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Life Just Ain't Fair

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Summary: 500yrs in the future, XanderHarris gets a new lease on life,as the fireflies dance.This will be SLASH. Xan/Spike.

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Firefly > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Spike
Firefly > Spike-Centered > Pairing: Xander
LLNFR181611,40854764,07127 Feb 0613 Nov 06No


Author's Notes: Sorry you had to wait so long for an update...but things happened then my muse went on vaction...but I'll try and do better.


In the tallest building, in the middle of Londinium, Buffy Summers stood looking out over the Alliance controlled world. She was one of the most powerful women in the Core worlds...And yet finding one man eluded her. She turned to look at her mate Angelus who was sitting carelessly at a conference table with Willow Rosenberg the most powerful witch in the 'Verse, she was looking over some data pads.

"Well, why haven't you found him?" She asked. Angelus knew who the 'he' was with out asking, only one person could make Buffy use that tone of voice.

"It's a big 'Verse, even with my contacts." He said. Angelus was one of the most feared people, ruthless in his dealings with pirates, smugglers and traitors to the Alliance.

Buffy made a rude sound then asked, " Did you enjoy making Cordelia do her part?"

Angelus opened his mouth to retort when Willow said, " You can fight about Cordelia later, right now we have to find Xander."

"We wouldn't have to find him if you hadn't used those smugglers to ship him to Ceres." Angelus said snidely.

"Why did you do that? Why didn't you use a company service and ship?" asked Buffy.

" That would have been to dangerous, what if someone had opened the stasis Xander was in..."

"Some one did!"

"That's not what I meant!"

"Girls!" Barked Angelus both women looked at him. " Fighting will get us nowhere. What did you find out about the smugglers that have our boy?"

Willow sighed and picked up a forgotten data pad.

"There the ones who found out the truth about Miranda and they sent the information through the 'Verse. They all seem to be honorable people from everyone that was talked to but they're still criminals. It's Serenity, the ship the Tams are rumored to be hiding on. They said River Tam was almost a successful experiment or would have been if her brother hadn't found a way to get her out of the Academy." Said Willow.

"I don't care! I want my...err..." Buffy stopped when she saw the looks on the others faces " Our...our Xander back...back doing what he is suppose to be doing. Send the Slayer Teams out if you have too...Have them bring Xander Harris back and if they can get the Tams too...well that's just icing." Said Buffy.


He stormed out of the meeting, he had convinced both women not to send the Slayer Teams yet and that he could find Xander he just needed the time to do so. But it made him angry, made him wonder why he wasn't enough for his mate...why did Xander have to get in the way. Why everyone seemed to prefer Xander to him?

Angelus had the choice of the three most powerful, most beautiful women in the 'verse and they seemed to care about Xander more. So why did Angelus want a boy who had hated him from the moment they had met. Now don't get the wrong idea he could live without Xander and had but he had to admit his favorite times were when the witch played with the boy's memories. Sharing a bed with Xander, the witch, and Buffy was fun but it always had a price. Willow's spells never seemed to last. He loved Buffy would always love her and Willow too, and knew they loved him in return...Even Cordelia still loved him in her way. But he knew he would never own even a small part of Xander's heart that belonged only too....


Spike shivered as he sat in the shadows of the garden, protected by the overhang from the sun. Even though the sunlight was no longer deadly to him. Yes, old habits were hard to break. He had been watching how his guests were interacting with each other. He saw they would die for each other...if they didn't snark each other to death first.

"Spike?" Xander asked as he walked into the shades area.

"Yeah, pe...err...whelp?"

"Have I been here before?"

"Here on Isis or here at the Castle?"

"Here," Xander said motioning around with a hand. For a moment Spike was silent then said that Xander had stayed there for a time.

"Oh, was I a ...well..." Xander trailed off at the vampire's smirk.

"No, you weren't a Companion." Spike told him.

"Then why was I here?"

"I can't answer that Xander."

"Can't or won't." Xander demanded.

"Won't, some things are better understood if you remember them yourself."

"But that could take months, even years!"

Spike smiled then and not a smirk, " Well it's not like you don't have time."

Xander groaned at the old joke.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Life Just Ain't Fair" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Nov 06.

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