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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091016505,90926 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 3

Colorado Springs, September 2005

“Dawn, don't forget to drop off my paper with Dr. Heche.” Buffy grabbed a few more items from her dresser and tossed them into an overnight bag. “And you'll need to pick up my drycleaning on Friday. I want to wear those pants on Saturday.”

“Paper, Heche. Drycleaning, Friday. Hot date, Sunday. Check.” Dawn dropped onto the bed. “So, who is it that you are going to see?”

“The head of Homeworld Security.”

“Homeworld Security? Pretentious much?”

“Oh yeah. I thought Giles meant Homeland Security but apparently those pesky little bureaucrats are having some serious delusions. Anyhow, he can't leave England right now so I get to rack up the frequent flier miles.”

“Not Faith? Wait, that would be a bad idea on so many levels. Why not Robin or Vi?”

“Tried that. Giles didn't want to send anybody that may not be on the goverment's to keep an eye on list so that leaves you, me, Willow, and Xander and since they are out of the country...”

“The semi-retired Slayer gets the job.”

“Hey, I'm on sabbatical, not semi-retired.”

Buffy closed the bag with more force than necessary and the two young women headed downstairs to wait for the taxi.

“So, travelling first class?”

“I doubt it. The Council booked me on the first available flight, I'll be lucky to in the plane.” Buffy snorted. “Apparently the general has a tight schedule and tomorrow afternoon is the only available time for the next couple of weeks.”

“So this couldn't wait 'til then?”

“This guy has some basic knowledge about us thanks to the Initiative. I need to set him straight before he gets any ideas. We don't need a repeat of Adam.”

A taxi pulled into the driveway. Buffy went out the door, followed by Dawn.

“So, back by Saturday?”

“I'd better be. If I have to break another date Jay will not be a happy camper.”

“And I'll meet him when? Xander wants to know if he'll need to bring an extra stake when he visits.”

“Xander should mind his own business and so should you. Jay isn't sunlight challenged. You'll meet him when I think he's ready.”

“Have a good trip.” Dawn gave her sister a hug and went back into the house. As she closed the door, the telephone began to ring.


“Andrew, telephone! Somebody's looking for Buffy!”

Andrew winced as Anna's bellow pentetrated into the furthest reaches of the Council apartment that he shared with Anna and three other Slayers. It wasn't just Buffy and Dawn that were hard to live with. The last few months had made it painfully clear that he just wasn't cut out to live in the House of Hormones. He headed to the desk in the sitting room and took the phone from Anna.

“Hello, may I help you?” He glared at Anna as she made a prissy face at him.

“No, Miss Summer's doesn't live here anymore.”

Anna rolled her eyes and mouthed the word “Miss.”

“One moment please.” Andrew put the phone on mute. “Anna, don't you have a nice cemetery to patrol?”

Emily spoke up. “Anna and I are doing the catacombs tonight.”

“Whatever. Just go already.” He watched as the pair grabbed their coats and headed out. He switched the phone off mute. “Sorry about that...No, I can't give you that information. If you give me your number and a message I'll pass it along.”

He wrote down the number on a pad of paper next to the phone. “Yes, I'll make sure she gets it as soon as possible Dr. Jackson. I'm sure she'll get in contact with you as soon as possible. Goodbye.”

Andrew pulled out the roladex and found Buffy's number. Dialing it, he waited for her to pick it up. He got the answering machine instead.

“Buffy, it's Andrew. A Dr. Daniel Jackson is trying to locate you. You can reach him at 719-.”

Colorado Springs

Dawn made it to the telephone in the kitchen after the answering machine picked up.

“Andrew? I just came back in... You just missed her but she'll be back on Saturday... Giles has sent her to Washington... No, just a meeting with some general... He did! What's the number again, oh wait, let me get a pen and paper.” Dawn fumbled in the junk drawer next to the telephone. “Okay, what's the number? Any message? Who is he, you mean Dr. Jackson? He's, uh, an old friend of the family. Buffy tried to contact him a couple of years ago to let him know about Mom and stuff. Yeah, it's kinda of strange that he's in the same area code. Andrew, I've got to go. My study group is meeting in half hour and I'm already late... Thanks for the message, talk to you later.”

Dawn was almost dancing as she hung up the phone. She picked up the phone and hit 1 on speed dial. A telephone rang in the living room.

“She didn't.” Dawn hung up the phone and the ringing stopped. “She did.”

She went into the other room and there, on the coffee table, was Buffy's cell phone.
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