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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091016505,81726 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 20

Air Force Academy, Tuesday

Jay sat outside the commandant's office while the rest of the fourth-class cadets attended the afternoon's lecture. It was just too bad that the incident with Buffy and Neidermeyer hadn't occurred the previous week. This week's guest speaker was General George Hammond and he would loved to see his, no Jack's, old CO.

Last week the cadets had been treated to the wisdom of General Bauer. That had been a lecture he would have loved to skip. The irony of listening to Bauer lecture on proportionate warfare and responsibility had been tough to take. The man had never met a bomb he didn't like. As far as Jay knew, Carter still had occasional nightmares about the naquadah-enhanced nuke Bauer ordered her to develop and then test. Teal'c had filled in the rest of the gaps, including the virtual suicide mission to a Goa'uld stronghold to acquire the naquadah for the bomb. No, having Bauer talking to cadets was like having a closet drunk talk about the joys of sobriety. Unfortunately, none of the other cadets knew the great general's true record and it was unlikely that they'd ever find out.

Jay turned his thoughts to what brought him to his current status. Neidermeyer had been riding his ass for weeks and he still hadn't figured out just what set the other cadet off in the first place. When Jay hadn't cracked under the pressure, Neidermeyer had just gotten worse. It was just too bad for Neidermeyer that even his best efforts were nothing compared to those of a System Lord. Heck they didn't even come close to some of the crap pulled by some of the officers Jack had served under. The incident with Buffy, though, had been a close one until she took charge of the situation.

Jay realized in his heart of hearts he wouldn't have had the weekend turn out any different. The look on the older cadet's face when he hit the floor was what his former generation would have called a Kodak moment. He had known that Buffy wasn't a pushover but he hadn't expected to find woman with Carter's combat skills this time around. Okay, she didn't really have Carter's skills but she sure had the aptitude and attitude. Maybe on their next date he'd see if she liked to arm wrestle since getting a room was out of the question.

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Buffy let her mind wander as the professor droned on. The previous weekend had been a good one, better in fact, than any in recent memory. Sunday had gone really well except for running out of coffee after dinner. Note to self: don't go with Daniel and Dawn to Starbucks without robbing the bank first. Daniel turned out to be a great conversationalist once he was on a caffeine high. The tales of his years in grad school and on various digs had been entertaining. It was too bad that he was involved in classified stuff for the Air Force these days but she doubted that what he'd been doing for the last decade was all that interesting.

Thoughts of the Air Force led her back to thinking of Saturday. Other than that jerk of a cadet, it had been a lovely day. Jay got extra points for letting her handle Neidermeyer herself. She finally found a guy with a pulse that wasn't threatened by the idea that she could take care of herself. Once they ditched his awestruck friends, the rest of the afternoon had been pleasantly frustrating. She had caught herself scanning Arnie's for some out of the way corner that they could try making out before firmly placing her libido under lock and key. Yeah, her love life sucked but there was hope. All she had to do was to wait for Christmas break. Three months from now.

Focus, Summers, she thought, as she checked her watch. Only fifteen more minutes; she sighed and turned her attention back to Professor Clemens.

Air Force Academy

Jay stood at attention in front of the commandant's desk as Brigadier General Leonard Stowe flipped through a file. Okay, so maybe he was regretting Neidermeyer being tossed on his ass. Nah.

“So Jack, how's cadet life?”

Jay's eyes narrowed.

“At ease, Jack. Take a seat.”

“The name's Jason Simpson, sir.”

“And when we were off-duty at that bar twenty years ago it was Jack,” Len Stowe replied. “It took some finagling to get you admitted to the Academy since your school transcripts are mostly non-existent. I was briefed about your situation, but don't worry, no one else in the office has any clue that a mini major general is hiding out in the cadet wing.”

Jay's eyes widened. “They promoted him again?”

“And transferred him the Pentagon. Homeworld Security.” Stowe grinned. “Sit down, Jac...Jason.”

Jay slid into a nearby seat. For a moment he kept his back straight before easing into the trademark O'Neill slouch.

“Actually, I'm going by Jay these days; well when I'm not going by Simpson.”

“Hmm, so now how about explaining the incident at Arnie's this weekend.”

“I didn't lay a hand on Neidermeyer.”

“So how did he land on the floor?”

“He tried hitting on Buffy and didn't take no for answer,” Jay explained. “When we tried to walk away, he grabbed her arm, and she took him down.”

“And Buffy would be?” Stowe inquired.

“A friend,” he said.


“Yeah.” Jack replied. “But don't look at me like that. I'm not exactly cradle robbing. She's twenty-four.”

“A twenty-four year old civilian, named Buffy of all things, knocked a male cadet, a first-class cadet, on his ass.”

“Actually, it was more of toss,” Jay smirked.

“Was it something that you taught her?”


“Hmm,” Len leaned back in his chair. “Neidermeyer claims that you were the one that assaulted him.”

Jay just looked at Stowe without commenting.

“Normally, I'd have to take his word for it even knowing he was lying through his teeth. Unfortunately for him, there were several witnesses that came forward on your behalf,” Stowe's smile was reminiscent of a shark's, “so if anyone is entitled to press charges it would your Buffy.”

“I doubt she would.”

“Pity. Still, I do need to find a suitable punishment for him.” Stowe leaned forward, “any ideas?”


General Landry and Sgt. Harriman watched as Lt. Colonel Mitchell went through the 'gate to Dakara.

“So, Walter,” he said. “What kind of odds is Siler giving on Mitchell getting Teal'c to come back?”
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