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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091016505,94526 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 32

Colorado Springs

Lt. Col. Davis, and there were days he truly that wished he could tack on the word retired, took in the damage to the living room of the Summers home. The new SG-1 had definitely made an appearance and it looked as the new version was going to just as much trouble as the old version.

“What happened,” he asked quietly.

“The living room? Tank is responsible for the wall and Mitchell fell on the coffee table.”


“Follow me,” Buffy said leading him to the dining room. “They're having coffee.”

Once in the dining room, Buffy saw that the group was three members short.

“Dawn,” she called out.

Dawn poked her head out of the kitchen. “Daniel needed more coffee. I figured it was safer to take Jay and Will with me 'cause it looked like he was going to go Ripper on them.”

“And such is my lot in life. Bring another mug if you can find one,” Buffy rolled her eyes as Dawn retreated back into the kitchen. “So, Colonel. I think you might know my guests.”

“Yes,” he looked over SG-1. They looked to be intact even if some members looked a little bit shell shocked. “How?”

“Good question. They just showed up unexpectedly. We were trying to figure out how when you rang the bell. Unfortunately, other than the unauthorized digging in England, we keep coming back to that whole classified thingie.”

“I think I can help with some of that,” Davis said as he gestured to his briefcase. “The general sent me with some paperwork.”


“Just standard non-disclosure forms.”

Buffy snorted. “Colonel, the last time I signed government papers it got kind of messy, so I think I'll just pass.”

“The last time?” Daniel piped up as he pushed aside the urge kill Jay and Will.

“That would be classified,” Davis responded before Buffy could.

“You're joking, right?”

“I'm afraid not, Dr. Jackson. Miss Summers was involved in a classified project several years ago, the details of which are strictly need to know.”

“Buffy, does this have something to do with the reason you went to Washington last week?” Daniel asked.

Buffy slowly nodded.

“You said it was a research project.”

“It was, at least part of it,” she told her father.

Davis watched the interplay between Buffy and the SGC's premier linguist with a growing sense of alarm. With a history that included a snaked wife, a snaked ex-girlfriend, Hathor, Shyla, and a Tok'ra, the idea that Daniel. Jackson might be involved with the Slayer was not that far fetched. Dr. Jackson was certified trouble magnet.


“Dr. Jackson, now is not the time for that discussion,” Davis interrupted.

“I have a right to know,” Daniel retorted confirming Davis' worst fears.

“No you don't,” Buffy disagreed. “The project was shut down.”


“Dr. Jackson, just because you are involved with Miss Summers,” Davis started to say as Dawn came back into the dining room followed by Will and Jay, the latter pair carrying an odd assortment of crackers and cookies plus a slice of leftover chocolate cake.

“I am not involved with Buffy,” Daniel said.

Dawn started to giggle. “You think Daniel's dating Buffy?”

“He's not?”

Jay couldn't help himself. “Didn't you get the memo Paul? Buffy is Daniel's daughter.”

Davis stared at the source of the last comment. He blinked, then blinked again. It couldn't be. The clone was supposed to be safely locked up at the Academy.

“Cadet...” oh hell what was his name.

“Simpson. Jay Simpson.” Jay smirked before tacking on “Sir.”

Will Grogan wished he had a camera to immortalize the look on Davis' face as the older man sat down heavily in the nearest vacant chair.

“She's his what?” Davis prided himself on his thoroughness. He was well aware of the biographies, both personal and professional, of the major players in the SGC. Daniel Jackson did not have a daughter.

“I'm his daughter,” Buffy confirmed.

“Your father is Henry 'Hank' Summers.”

“My mother's husband was Hank Summers.”

“His name is on your birth certificate.”

“You looked up my birth certificate?” Buffy squeaked.

“And your transcripts, among other things,” Davis added hoping she would take the hint.

“Mom was pregnant when she got married. Hank agreed to put his name on the certificate.”

“Dr. Jackson?”

“I was not informed,” Daniel bit out.

“How long have you known?”

“A week. Buffy sent me a letter two years ago but it got lost. Cassie found it.”

“I see.”

“I doubt it Colonel Davis,” the slayer disagreed. “I knew that he worked for the Air Force. I didn't think he was involved in anything too classified until he mentioned a really lame cover story. Did I mention I really don't like classified military projects?”

Dawn, who by time had gravitated next to Will, perked up at the mention of his name. Her sister was right. He was kind of cute. Hmm, now she really wanted to get a look at the senior hottie, General O'Neill.

“I believe that you may have mentioned it to General O'Neill.”

Daniel's head was beginning to spin. “Buffy, you know Jack?”

“I met a General O'Neill while I was in Washington but I'm pretty sure his name was John.”

“He goes by Jack,” Daniel explained as he rubbed his chin. “Paul, just what kind of project was she involved in?”

Davis looked over at Buffy who gave a tentative nod. “It was a project run by the NID. Miss Summers was unaware of its true mission when she was recruited by one of her professors. She left the project after a couple of months.”

“The NID,” Jay repeated as his posture suddenly straightened. The trunk of weapons and her fighting abilities took on a new meaning and one he wasn't sure that he liked. Who, or what, was she? “Buffy, does this have anything to do with that Army guy you dated?”

Buffy looked stricken.

“It's classified cadet,” Davis came to her rescue. “All you need to know is that she was an innocent bystander who was lucky enough to get out.”

“It's okay Colonel. I knew I'd have to tell them sometime,” Buffy said quietly. “If you could take the rest of Dad's team back to their base or whatever, I'll make with the explanations. Will, you might as well stay if you plan on dating my sister.”

“Uh, that's going to be a bit of a problem,” Vala said as she raised her hand. The gesture drew Dawn's gaze to the gold band on the woman's wrist.

Oh shit, Dawn thought as she recognized Juno's Blessing. If Daniel was as prone to disaster as the rest of his family, things just got more complicated. “Daniel, you don't happen to be wearing a gold wrist band do you?”
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