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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091018508,14726 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Colorado Springs, CO

Jay was already awake when daylight crept into the bedroom. He had been awake for most of what had remained of the night dozing off only briefly. His mind was on high alert and his body was still singing from the adrenaline rush of going once more into battle. Two years as a teenager had left him wanting more. He had missed Jack's life even more than he thought he would. He missed his team, the mission, hell he even missed getting shot at. At least Jack had been important enough, or a big enough pain in the mitka, that the bad guys wanted him dead. Now instead of Apophis or Ba'al, his primary adversary was that ass Neidermeyer. Pathetic. His thoughts sidetracked a bit as his girlfriend tried burrowing further into his side. Girlfriend, vampire slayer, Daniel's daughter. How weird was that?



Buffy shifted and raised herself up on her elbow. “You okay?”

Jay grinned. “I think so. So, Daniel and your mother?'

Buffy flopped back down. “Out of everything that happened last night that's the first thing that comes to mind?”


“So you're okay with the vampire slayer thing?”

“Okay? Relatively speaking yes. I've got questions about that but right now the big issue is that your father is Daniel Jackson.”

“How big an issue?”

He understood the underlying question. “Buffy, I like you.”

Buffy stiffened and started to pull away.

Crap. “That didn't come out right. I really like you, a lot. I want keep seeing you and get to know you better. It's just that your father is not going to be very happy about it.”


He rolled on his side and face her. “Remember all of that paperwork you signed last night?”

She frowned, failing to make the connection.

“What I'm going to tell you is covered by that. You can't tell anyone, ever.”

She thought about it and then nodded her assent.
“I can't go into detail but your mad scientist wasn't the only one out there. Two years ago an Air Force Colonel was cloned as part of an unauthorized experiment. The clone was given all of his memories but the scientist responsible botched the job. Instead of being an adult, the clone was a teenager.”


“The clone was supposed to be a place holder. The scientist had done it before. He kidnap the original and create a clone to fool everyone while he did tests on the original. When he was finished, he'd swap out the clone and no one would be the wiser.”

“And the clones?”

“Died, killed. I don't know other than that they didn't survive. They weren't meant for long term survival.”

“But you're alive,” Buffy said as she fit the pieces together.

“My original's team, which included your father, figured out what had happened. They found someone to repair me.”

“So, teenage forever or do you get to grow old?”

“You're not freaked by this?”

“Hello, vampire slayer. And since you plan on sticking around, sooner or later someone, probably Dawn, will bring up this tendency I have about getting involved with guys that look a lot younger than they really are.”


“My first real boyfriend had a bicentennial.”

“What was he, a vampire?” Jay joked.

- - -

Lt. Holden worked his way back through the cargo plane as it began it's descent over Peterson AFB. The early morning flight had gained an unexpected passenger who was now sleeping, amazingly soundly, in the rear of the plane. The driver that had dropped the general on the tarmac several hours earlier had warned the crew to use caution if they needed to wake the general up. Holden was still trying to figure out why the man was on the flight. The Air Force had to have something better in the way of transportation available for a two-star general even if it was a Sunday. He stopped at what he considered a safe distance.

“General O'Neill,” he began before continuing a bit louder, “sir, we are making our descent.”

The older man's eyes didn't open.

“Sir,” Holden repeated even louder.

O'Neill shifted in his seat. “I heard you the first time lieutenant.”

- - -

Vala was exhausted. It had been a long and less than rewarding night. Upon their return to the base, she had been escorted to a drab room with guards, female guards. She knew of course that Daniel was nearby but she had been left alone with a very uncomfortable bed. Now she was waiting in a conference room with the rest of SG-1 for a debriefing, whatever that was.

“DanielJackson, if you do not calm down, I will suggest that Dr. Brightman administer sedation.”

Vala watched as Daniel turned on the Jaffa. While loss of Merlin's treasure was upsetting as was her earlier treatment at the hands of that girl, at least now she was being treated to excellent entertainment.

“Teal'c, you know why I'm upset. I have every right to be upset. Any father on this base would be upset.”

“That is untrue,” his old teammate countered. “Were I BuffySummers father, I would approve of her choice.”

Daniel choked. “What?”

“Would you not agree that CadetSimpson is an able warrior and an honorable man?”

“That's not the point,” Daniel ground out frustrated that he couldn't say more in Vala's presence.

“It is exactly my point. Any other...issues are immaterial. I believe she has chosen well.”

“Well I don't,” Daniel shot back.

Mitchell watched in bewilderment. How would the Jaffa know anything about a cadet? Other issues? He promised himself that he would read over all of the previous SG-1's reports, all eight years worth, carefully. He hated being the outsider.

- - -

The telephone rang as Buffy and Jay made their way downstairs. By the time they reached the kitchen, Dawn had already answered the telephone.

“Buffy, it's for you. Someone from a General Landry's office.”
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