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New Watcher in Town

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Buffy and Xena Crossovers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: #4. The Watcher's Council sends a new Watcher to Sunnydale. He is suspected of killing three of his previous Slayers. Giles and Buffy are requested by the Council to discover if he is guilty. Buffy asks Xena to pose as a Slayer to help out.

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#4. New Watcher in Town

{I do not own the rights to any of the characters in this story. No copyright infringement is intended. This story is for entertainment purposes only.}

[Author's Note: this story contains references to three previous stories, "Saving Miss Smith" and "Vampire Wars" - two Buffy / Xena crossovers, and "The Long Journey Ends" - the fourth of a Xena / Gabrielle series.]

New Watcher in Town

Chapter One

"Giles, you wanted to see me?"

"Oh, yes, Buffy. Do come in. I was just making tea. I don't suppose...."

"Nah, I'm still a soda kind of girl. So what's up? More Hell Mouth Baddies about to destroy the world as we know it?"

"If it were only something so simple. I got a wire from the Watchers' Council this morning. They said that a possible rogue Watcher is coming to Sunnydale."

"If that's the bad news, then the good news is...?"

"Well, I'm afraid it only gets worse. This Watcher may have caused the death of three Slayers in his charge over the past ten years."

"Then why don't they just kick him out of the Watchers' Club?"

"There isn't any real proof that he was actually responsible, but the circumstances of their death are a little too coincidental. They all died the same way -- spiked through back into the heart, supposedly by vampires who, apparently, were able to turn the tables. And it isn't a 'club.' We are a highly respected, albeit secret, organization."

"Yeah, sure. So what's supposed to happen when he gets here?"

"The Council says he will be taking over as your Watcher while I am on 'temporary suspension' during some kind of Slayer evaluation."

"So why not tell him to take a hike?"

"The Council actually wants us to go along with him. That way you and I can keep HIM under surveillance to see if there is any merit to the allegations."

"Oh, now that's really great! Not only do I now have to watch out for vamps and demons, but I get to watch my own back in case my Watcher tries to kill me. It can't get any better than that! How about if I paint a big red circle over my heart with the words 'stake me here' in the middle of it?"

"Buffy, I realize the situation isn't exactly to your, our, liking, but unless we can come up with a better plan...." Giles said without much hope in his voice.

"So when is this new guy supposed to get here?"

"His name is William Howard Crispin III, and he is due to arrive day after tomorrow. I'm to pick him up at the airport."

"Okay then, we have some time. I'll get the group together and we'll do some brainstorming."

"Yes, an excellent suggestion. Why don't you get in touch with everyone and have them meet here tomorrow morning about seven?"

"I think maybe ten would be better."

"Oh? Why ten?"

"Giles, tomorrow IS Sunday, you know. I think some of us may want to sleep in."

"Well, yes, I suppose. Then ten it is."

"Great! I'll have Xander bring the doughnuts."

By 10:15 almost everyone had arrived - Buffy, Dawn, Xander and Anya. They were still waiting for Willow and Tara. At 10:30 Willow showed up, alone.

"So where's Tara?" Buffy asked her.

"She, uh, well, I think she'll be along later ... or maybe not." Willow sort of answered.

Knowing there was friction between Willow and Tara about Willow's casual use of magic, Buffy let the subject drop.

"Then I guess we should begin." Giles said. "I assume Buffy has filled you all in on the impending arrival of the new Watcher. So the problem is how do we protect Buffy and not let him know that we're watching HIM?"

For a minute or two no one said anything, then Anya spoke up, "Why don't we get him a Slayer of his own?"

"Yeah," Xander agreed. "He has a Slayer, you still have Buffy, and there will be an extra pair of eyes to keep watch on the Watcher."

"Well, on the surface of it, that all sounds very good, but there's just one problem -- where will we get another Slayer on such short notice? Kendra is dead, obviously Faith is ... unavailable, and there isn't time for the Council to reassign another one here."

More silence.

"Does she have to be a real Slayer?" Dawn finally asked.

"Well of course she does." Giles answered. "William Crispin has been a Watcher for at least twenty years. He will spot an imposter right away."

"What about someone that's almost like a Slayer?" She asked again.

"Dawn!" Buffy said impatiently, "If you don't have anything constructive to add...."

"Just a moment, Buffy." Giles interrupted. "Dawn, do you have someone in mind?"

"Well, what about Xena? I mean, she kicks ass as good as any Slayer."

"Dawn!" Buffy chided, "Language?"

"Sorry. But she DOES."

No one spoke but only looked at each other, trying to read each other's faces to see how they felt about the idea.

"Buffy? What do you think? Is she that good?" Giles asked.

"Well, yeah! She's as bad as they come. But I thought all Slayers were young. Didn't you once tell me that Slayers rarely live past twenty, or was it twenty-five? Anyway, Xena's got to be in her early thirties, or mid-."

"I suppose we could tell him that she wasn't discovered to be a Slayer until she was in her late twenties. Or something like that. But the question is, will she do it? I am assuming Tara will be willing to cast the spell so you can get in touch with her, and then if necessary, bring her here."

"We don't need Tara." Willow said. "I can do the spells. In fact, I know a couple of them that will work even better than hers."

"Good. So, the first order of business, then, is to get in touch with Xena and find out if she would be willing to help."

"Giles, I don't think she'll refuse. She's really okay about helping out. Willow, if you need anything I'm sure Anya wouldn't mind opening up the shop. Would you?"

"Not at all, in fact I'll even give you a discount seeing that it's so important." Anya said, happy to be making money on a day the shop was closed.

"So I did good?" Dawn finally managed to ask.

"Yes, you did." Buffy answered. "And I'm sorry I yelled at you. You did very good."

A few hours later they were all back at Buffy's. When she found out what they intended to do, Tara volunteered to cast the Seeing Spell, but Willow told her it wouldn't be necessary.

"I have a better one," She said. "One so that both Buffy and Xena will be able to see AND talk to each other."

"Where did you find a spell like that?" Tara wanted to know.

"I didn't. I invented it, on my own, without anybody's help." Willow answered smugly.

"Fine!" Tara said, hurt and angry. "Work your damn spell!" And she stormed back upstairs.

"Fine." Willow echoed with false innocence.

"Okay, what do we do?" Buffy said trying to lessen the tension.

"First we take these ten black candles and arranged them in a double pentagram, you know, like a ten-sided star."

"How big?"

"Five or six feet across ought to be big enough."

This was done.

"After the candles are lit," Willow continued, "I'll need all of you to space yourselves around the outside of the candles with the incense. Then Buffy and I will stand in the middle while I say the spell. The first part of the spell will let us locate them, just to make sure it's not in the middle of the night, or that they're not busy doing things they might not want to be interrupted while they're doing them."

"What would they be doing that they wouldn't want to be bothered?" Dawn asked.

"Well, you never know. They might be visiting with friends." Willow said.

"...Or fighting warlords." Buffy added.

"...Or skinny dipping." Xander said with a hopeful grin on his face.

"...Or using the bathroom." Anya concluded with a distasteful look. "In the bushes."

"So, after we find them, and they're okay," Willow continued, "Then the second part of the spell will let them see us."

"Will we be able to see them?" Giles asked.

"No. Not unless you're inside the candles. But I think only two people would be best."

"So, we will appear to them like we are actually there?" Buffy asked.

"That's the plan."

"So what are we waiting for?" Buffy said. "Let the fun begin."

After the candles were lit, Buffy and Willow stood in the center of them, and Willow began the first part of the spell.

From Here and Now this Spell I cast
Searching through the years long past
Xena the Warrior Gabrielle the Queen
Part Time's mists and let them now be seen

Suddenly Buffy and Willow found themselves in the middle of a narrow forest path, barely wide enough for two horses to walk side by side. And about thirty feet away were Xena and Gabrielle coming toward them.

"Why are things so quiet?" Buffy whipered to Willow.

"Once I do the rest of the spell so they can see us, then we'll be able to hear everything."

As Xena and Gabrielle got closer, Buffy told Willow to hurry up and finish the spell. But before she could get it started, Xena and Gabrielle walked through them and continued down the path.

"Now THAT was something that doesn't happen everyday." Willow said.

Turning to watch them as they walked down the path, Buffy asked, "So now what do we do? They're getting away."

"We just run after them." Willow answered and started trotting down the path.

"But won't we just run into a wall back home?" Buffy asked as she started after Willow.

"No." Willow yelled back to her. "To everybody there it will look like we're just standing still, they can't even hear us."

As they got closer, Willow started on the second part of the spell.

Gabrielle and Xena are now in view
I demand that they may see us too
Hear me now Hear my words
Let us all be seen and heard

Just as suddenly as Buffy and Willow had materialized on the path, they could now hear the sounds of the forest.

"Hey!" Willow yelled to Xena and Gabrielle. "Wait up!"

Turning around, both women were surprised to see their two friends from the future jogging up to them.

"Willow! Buffy!" Gabrielle shouted out as she ran to embrace them, but instead, ran through them.

"I guess this means you two aren't really here." Xena said, then laughed as she saw Gabrielle's hand coming out through Willow's midsection, fingers wiggling, trying to feel something.

"Only in spirit." Willow said.

Recovering from her surprise, Gabrielle said. "Well, in any case, it's good to see both of you again."

"So, how have you two been?" Buffy asked.

"Not too bad, considering that Xena died in Japa." Gabrielle answered.

"What?" Buffy said. "You died? How?"

"How did you come back?" Willow asked.

"It's kind of a long story," Xena said. "In order to kill a demon soul eater, I had to die. But because Michael the Archangel needed someone to kill Ares, he gave me back my body."

"Ares is dead?" Buffy asked.

"No, we imprisoned him in the Cave of Hephaestus at the foot of Mt. Olympus."

"You say an Archangel brought you back to life?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, Michael. You know, one of the angels of the God of Eli."

Buffy looked at Willow. "I've heard of Michael, but not Eli. Have you, Willow?"

"No, but don't forget there were a lot of prophets running around during this time period. Maybe no one ever wrote about him, or maybe the writings just got lost."

"So how about you two?" Gabrielle asked.

"Buffy died too." Willow said.

"Really? How were you brought back?"

"I did a spell," Willow started to explain.

"Uh, Guys," Buffy interrupted with a quick glare at Willow, "Why don't we talk about all this later on. Right now we have other business to discuss."

"Oh! Right! The Business!" Willow said.

"Does this have to do with Glory?" Xena asked.

"Buffy almost killed her, that's how she died." Willow broke in, but her voice tapered off at Buffy's angry glare.

"No, this has nothing to do with any gods, or demons, or vamps." Buffy explained. "Do you remember Giles?"

"Wasn't he the one from Britannia that kept cleaning those things he wore over his eyes?"

"Yep, that's the one. Did I ever mention that he is my Watcher?"

"No, I don't think so. What does he watch?"

"A Watcher watches over, and trains the Slayers. And helps out if necessary. The thing is, the Watchers' Council is sending another Watcher to watch over me while he supposedly is evaluating me for some reason."

"And you need us because...?" Xena asked.

Looking at Willow, Buffy searched for the right words. "This Watcher that's coming may be killing his Slayers. Three have died so far. And we thought that if there was another Slayer in Sunnydale without a Watcher, then maybe he would take her, and then Giles and I, well all of us, could keep a closer eye on him."

"So you want Xena to pretend to be a Slayer?" Gabrielle asked. "Can she do that?"

"I don't see why not. If there is any problem at all, it would be because she's pretty old to be a Slayer."

"What do you mean Pretty Old?" Xena asked, a little insulted.

"I'm not saying that YOU'RE old. It's just that Slayers are usually chosen when they are about fifteen or sixteen, and they rarely live more than five or six years. So with you being, what, mid thirties ... or younger! Well, he might get suspicious that you've lived so long."

"What if we tell him Gabrielle is the Slayer? She doesn't look too much older than you."

"Unfortunately, the problem with that is that she isn't anywhere near strong enough to be a Slayer, no offense Gabrielle. But Xena, you're as strong I am, maybe even stronger. That, plus your other skills is what will convince him you're a Slayer."

"So you want Xena to act as some kind of bait, hoping he'll try to kill her?" Gabrielle asked, not liking what she'd been hearing.

"Well, basically, yes. But it won't be like you won't be ready for him. And don't forget, we'll all be there to watch your back."

"You don't mind if Xena and I talk about this, do you?"

"No. Not at all. Go right ahead. Willow and I will wait here."

The two walked a ways down the path away from Buffy and Willow.

"Xena, you're not seriously thinking about doing this, are you?"

"Maybe. Why not?"

"Why not! They want to use you for BAIT! You could be killed!"

"Gabrielle, it's not like I haven't done this before, plenty of times."

"But Xena, it's not our world. We don't know what kind of weapons he'll have."

"That's true. But he won't know we're onto him. And with you and Buffy and all her friends watching him, I don't see that much more danger there than we face here. Also, don't forget, in Buffy's world they have ice cream!"

"You HAD to remind me, didn't you?" Gabrielle said with a big grin on her face. "You just had to say it!"

"So who are we going to switch with?" Xena asked Buffy.

"Good question. Willow?"

"No one. I told you I had better spells than Tara. Xena, I can bring you to our time without anyone having to switch places with you."

"Don't forget about Gabrielle, she's coming too, you know."

"No Big. I only have to cancel this seeing spell, and then cast the one to bring you two to our time. But the only thing that'll be the same as Tara's spell is I can't bring your clothes, so you'll be naked when you get there, here, but we'll make sure Giles and Xander are out of the room, and we'll have clothes for you."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Buffy said. "So we'll see you shortly."

Within fifteen minutes Xena and Gabrielle were standing in Buffy's dining room, putting on the clothes they had been given.

"So what about the clothes and weapons you had on?" Dawn asked Xena.

"We took them off and hid them not too far from where we were. We just need to be sent back to the same place when this is all over with."

"That will happen automatically," Willow assured them. "I don't have any control over that."

Then Giles spoke up. "I think the first thing we need to do is give our two visitors a crash course in the twentyfirst century. There are many things they'll need to know if we're to keep Crispin from becoming suspicious. And we only have until tomorrow afternoon to do it."

"So I have to do everything this Watcher tells me to?" Xena asked. "What if I don't want to?"

"At first he will expect you to be somewhat recalcitrant...." Giles was saying.

"Is that really a word?" Buffy interrupted.

"Yes it is. It is a very good word. It means she won't want to do what he says."

"And you couldn't have just said that?"

"Buffy, words of the English language are coined for very good reasons. They describe specific actions committed under specific circumstances."

"So if I tell him to go straight to Tartarus, I mean to 'Hell' he won't be upset?" Xena asked, getting back to the subject.

"Oh, he'll be upset about it, but he also will look at it as a challenge. So if you are difficult to get along with for a few days he will consider it as his duty to mold you into the kind of Slayer he thinks you should be. Unless you are TOO difficult, then he may try to kill you. Or he may try to kill you anyway for whatever reason he has."

"So what's her story?" Xander asked. "Do we know where she came from? Does she know she's a Slayer? Married? Kids?"

And on it went.

For most of the day and long into the night Xena and Gabrielle were given the basic information everyone thought they would need to fit into the twentyfirst century; enough, hopefully, to fool the new Watcher.

By sunrise Monday morning only Buffy and Xena were still awake. Giles left at midnight and the others had long since crashed.

"Buffy, I had no idea how complicated living in your world was. Things are so much simpler in my time."

"Yeah, and things were probably even simpler 2000 years before that. It's just the way civilization evolves. But I think you've got things pretty well in hand. I just hope Gabrielle doesn't mess up."

"Don't worry about Gabrielle, she's a lot smarter, and a lot more dependable than people give her credit for. I trust her completely."

"Then if you do, I do. Why don't we grab a few hours sleep and then we'll head on over to Giles' apartment. He said after he picks up this new Watcher at the airport he was going back home."

"Now remember, all Giles is supposed to know is that you just hit town a few days ago and when I saw you take out a couple of vamps I figured you must be a Slayer." Buffy said, just to make sure Xena had her part down. "Other than that, just be yourself."

"Don't worry, I think we'll do okay."

Buffy knocked on Giles' front door.

"Buffy, you're here, do come in. I see you brought Xena and her friend."

"I guess introductions are in order." He continued. "This is Buffy Summers, my Slayer, and this is Xena, and her friend, Gabrielle. Everyone, this is William Howard Crispin III, the Watcher the Council sent over."

Looking at Xena and Gabrielle, Crispin asked, "Why are they here? I thought I was just to meet your Slayer."

Answering before Giles could, Buffy said, "I think Xena here, is a Slayer, too. A few days ago I watched her kick the crap out of some really bad vamps. Took their heads right off. She said she didn't know about spikes to the heart."

Crispin looked Xena up and down, as if looking at something dirty. And Xena coolly returned his stare until he averted his eyes.

"I'm sure you are mistaken," He told Buffy. "I've never heard of a Slayer named Xena."

"But that's what I'm trying to tell you. She didn't know she was a Slayer."

"What about you?" He asked Gabrielle. "Are you a Slayer also?"

"Nah. Xena's the one with the all the kick-ass skills. We're just Buds, BEST Buds."

"I see." Crispin said, turning his attention back to Xena. "I assume you have a last name?"

"Maybe I do. What's it to you?" Xena answered.

"You realize that if you're really a Slayer, then you are required to show the proper respect and obedience to a Watcher."

Xena gave a short, contemptible laugh, "Screw you."

"Quite colorful." Crispin said as he turned slightly away from Xena, then with one swift motion sent an eight inch knife spinning directly at Gabrielle's heart. And even before Buffy could react, Xena had smoothly caught the knife out of the air and with one continuous motion, threw it back at Crispin. The knife went through the sleeve of his coat just below his shoulder, pinning his arm to the wall behind him.

"The next time it goes through your throat."

"A dreadful mistake, for if I were a vampire, there's a good chance you'd be dead now." Crispin replied.

"Never gonna happen." Xena said.

"It can happen anytime, anywhere."

Smiling again Xena said, "Been...." Then looked at Gabrielle for help.

"Been there, done that." Gabrielle finished for her.

"Of course you have." Crispin answered sarcastically.

Giles coughed loudly. "Now that the inroductions are over, perhaps we can all sit down and converse like civilized people. Anyone for tea?"

"So you never suspected you were a Slayer?" Crispin grilled Xena.

"Never heard of Slayers. Never knew there were vampires. But I've always been strong. I never thought much about it."

"So just what have you been doing all your life?"

"Not much, mostly just knocking up."

"Around." Gabrielle corrected her.

"Yeah, knocking around, doing whatever I felt like. Knocking around gas stations...."

"Over." Gabrielle told her.

"That too. Sometimes liquors stores. Even worked real jobs once in a while."

"And just where were living all this time you were just 'knocking around?' "

"Up and down the coast -- L.A., Frisco, you know, the bigger villages - cities, I mean."

"And what brought you to Sunnydale?"

"You sure ask a lot of questions."

"Please, just the answers, if you don't mind?"

"I was tired of the big cities, wanted to see what smaller towns were like. And Sunnydale sounded like a nice, peaceful little place."

"And your friend here, when did you and she become acquainted?"

"I don't know, five or six years ago." Xena looked at Gabrielle for confirmation.

"Sounds about right." Gabrielle agreed. "We just took a liking to each other; been together ever since."

"Mr. Giles," Crispin said. "Miss Summers may be right about her being a Slayer. But before we come to any definite conclusion, I think a few more tests are in order."

"What kind of tests?" Xena asked him.

"Just to test your reflexes, strength, reaction speed, flexibility; the kinds of skills a real Slayer would possess."

"In your dreams." Xena said as she glanced at Gabrielle to make sure she was saying it right. Gabrielle nodded and smiled.

"Miss Summers, since you found this ... woman, perhaps you can convince her to cooperate."

"Do what I can. Xena, mind if we talk?" Buffy asked as she got up and walked toward the kitchen.

Xena and Gabrielle rose to follow her.

"I don't believe this involves you." Crispin said to Gabrielle.

"Where I go, she goes." Xena stated simply, and the three disappeared through the kitchen door.

"So what do you think?" Giles asked Crispin.

"It's possible she's a Slayer. I must admit I am impressed with her reaction time. I never expected her to catch AND return the knife as she did." he said as he absently fingered the cut in the coat sleeve.

"Yes, so was I. But don't you think that was a little extreme? If she hadn't been a Slayer, you might have killed Gabrielle."

"It was necessary, besides if your Slayer was a good as you said, Gabrielle should have been in no danger. Of course, I couldn't help but notice that Miss Summers barely reacted. Obviously, her training needs to be intensified."

[end of chapter one]
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