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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091018508,14726 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 34

Colorado Springs

“Dad, do you think it would be safe if we just stuck Vala in the colonel's car for now?”

Daniel blinked in surprise. “Safe?”

“How far apart can you two get before the bands do something not of the good?” his daughter clarified.

“Ten feet, fifty feet, a mile?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“Fifty feet should be okay,” he said thoughtfully.

“Then car it is,” Buffy said brightly. “Mitchell, if you would be so kind as to escort the lady to the colonel's car, I'd appreciate it.”

Mitchell didn't have a chance to reply before Vala spoke up.

“I'm not going anywhere without my Daniel,” she declared confidently.

Buffy crooked her finger at Dawn. Dawn stepped next to her sister and grinned at Buffy's whispered instructions. The younger girl slipped back into the kitchen.

“Actually you are and unless Dad wants to confess to a quickie marriage,” Buffy looked at her father who frantically shook his head. “Nope, he isn't yours.”

Dawn returned with a roll of duct tape, a long piece of which was dangling from it ready to be torn off.

“Now you can be a good little whatever you are and go sit it the car or we can do this the hard way.”

Vala bolted from the table into the living room only to be quickly captured by Buffy as Dawn tore off the strip of duct tape. Buffy spun Vala around and used the proffered tape to secure her wrists.

“I'll scream.”

Dawn tore off another strip of tape and handed it to Buffy who quickly slapped it across Vala's mouth.

“Don't think so,” Buffy said as she dodged a swift kick. She pushed Vala onto the couch and used more duct tape to secure her knees and ankles.

The men had followed the women from dining room and observed the entire altercation.

“So, you do this kind of thing often?” Jay asked on behalf of the male contingent. He appreciated the economy of movement that Buffy had used to subdue Daniel's latest stalker. Still, it was rather unnerving to see the smaller blonde take down Vala so easily.

“Not too often,” Buffy replied. “Mitchell, if you and Tank...”

“Teal'c,” Mitchell corrected.

“Whatever,” Buffy sighed. “If you and Teal'c would be so kind as to escort, err carry, Vala to the colonel's car...”

“And keep her company,” Dawn added.

“I just hope all of your neighbors are sleeping because I really don't want to explain this to the local cops,” he said as he gently pulled Vala to her feet. He hoisted her over his shoulder before heading towards the door.

Vala tried squirming loose to no avail. Any protests that she might have made were muffled by the tape.

As soon as the trio exited the house, Daniel turned towards his daughter.

“How did you get involved with the NID,” he asked.

Buffy was surprised. She hadn't considered that he would ask about that.

“One of my professors at the UC Sunnydale was the lead researcher for a project they were running in town. They also had a number of agents posing as grad students. One of them, Riley, was a TA that I was dating.”

“What kind of project?”

“Officially, they were researching 'hostile sub terrestrials' or HSTs. I kinda ran into Riley one night while he was in commando mode. Next thing you know, I got recruited.”

“Why? And what is a hostile sub terrestrial?” Extraterrestrial he understood, as well as understanding the NID's interest in them.

Buffy sighed.

“That was their scientific way of referring to what you might call the things that go bump in the night,” she said. “Vampires, werewolves, demons. Sunnydale was magnet for them.”

Daniel looked like he was about to say something when Dawn spoke up.

“It's true. Talk to your General O'Neill. Buffy showed him some of the local nightlife when she was in Washington.”

“Paul,” Daniel said pleadingly as he turned towards the colonel .

“I can't comment on the werewolves and demons but the general can vouch for the existence of vampires.”

“You're joking right?” Jay asked Davis in disbelief.

“Unfortunately no,” Paul replied uncomfortably.

“Buffy, what kind of research were they doing?”

“The stupid kind, Jay. The project head wanted to build a better soldier using mix and match body parts, drugs, and behavior modification chips,” she answered quietly. “Extra strong, extra hard to kill, and unquestioning obedience. The perfect soldier. She kinda missed the mark on the whole obedience part. Her pet project killed her and most of civilian staff before it was stopped.”

“Okay, that sounds frighteningly familiar,” Jay murmured as he recalled an old mission report on the NID's attempt to fuse human and Goa'uld DNA. Jack had missed that little cluster-flop but he had read SG-1's official and unofficial reports on the incident.


“Let's just say I have some knowledge of the NID. Sunnydale wasn't their only foray into stupidity,” he replied. “Why did they recruit you?”

“Because as far as the project head was concerned, I was one of the HSTs. Not that I was hostile or anything, but I'm not exactly normal either. I'm stronger than I look, a lot stronger. When she found out,” Buffy shrugged. “I was naive and got burned.”

“So when you took down Neidermeyer,” Jay prompted.

“Not exactly a challenge,” she admitted.

“Just how strong are you?” Daniel asked worriedly.

“In supernatural circles I'm known as a vampire slayer.” Buffy looked him straight in the eye. “I'm the thing the monsters fear.”
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