard and she put the bill on her Council credit card. The taxi fare to and from Denver would have put a major dent in the month's budget otherwise. She knew from experience that getting a reimbursement check cut was an exercise in patience.

She grabbed her overnight bag and strode up the walkway towards the front porch. She fumbled in her purse looking for her keys, finding them just as she reached the first step. Unlocking the door, she entered and walked into the kitchen, leaving her things in the hallway.

She snagged a cold Tab from the refrigerator before checking for any messages that Dawn may have left her. She figured that there should be at least one and was unsurprised find several on the counter.

Call Dr. Jackson.

Gave your paper to Dr. Heche, she said to remind you that there is major test next Wednesday.

Your leather pants are in your closet. Must be a really hot date. I'll be at the library until 6. Going to a movie with a friend. Will be home by midnight. CALL DR. J!!!!

Six hours to see a movie a friend, I don't think so. Buffy smirked. Dawnie's got a date and she's being sneaky about it. Hmm, finally, a little leverage on the boyfriend front.

Okay, quick trip the to bathroom to freshen up and then place the call.

Washington, DC

Jack was tired. His night on the town with Buffy hadn't helped. His aide had managed to rearrange his schedule to accommodate his meetings with Miss Summers and the President by moving most of his missed meetings to the afternoon and into the evening. There were probably more than a couple of spouses, hell, who was he kidding, a couple of wives and girlfriends that were due some apologies when Friday night plans had to be canceled. He was just about ready to call it a day when his telephone rang.

“O'Neill,” he barked. “Sorry, Hank, long day...Too many meetings. Really don't know how Hammond coped. So, what's up in Colorado?”

He couldn't believe it. It was the best news he had all week.

“He's not going?”

Colorado Springs

The new general had taken the news well, a little too well, even without much of an explanation as to why. Landry must be aware that Jack wanted to keep him in this galaxy. He wondered how long it would take before Jack found out and called. He reached for his rapidly cooling coffee as the phone rang.


A female voice responded.

“Yes, this Daniel Jackson...Buffy, I'm so glad that you called...I understand. Your sister said you forgot your cellphone...I can leave here in about thirty minutes. Oh wait, I don't have my car. I'll need to get arrange for a driver...I had little accident a few days ago, nothing too serious but the doctor won't let me drive just yet. I was supposed to be on leave for a few days but got called back in...No, I'd really like to meet you tonight...Yes, I'm at Cheyenne Mountain, NORAD...I'll meet you at the gate at 7:00. Is dinner at Solo's okay?”

He hung up a few minutes later, a smile on his face. He wondered what she looked like. Did she resemble her mother? He barely remembered Joyce. She had been about average height he thought, with blond hair, or had it been reddish. His smile faded, he really didn't remember what she looked like. He wished he had even a yearbook photo to refresh his memory but foster children didn't get those pricy items. Maybe Buffy looked like his side of the family, tall with light brown hair. In just a couple of hours he was going to meet his daughter and then he'd know.
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