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This story is No. 6 in the series "Willow and Kennedy; The Untold Story.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Kennedy are after a Vampire operating in Farmington.

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Television > Shield, The(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR13310,736044,94727 Feb 0612 Apr 06Yes

Chapter One

The Second Willow and Kennedy story by Dave Turner.
Sequel to ‘A Postcard from Hell.’

Disclaimer: I do not own ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or ‘The Shield’. I write this for fun not profit. The prayer near the end of Chapter two is based on one featured in the film ‘The Last of the Mohicans’.

Crossover: BtVS and ‘The Shield’.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English, English. Slang is American where I’ve known the correct terms. Spelling is English.

Timeline: Set in mid-06 well after the end of BtVS S7, The Shield any time between Season 2 and 3.

Words: 10000+.

Warnings: Lesbian relationship, minor violence.

Authors Note: Speech in brackets eg (“Help”) indicates telepathy or other voices in your head that are not your own.
I ‘am’ Vic Mackey! Well actually he’s a shorter version of me. It’s a bit of a shock when you open the DVD box and see yourself staring out from a picture.
12/04/06: This story has been slightly rewritten and reformatted.

The Rosenberg’s Cleveland Apartment.

“This is our vamp!” Announced Kennedy as she placed the slim file on the dining table. She glanced at Willow then gave her full attention to Anna Kuo her Slayer in Training. She opened the file and began to read

“Jerome Rathbone, born Kensington, London in1872 sired 1897. He’s not your usual vampire. That’s not to say he isn’t a vicious killer, it’s just that he’s more intelligent about how he operates than most vamps. He thinks with his head not his fangs.” Kennedy turned the page; “He likes to keep a low profile which is why his file is so thin. He stayed around London until the end of the Great War. After the war he was responsible for a large number of murders along the south coast of England, then in the late 1920’s he vanishes. He reappears in 1935 in Germany where he may have killed the Slayer of the day in Hamburg. At the start of World War Two he disappears again, he doesn’t seem to like wars! He resurfaces in the Eastend of London in 1953. This is where he starts the first of his operations.”

“What he likes to do is move in on an area that’s controlled by an established crime lord. Then, using a mixture of violence, charm and sarcasm, he runs a kind of protection racket, with the crime boss paying him not kill to him. Mr Rathbone likes to live well so we may not find him in the dives that most vamps seem to frequent. He’s more likely to be in a high class apartment in the good part of town.”

“He doesn’t always kill for food either. What he likes do is keep a number of women and girls, often the female relatives of the crime lord he’s presently terrorising, for sex and food. He never drains these women so much as they would die and he’s never been known to sire another vamp! When he does kill he’s very careful to make it look like a normal murder, this is one of the reasons it’s been so hard to track him down.”

“In the mid 60’s things got too hot for him in Britain and he moved to New York where he moved in on the new drugs trade. It wasn’t until the end of ’04 that he came onto our radar as a possible vamp. The council sent in a team of New Slayers to take him out, but he slipped through the net. In late ‘05 he was spotted in LA. It wasn’t until a month ago that we tracked him down to Farmington.”


Near Sixth and Whitworth, Farmington.

Kennedy ran through the back streets of Farmington, it was very early in the morning and she had ‘lost’ the Little Sister she was supposed to be watching over. They should never have been there, Anna was not fully trained, but with the sudden up surge in demonic activity across the United States the Slayers and Guardians were hard pressed to keep a lid on things.

Kennedy stopped at the junction of four alleys, looking down each in turn she saw no sign of her trainee Slayer. She adjusted her earpiece and spoke urgently into the microphone pinned to her collar
“Anna? Were the hell are you?”
“It okay Missy Kennedy!” Came the reply, “I got boo-coo bad-ass vampire trapped! He go bye-bye soon!”
“Anna, stop with the fake Vietnam slang! First you’re Chinese American, second you’ve lived your entire life in New York…SO GIVE IT A REST!” Kennedy was sure Anna had watched ‘Full Metal Jacket’ about a hundred times too often! “Now, tell me were you are!”

“Oh you’re no fun Miss Kennedy!” Came the reply from the teenager, “I’ve got the vamp trapped in the alley between Sixth and Whitworth. It’s a dead end, he can’t get out, I’m going in to finish him!”

“If you don’t wait for me you are SO grounded! Now wait there ‘till I get to you.” Kennedy tried to remember the map she had studied earlier in the day, she turned round, “Sixth and Whitworth should be that way!” She muttered and started off down one of the alleys.

“I can take him Kennedy!” Came the teenager’s voice through the earpiece, “He’s only one vamp, I can dust him num-baa one good time!” The girl said slipping into her Saigon hooker slang again.

“You wait!” Called Kennedy as she ran out onto a main road, “This should be Whitworth” She said, “I’ll be there in two minutes. Now what’s the first rule of Slaying?”
“Don’t die!” Came the sullen reply, “I can do this by myself, you know?”
“Sorry? What was that? I can’t hear you!” The radio went dead.

As Kennedy entered the alley she could hear the sounds of a fight from the far end, then silence. Kennedy rapidly slowed to a halt and drew her Katana from under her long coat. Cautiously she advanced down the alley. The alley was strewn with garbage and junk and smelt of urine, there were no streetlights. Kennedy could smell blood and sense the vamp at the end of the alley.

The vamp that she and Anna had been chasing was one of those vamps that loved to fight. He was just over a hundred years old, but seemed to have no pretensions about becoming a ‘Master Vampire’ or having any minions. He was a loner, a fighter, a little like Spike, his type were the hardest to track and definitely the hardest to fight.

Kennedy came level with a Dumpster surrounded by piles of garbage, the smell of blood was very strong around here. She looked behind the Dumpster, all the time keeping her senses alert for any sign of the vamp. It was almost a relief to find Anna’s body lying there.

“Too late Watcher!” Came the mocking call from behind her. Kennedy spun to confront the vamp bring her sword up into the ‘guard’ position ready to strike, but the vamp had already gone.

Kennedy turned to where Anna’s body lay. It looked like the vamp had bitten her, the young Slayer’s stake and knife were no where to be seen. Kennedy would have to get the body into the back of her SUV so she could be taken back to the school for burial, unless…

Kennedy checked the wound on the girl’s neck again, then checked the dead girl’s mouth. There was blood there. It could have been from her wound or it could have been an attempt by the vamp to ‘sire’ her. There was only one way to be sure.

Kennedy lifted the body of the girl into a sitting position; she took hold of a handful of Anna’s hair. The Katana flashed through the night air, and Kennedy was left holding the girl’s head by the hair.
“I’m so sorry Anna!” Gasped the Slayer to the corpse; “I had to be sure.” She placed the severed head next to the body and stood up. She sensed rather than heard the footsteps behind her, had the vamp returned to take her on? If he had it was the last thing he would do!

“FREEZE!” Came the shout out of the darkness. Kennedy spun around while at the same time striking out with her sword. She heard a strangled cry and the sound of someone stumbling across the alley. She had felt the blade bite into flesh and bone, Kennedy advanced across the alley looking for her adversary. She heard a low moan and looked down, to her horror Kennedy found herself looking into the terrified eyes of a uniformed police office. He lay against the alley wall cradling the severed stump of his arm in his left hand.

“Nononono, no, no!” Kennedy cried as she fell to her knees next to the policeman, he tried to back away from her.
“Don’t die! Don’t die! Oh Goddess what have I done?” She panicked, for a moment not knowing what to do. Then her training kicked in. She grabbed hold of the officers injured arm squeezing with her hand to slow the bleeding as she raised the limb above the mans head. With her other hand she searched in her pockets and came up with a heavy-duty cable tie. She always tried to carry a few of these; they were useful for restraining most human sized creatures and in this case as a tourniquet. She placed it about the man’s injured arm and pulled it tight. She noticed his eyes start to flicker shut, he was slipping into shock from pain and blood loss.

“Don’t you die on me!” She demanded as she looked into the officers eyes, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see who you were!” She tried to explain as her mind raced to try to find away out of the situation.
“You got a partner? You guys always go ‘round in two’s?” The officer nodded weakly, he was still loosing a lot of blood. If she left him there was no way she could be sure that the officer would be found in time, and she would still have to remove Anna’s body. Kennedy could not see a way out of this. She looked up, still no sign of the guy’s partner.
“We don’t slay humans.” She said to herself and pulled her automatic from its holster on her hip and pointed into the air. She fired off three shots before she heard running feet.


‘The Barn’ Farmington.

Detective ‘Dutch’ Wagenbach stood in the observation room watching the girl on the TV monitor as she sat impassively in the interview room next door. He looked down at the thin file in his hands, once more leafing through the few pages it contained. He looked up as his partner Detective Claudette Wyms walked into the room.
“Is that the girl?” Asked Wyms nodding towards the TV screen.
“Yeah,” Replied Dutch, “She hardly looks strong enough to lift a sword let alone cut a guys arm off! I mean…a sword?!?!”
“That’s what the report says!” Confirmed the older black detective. “The full crime scene report isn’t in yet. What have we got so far?”
“At about two fifteen this morning,” Dutch began reading from the file in his hands, “There was a report from a patrol car of a young woman fighting with someone in an alley near Whitworth. The officers went to investigate. Officer Lush came up behind our girl and ordered her to ‘freeze’. She turned and took his arm off before he could get a shot off!”
“Yeah, Lush said she moved like lightning! Then get this, she doesn’t run off! She gives Lush first aid and fires off a few shots to attract the attention of his partner! She doesn’t try to run or resist arrest. She just comes along quiet as can be.”
“What about the other body?” Asked Wyms.
“Teenage girl, maybe sixteen, oriental. Course of death…decapitation!”
“So our perp kills this girl, gets challenged by our officer, takes his arm off then stays around to make sure he gets proper medical attention! Weird!” Exclaimed Wyms.
“And there’s more! Both girls were wearing body armour! Good Hi-tech stuff, better than the stuff our guys wear, and our perp was carrying a pistol loaded with wooden bullets! Both girls had short range radios, and both of them were dressed head to foot in black!”
“What’d’ya think some weird Fed unit?”
“Who have sixteen year old girls as operatives?”
“No, doesn’t make much sense even for the Fed’s!”
“Nothing about this case does so far.”
“What about a new gang? Maybe Mackey knows something? Ask him when he gets in. You want to lead on this one?” Asked Wyms.


Dutch and Claudette entered the interview room were Kennedy sat. Dutch took the chair across the table from Kennedy while Claudette leant against the wall. Dutch placed the file he was carrying in front of him and opened it, pretending to read from the pages it contained. He looked up at Kennedy and spoke.
“Hi, I’m Detective Wagenbach, and this,” He gestured towards Claudette, “Is Detective Wyms. You are,” He glanced at the file again, “Kennedy Rosenberg?”
“Correct.” Replied Kennedy.
“Ohio drivers licence…you’re a bit far from home?”
“Felt like going for a drive, is all!”
“You drove from Ohio!”
“Yeah, you try getting weapons aboard an aircraft these days!”
This answer took Dutch by surprise, “So you admit the weapons we found are yours?”
“Why not? They’ve got my finger prints all over them, be silly to deny it!”
“Okay!” Said Dutch preparing a new line of questioning, “Who was the girl we found in the alley with you?”
“That was Anna, she was my…” Kennedy stumbled for the right words, “My… Little Sister.” The words caught in her throat, as she wiped at her eyes with the heel of her hand.
“Not your real ‘Little Sister’,” Asked Dutch, “Some kind of gang thing? Are you part of a gang Kennedy?”
Kennedy sniffed and wiped at her eyes again, “You could say that.” She replied.
“Then why, if you were in the same gang did you cut her head off?” Asked Dutch quietly.
“Had to…had to make sure she wouldn’t rise again!”
“No way is she going to rise, girl!” Put in Wyms, “Why’d’ya kill her?”
“Didn’t, she was already dead when I got to her.” The regret and bitterness in Kennedy’s voice would have been obvious to anyone. The two detectives gave each other a look.
“So who did?” Asked Dutch quietly, “Why cut her head off?”
“Told you, so she wouldn’t rise! You wouldn’t believe me, you wouldn’t understand.”
“Try us, honey.” Said Wyms.
“DON’T CALL ME HONEY!!” Kennedy snapped and sprang to her feet glaring at the two detectives. Wyms took an involuntary step back, and found herself trapped tight in the corner of the room. Dutch found himself balanced precariously on the back legs of his chair as he tried to get away from the girl.

As quickly as the ‘Slayer’ had got out, Kennedy pulled her back in. She sat down again and composed herself.
“Don’t call be ‘Honey’,” She told the detectives, “Only Will gets to call me Honey.” Kennedy let the Slayer out a little more to make her point. She needed to talk to Willow, and soon!

Dutch and Claudette left Kennedy in the interview room.
“What was all that about?” Asked Claudette, “Who’s this ‘Will’?”
“Boyfriend?” Queried Dutch, “Could be some kind of sexual control thing. Gets his kicks from having Kennedy kill other girls…No that can’t be right because she seemed genuinely upset about the girls death…”
Claudette stopped and put her hand on Dutchs’ chest bringing him to a halt.
“When I called her ‘Honey’ and she exploded, did you get the feeling that if she’d wanted to walk out of here,” She indicated the ‘Barn’ with her hand, “There’d be nothing you, I or anybody else could have done to stop her?”
“Thank God you felt it too!” Said Dutch relieved.
“Yeah, that girls dangerous. I mean really dangerous, y’know what I mean?”
“We need more information.” Dutch headed off towards his desk.


The Rosenberg Apartment Cleveland.

Willow had just managed to get Tara off to sleep when the phone rang. “Damn!” She hissed and silenced the phone with a wave of her hand before it could wake the baby. Closing the door to the nursery Willow walked to the phone and picked up.
“Willow speaking!” She snapped.
“Ms Rosenberg? It’s Lt. Brewer Cleveland PD here.” Came the voice from the other end of the phone.
“Hi Dan!” Willow replied brightly, “Sorry I snapped, I’d just got Tara off to sleep and the phone rang, you know how it is? Is there something I can do for you?”
“Umm no…I…I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you Ms Rosenberg…”
The cold hand of fear griped Willow’s heart, “What’s wrong?” She asked fearing the worst.
“It’s Kennedy ma’am…she’s been arrested for murder in Los Angeles…”
“Oh my Goddess! Is she alright?” Gasped Willow, “What about Anna Kuo she was with Kennedy?”
“That’s who the local police say she murdered!”
“Oh I see.” Said Willow as she realised what must have happened.
“Look Ms Rosenberg, we’ll do what we can to…limit the damage. Was it one of your special investigations?”
“Yes…Yes that’s right.”
“I don’t think we’re going to be able to talk our way out of this one.”
“Yes I understand. I’ll deal with it with the schools resources…thank-you for…”
“There is one thing that might help. The precinct where Miss Kennedy’s being held…umm Farmington. I know…well knew one of the detectives there. A guy called Vic Mackey, mention my name to him…it might help.”
“Yes thank-you Dan I’ll remember that.” Willow felt completely numb as she held onto the phone.
“Good luck Miss Rosenberg, I hope it works out for you.”
“Yes thank-you.” Willow replaced the receiver and stood in the middle of the room her mind racing. One way or another she had to get Kennedy back, there could be no argument about that. But Giles would argue he would have some really good reasons for not getting involved, but only if he knew. Just lately Giles seemed to be turning into one of the old watchers Council. Willow picked up the phone again and hit the speed dial button. The phone rang at the other end and was answered after two rings.
“Xander? It’s Will, I need your help. Can you an’ Mary-Beth take Tara for a few days? I have to go out of town for a while…Kennedy’s in trouble!”


‘The Barn’ Farmington.

Detective Wagenbach walked back into the interview-room sat down and placed his file in front of him.
“By yourself? Asked Kennedy with a half smile, “I hope I didn’t frighten off your partner.”
“No she’s been called away on another case.” Replied Dutch as he leafed through the file; “We’ve been doing some checking on you Ms Rosenberg. You’ve lived an interesting life over the last year or so…” He let the sentence trail off.
“This should be interesting!” Smiled Kennedy sitting up in her seat, “Let’s see what you’ve found out about me.”
Dutch looked at the girl, raised an eyebrow then looked back down at the file.
“Let’s see…” He said, “October ’05 in London you were interviewed by the British Police in connection with a possible terrorist incident. Released after a day with thanks for the information you’d given.”
“Always try to help out, that’s me.”

What Dutch did not say or know was what the incident had been. When he had asked the British Consul for more information she had ‘stonewalled’ him and said something about national security.

“The Cleveland Police seem to like you. In fact they found it hard to believe we’d arrested you and asked for confirmation. I had an interesting conversation with a Lt. Brewer from their homicide department. He seemed to be trying to persuade me to drop the charges! Any idea why he’d do that?
Kennedy just shrugged.

“The place were you work, The Jenny Calendar School for Gifted Girls how do you think they’ll feel when they hear what’s happened?”
“They’ll be sorry to hear that Anna’s dead.” Replied Kennedy, “Could you contact them and tell them Anna’s dead, they’ll want to take her body back to Cleveland for burial, her sisters will want to say goodbye.!”
“She had sisters?”
“More than you could imagine!”

Dutch was puzzled by these enigmatic replies, but he put it down to some sort of gang thing. He picked up the last few pages of the file and hoped this would get something for him to work with.

“March this year you were in Cleaves Mills, Maine?” Kennedy just nodded ‘yes’. “In the space of three weeks you killed a burglar by cutting his head off with a sword! You seem to do that a lot!”
“Yes! Sure I did that, he was a serial rapist, he’d have raped me and my girlfriend if I’d given him the chance, the Sheriff said it was self defence.”
“Yes Sheriff Bannerman was quite impressed with you, another police officer who couldn’t believe we’d arrested you. I see you got shot during an attempted bank raid! Police report says you saved the life of a pregnant woman and got shot in the back! Now that doesn’t sound like someone who cuts the heads off teenage girls and the arms off policemen, why…”
“How is he, by the way?” Interrupted Kennedy.
“The officer I injured?”
“Oh! The cut was so clean that they were able to stitch his arm back on. He should regain eighty to ninety percent of its use.”
“That’s good.”
Before Dutch could speak Claudette opened the door and came in.
“Need to speak with you Dutch.” She said.
“Can’t it wait?” Replied Dutch a hint of annoyance in his voice. She shook her head. With an ill will Dutch followed Claudette into the observation room.


At that moment Willow walked into Farmington Precinct House. She had teleported from Cleveland to save time, and make it harder for Giles to find her. Before leaving Cleveland she had made a few calls to influential friends, she would need all the help she could get to get Kennedy out of this mess. She hoped Kennedy was still here, she walked over to the desk sergeant.

“I’d like to see Detective Vic Mackey please.” She asked sweetly. The officer glanced up.
“I’m sorry the detective is out on a case if you’d like…” His voice trailed off as Willow caught his eye.
“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I waited for him, I’ve come a long way to see him.” She said as the officer’s eyes glazed over.
“Yes ma’am I’m sure that would be okay.” He agreed evenly.
“Tell you what,” Suggested Willow, “Why don’t you buzz me in and show me were Vic’s office is?”
“I’ll buzz you in and show you to his office ma’am.”
“Thank-you officer,” Smiled Willow.
“My pleasure ma’am.” Replied the officer as he buzzed open the door to the main part of the precinct house. He came out of his office and lead Willow through the busy office area to a door marked ‘Strike Team Keep Out!’ written in black marker pen. The officer opened the door, the room was empty.

“Thank-you again officer, you can go back to work now,” Willow’s voice was calm and even, “You can forget that you ever saw me.”
“Never saw you ma’am!” He said as he turned and walked back to his office.

Willow looked around the room it had the feel of a ‘clubhouse’ rather than an office. It had dartboards and old pistol targets hanging on the walls. There was an old sofa against one wall, steel lockers and wooden bookcases against the others. The main piece of furniture was an octagonal table with half a dozen chairs around it. There were a number of files and photographs scattered across the table. Willow walked over and picked up one of the photographs.
“Now this is very useful.” She smiled to herself and quickly read through the files, “Better and better!” By now she was beaming!

Replacing the photos and files she cleared the junk from one of the chairs and sat down. Willow closed her eyes, controlled her breathing, and then sent her mind searching for a familiar presence.
(“WILLOW! Where are you?”)
(“I’m in an office on the first floor. Where are you?”)
(“They’ve got me in an interview room up stairs.”)
(“Good you’re not too far away. Concentrate on the room and I’ll come and see you!”)
Kennedy pictured the room in her mind and very soon there was a gentle rush of air and she felt Willow’s hands on her shoulders.


“Dutch the forensic report came in!” Announced Claudette as she and Dutch walked into the observation room.
“It seems that the girl Anna had her head cut off post mortem! There were bite marks on her neck and she’d lost nearly all of her blood.”
“But there wasn’t any trace of blood in the alley!” Pointed out Dutch, “Do you realise how surreal this all sounds? I mean we’re talking about a girl who was bitten and had her blood drained!”

“Yeah! She must have been killed elsewhere and dumped in the ally. However, there is evidence of a fight, but it doesn’t look as if it involved our Ms Rosenberg. Looks like some one attacked our dead girl, bit her on the neck, and drained most of her blood some how. Looks like Rosenberg may have been trying to save her but arrived too late.”
Dutch scratched his head, “So why cut her head off?”
“Don’t know! Looks like the best we can charge Rosenberg with is wounding our officer, but a good attorney is going to make that look like an unfortunate accident!”
“But the weapons! The gun, the sword the body armour? Why wear all that stuff if you’re not up to something?”
“Again a good attorney will point to two women in a bad part of town. The juries going to see a nice white girl trying to save her friend, who ever defends her is going to muddy up the water. Dutch I think this is a ‘Loose’.”

Dutch sat down heavily in a chair his head in his hands. There was something-weird going on here; there were too many unanswered questions. Some thing moved on the TV picture, which drew his eye to the screen.
“WHO THE HELL’S THAT?” He yelled pointing at the screen; The picture showed the Rosenberg women in a passionate embrace with another woman.
“Where did she come from?” Dutch asked as he jumped to his feet and ran towards the interview room closely followed by Claudette. The two detectives burst into the room only to find their prisoner sitting calmly in her chair, there was no one else in the room.
“Where is she?” Demanded Dutch.
“Who?” Smiled Kennedy.
“The woman that was in here!”
“Don’t know what you mean Detective?” If anything Kennedy’s smile got wider, it was beginning to unsettle Dutch. Something had changed; it was as if this girl was suddenly more confident. Kennedy chuckled at the expression on the detective’s face.
“You’re so dusted!” She smiled.
Dutch looked at Claudette, “Dusted?” He asked.


The Observation Room, The Barn, Farmington.

Dutch and Claudette watched the video tape for the fifth time. It showed exactly what it had showed the other four times they had played it. Kennedy Rosenberg sat motionless in the interview room. Suddenly the figure of another woman would appear behind her. She would jump up, turn around, there would be a lot of hugging and kissing followed by a rapid exchange that the microphones, completely failed to pick up. Next both women would look in surprise towards the door, then the intruder would simply vanish and Rosenberg would resume her seat.

“Guess we know who ‘Will’ is.” Sighed Claudette as she rewound the tape and started it playing again.
“Off hand I can’t think of many girls names that can be shortened to ‘Will’” Announced Dutch.
“’Off hand’ I can’t think of too many women who can appear and disappear at will in a locked room! No! Let me think…There was that Samantha Stephens…and oh that girl what was her name? Let me think…oh yes Sabrina the Teenage Witch!” Claudette sounded as if she was on the edge of hysteria.
“Are you loosing it Claudette?” Asked Dutch calmly.
“Well don’t you think it at all odd that some one can just appear and disappear like that?”
“I think it’s fascinating!” Said Dutch as he rewound the tape for the seventh time.

Before the tape was fully rewound Captain Aceveda stuck his head around the door.
“Dutch!” He said curtly, “My office…now!”
Dutch glanced at his partner and raised a questioning eyebrow, Claudette just shrugged in reply. Dutch got to his feet and started to head towards the Captains office, as he got to the door he turned to his partner.
“Claudette,” He said quietly, “Take the tape out of the machine and put it somewhere safe would you? I’d not want it to go missing if you know what I mean?”
Claudette simply nodded and removed the tape from the player.


As Dutch entered the Captains office, Aceveda looked up and signalled for Dutch to take a seat.
“Dutch,” Sighed the Captain, “In the last hour I’ve had calls from no lesser persons as The Governor, The Mayor, a Captain in the Cleveland PD, the Sheriff of Cleaves Mills in Maine plus the British Consul in LA, she was the most polite! Do you know what they all wanted to know?”
“I’ve no idea Sir!” Replied Dutch puzzled.
“They all wanted to know why we’re holding Ms Rosenberg and when are we going to release her! The Governor basically told me that unless she’d killed someone irreplaceable we were to release her immediately. The British pointed out that she is a British subject! Did you know she was British?”
“She never mentioned it Captain!”
“Well they said something about diplomatic immunity, and talking to the State Department! So Detective Wagenbach, what can you tell me?

Continued in Chapter Two.
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