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Daniel's Daughter

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Summary: SG-1's Dr. Jackson has a daughter. She's short, blonde, and a vampire slayer. Too bad nobody told him.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Current Donor)RudesMomFR154351,9361091016506,04426 Feb 0611 Dec 12No

Chapter 5

Washington, DC

Buffy came out of the bathroom wearing her yummy sushi pajamas, wet hair wrapped in a towel. Her original yummy sushi jammies were somewhere at the bottom of Lake Sunnydale but Dawn had given her a replacement set the previous Christmas.

Better call Dawn, she thought. I still can't believe I left my cellphone on the coffee table. She hopped onto the bed and picked up the telephone on the nightstand. According to the hotel clock it was nearly midnight which would make it almost ten back in Colorado Springs. Since Dawn tended to keep slayer hours, Buffy was certain that she would not be waking up her sister and dialed home.

Dawn picked up before the second ring.

“Gee Dawn, were you sitting on it or something?”

Her sister began to rant. Buffy gave her a minute to vent before she interrupted.

“Hey, I know it was stupid to leave my phone behind but I was in a hurry. Giles had booked the first available flight and I barely made it to the airport on time. Besides, it's not like you've never forgotten your cellphone.”

Dawn began to babble.

“Dawn, enough with the Willow imitation. What's up? And slowly, please.”

Dawn took a deep breath and began again. This time, Buffy didn't interrupt. She couldn't. Dawn stopped talking.


“He called?” She asked quietly. “Daniel Jackson called looking for me?”

She hung up ten minutes later. She looked at the telephone number she had written down. Her father's telephone number. Her father, her real father, wanted to talk to her, to meet with her.

She had missed Andrew's call by a minute. If she had her cellphone, Dawn could have called her while she was in the taxi. She could have spoken to her father hours ago. If her meeting with General O'Neill had been scheduled for just one day later, she could have met her father by now. Now she was stuck in DC for who knew how long. Giles had not booked a return flight for her and she was pretty sure one of the Council bean counters was going make her fly back on standby. It was bad enough when she realized her date with Jay was pretty much screwed but this was several magnitudes worse. Somewhere, the Powers That Be were probably laughing their asses off right about now.

Her father had told Dawn she could call him at any time. It was 10:30 in Colorado. This could be a long call. What the hell, she could sleep in in the morning. Her meeting with the general wasn't until 2:30. She picked up the receiver and started to dial. She hung up before she finished dialing.

What if he asked what she was doing in Washington? Hey Dad, just telling a general to keep out his nose out of Slayer business 'cause the last time the military got involved they created a Frankenstein's monster. Okay, scratch the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

She sighed and picked up the receiver again.


A somewhat frazzled Colonel Davis knocked on General O'Neill's office door.

“Come in Paul. Have a seat.” O'Neill looked up from a diminishing pile of paperwork. “So, how did it go?”

“She arrived on time and I delivered her to her hotel.” Davis sat down before continuing. “The girl is walking advertisement for southern California. Are you sure this isn't someone's idea of a practical joke? How could she possibly have any information about a top secret project?”

Jack put down his pen and leaned back into his chair. “She's over eighteen. I think that in this enlightened age, she would probably prefer to called a woman.”

“Sir, she's barely over five feet tall and dresses like a teenager. She also wanted to know where the mall was.”

He grinned. “I take it she wasn't referring to the Washington Mall?”

“No sir, she said she was looking for some shoes to go with a dress she bought last week.” He rubbed the back of his neck in an attempt to bring some relief to the headache he had recently developed.

“I received some additional information on Miss Summers while you were out.” Jack picked up a lone file folder from the corner of his desk and passed it to the colonel. “Check out her SAT scores and compare her high school and college transcripts.”

Davis studied the file for a couple of minutes. “Are you sure these belong to the same person sir? I can believe that the girl, sorry, the young woman I met is the one in the high school transcripts but she didn't appear to be nearly as bright as the one in the college transcripts.”

“I think that we may have someone who knows how to play the dumb blonde card and to play it very well.”

“In that case, I think your meeting will be...interesting.”

Jack raised an eyebrow.

Colorado Springs

It had been over eight hours since he had spoken to Dawn. Buffy's half-sister. His daughter's half-sister. His daughter.

He wondered what she was like. Did she talk nonstop like her sister? With a name like Buffy, she might but somehow, he didn't think so. The letter was written two years after she had found her mother's letter. The tone had been tentative, not asking for anything, not even contact. Buffy must be cautious, maybe even a bit shy. He could understand that. Despite the numerous 'meet and greet' assignments, he was more reserved on a personal level where rejection could hurt. No, he didn't think that she would babble.

The telephone rang.

“Daniel Jackson speaking.”
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