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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091016506,02626 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 21

Title: Daniel's Daughter

Author: Rude's Mom

Author's Note: Hmm, slowing drifting ever further from canon... Also, one bad word since Neidermeyer isn't a very nice person.

SGC, Tuesday
“Unscheduled off-world activation,” echoed through the base but when no other alarms went off, the junior members of SG-12 and SG-9 turned their attention back to their lunches and a little bit of gossip.

“So, I heard that Col. Mitchell tried to get the old SG-1 team back together,” Lt. Astor said as he examined the mystery meat on his tray.

Grogan nodded. “The general let him go off to Dakara to see if he could convince Teal'c to come back.”

“Which didn't work,” SG-12's Lt. Morgan added.

“Nope. Teal'c is too busy trying to build a Jaffa nation.”

“And Col. Carter turned him down as well,” Grogan said.

“That still leaves Dr. Jackson. Since he's not heading off to Atlantis, won't he rejoin SG-1?” Astor asked.

“He turned down the colonel's offer too,” Morgan stated. “And I think I know why.”

“Care to enlighten us?” Grogan asked.

“Well, last week he got called in to do some translating even though he was supposed to on medical leave. According the guards on duty at the time, when he left the base he was picked up by a really hot blonde.”

“She's probably going to be trouble,” Cpt. Conover finally spoke up. When his tablemates stared at him he continued. “Let's do a refresher course in the many loves of Daniel Jackson: his wife, snaked; ex-girlfriend, snaked; Hathor, a snake; the princess that got him hooked on sarcophagus; and the latest, you know the one that hijacked the Prometheus?”

“Mala Val Doran. But she beat him up, hardly girlfriend material,” Morgan said. “Besides, the blonde's name was Buffy Summers. How much trouble could a 'Buffy' be?”

Grogan started choking.

After a couple of blows to the back, courtesy of Conover, he finally got his breath back. “Did you say Buffy Summers?”

“Yeah. Why do you know her,” Morgan asked.

“I know of her,” Grogan started to say when Astor interrupted him.

“Grogan, didn't you say that Dawn has a sister named Buffy?”

Before he could answer, Major Arroyo stepped in the cafeteria and told his team that they had ten minutes to get to the gateroom. SG-12 quickly exited the room leaving SG-9 to finish the conversation.

“So, you think that Dr. Jackson is seeing your girlfriend's sister?”

Grogan shook his head. “Dawn said her sister was dating someone at the Academy. I think she said his name was Jay.”

“Dr. Jackson teaches the occasional seminar at the Academy. Jay could be a pet name, you know, J for Jackson.”

Grogan looked at his companions in horror.

- - -

Air Force Academy Grounds

Eddings and Roberts were speculating just how much trouble Simpson was in when the cadet in question joined them in the library.

“So, how bad?” Eddings asked.

“Not bad at all,” Jay smirked.

His friends were startled. Since their arrival at the Academy they had seen Neidermeyer get away with just about everything short of murder. The faculty generally thought of him as a model cadet, if something of a suck up. Some of his fellow cadets had a less positive view of him, especially those had been on the receiving end of Niedermeyer's harassment.

“You're kidding right?”

“Well Roberts, this time Neidermeyer finally screwed up. Too many witnesses against him.” Satisfaction coated his words as Jay continued, “seems that by claiming that I assaulted him, he was charged with lying in addition to sexually harassing a female civilian.”

“The lying I get but isn't a charge of sexual harassment a bit strong?” Eddings was puzzled.

“He didn't listen when she said no. He grabbed her,” Jay said simply.

“But it wasn't like he actually did anything,” Roberts wondered.

Inwardly Jay sighed. Sometimes he could almost forget how young his fellow cadets were.

“One, this time there were witnesses that came forward, several of which testified to pattern of similar misconduct. Two, General Stowe took it seriously because Neidermeyer's behavior was way out of line and potentially dangerous. Okay, so Buffy tossed him on his ass and walked away but imagine that you are in some other country” or on some other world “and someone on your team grabs one of the local girls. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe he gets lucky. Maybe, just maybe, he pisses off her and/or the rest of the locals and you're caught in the crossfire.”

Roberts and Eddings mulled over what Jay had said. They had never really thought of implications of Neidermeyer's behavior in terms like that. They were quiet for a minute or two before Eddings asked the question on both of their minds.

“So, what's going to happen to him?” Eddings asked

“The general said something about reminding Neidermeyer about the concept of being an officer and a gentleman.”

“And that would be?” Roberts prompted.

“I'm not sure,” Jay admitted truthfully. Of course, he had given the general several suggestions. After discarding a fantasy of turning Neidermeyer over to a snake, Anise would do since Hathor was long dead, he had mentioned making Neidermeyer transcribe an assortment of chick flicks, starting with An Officer and a Gentleman as a kind of sensitivity training. The idea he was really rooting for was inspired by a conversation he had with Buffy shortly after they met. He wasn't sure Buffy would have approved of his co-opting her high school principal's game plan but it had so many possibilities. “I was told that the privileges that he has enjoyed as a First Class Cadet are going to be suspended until further notice.”

“Harsh,” Eddings commented.

“The salt in that wound is that as one of the offended parties, I get a weekend pass,” Jay said with a toothy grin that would have done a shark proud. “It's the general's way of making it up to Buffy.”

His fellow cadets burst out laughing.

- - -

SGC, Thursday

Air Force officers do not whimper. They do not cower when confronting enemy fire let alone when they are faced with stacks of personnel records. Above all, Air Force officers do not whimper. Ever.

Cameron Mitchell's dream assignment was rapidly turning into a very bad joke. SG-1, as he had admitted to Teal'c on his visit Dakara, had become SG-Me. The former First Prime of Apophis had chosen to stay on Dakara to help forge the new Jaffa nation. Sam Carter was now heading up research and development at Area 51 and turned down his request to come back to Cheyenne Mountain. And Daniel Jackson, while not heading off to the Pegasus Galaxy to join up with the Atlantis Expedition, had still declined to rejoin SG-1. Now, instead of joining them as a part of the legendary SG-1, he was left to pick a new team from the most unheroic batch of candidates imaginable. He had seen babbling geeks, overachieving geeks, and gung ho Air Force captains and various combinations the same. A knock on the office door signaled the start of yet another interview.

A nearly silent whimper escaped Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell.

- - -


Major Arroyo stood stood next to the DHD.

“That's correct, General,” he spoke into his radio. “She says she will only let Dr. Jackson take a look at the tablet.”

A woman, dressed as either a System Lord or a dominatrix, stood off to the side guarded by the remaining three members of SG-12. She was getting bored listening to only one side of the conversation. She took a deep breath and removed her jacket. One of her guards was looking more uncomfortable than the rest so she gave him a wink then readjusted her leather bodice, just for fun.

“Understood,” the major said as he turned away from the Stargate as it closed down. “Miss Mal Doran, the general will allow through the 'gate. But first, we need to make sure that you aren't carrying any weapons.”

“Ooh, a strip search,” Vala said. “Can I search you too?”

Dr. Jackson was so going to pay for this, Arroyo thought.

- - -

SGC, Daniel's Office

Daniel's office was something of disaster at the moment. He had finally finished unpacking all of his reference books that he had planned to take to Atlantis. He also had retrieved most of the books that he had loaned to other members of the SGC's anthropology department. What he hadn't done was put them back on the shelves. Books were strewn across every flat, and semi-flat, surface. Only the chair that he was currently occupying had escaped the book explosion.

“I can't believe that you didn't tell him that he was going to be leading a new team,” Daniel said into the telephone handset that he had wedged between his shoulder and his head. He continued to skim the book in front of him.

“No, I'm not planning to.” He reached for another volume and flipped through its pages. “There's plenty to keep me busy for years Jack... No, I'm not saying that I'm never going through the 'gate again...”

- - -

SGC, Gateroom

The gate opened and three figures passed through it—two members of SG-12 and the infamous Vala Mal Doran.

“So, where's my Daniel?” the latter asked.

- - -

Air Force Academy Grounds

Inwardly seething, Neidermeyer stood at attention in General Stowe's office. He couldn't believe that little shit and his psycho girlfriend were getting off scot-free while his privileges had been revoked.

The general silently thanked Jay for the inspiration. He signed the final form, then rested his forearms on his desk.

“Now cadet, since I believe that idle hands are the devil's workshop, I have arranged for some of your newly available spare time to be spent in a constructive manner. Beginning this Saturday, you are to report to the main entrance by 0900. You will be met by the leader of Scout Troop 17. You are to assist in whatever manner is required. I would also like to add that the troop leader will be making a report each week detailing your attitude. I suggest that you make sure that every report is favorable.”

“Sir, yes sir.”


After Niedermeyer left, Stowe began to chuckle. Scout Troop 17 was a Girl Scout troop and their leader was none other than Mrs. General Stowe.
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