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Weird Wish Series

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Summary: A series of wishes that never should have happened. Some humorous, some horrifying, all changing the face of the Buffyverse. (Called "Weird" not because they're weird, but because it's weird I'd be writing something like this.)

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Title: Wish 1
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Buffy/Superman
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Superman.

"I wish I was Superman."

"Wish granted," an awful voice grated in reply to the boy's wistfully worded request.

There was a bright flash of light, and where the twelve year old boy had once stood, there was a dark-haired man in a blue bodysuit and a red cape.

He looked around in some confusion for a moment, not seeming to know where he was. Then, with a shrug, he rose into the air, off in search of Metropolis and Lois Lane, not to mention some evil to fight.

And so, with a shrug reminiscent of Atlas, the entire balance of the world was shifted.
The laughably self-proclaimed "Superman" that kept appearing to foil bank robberies and rescue people from natural disasters was in some ways the savior the world was looking for.

When he first appeared in the news, he was hailed a superpowered madman and mocked by nearly everyone. But as time progressed and the number of people he saved grew, so did his reputation and the gratitude of the world.

And no one ever found young Alexander "Xander" Harris who disappeared two days after his twelfth birthday. It was believed that he had run away after being bullied by a classmate named Larry Bagby.

Xander's best-friends Willow Rosenberg and Jesse Newton continued to grieve for the loss of their friend long after his disappearance and never quite got over their loss. Both died when they were fifteen years old, though there would later be various sightings of them around town, which was ridiculous since their bodies were interred at Sunnydale Memorial Cemetery.

The body of Buffy Summers, a new transfer student to Sunnydale High, was found floating face down in a pool of water in a cavern beneath the city. Investigators concluded that it was a case of accidental drowning most likely due to youthful hijinks as Ms. Summers had a reputation as a dangerous juvenile delinquent.

Cordelia Chase, an incredibly popular member of Sunnydale High's teenaged society, was discovered murdered and mutilated in the school gymnasium. Her face and body were so disfigured that a DNA analysis was required to positively identify her.

By 1999, the town of Sunnydale, California was a wasteland and the desolation had spread across the nearby countryside and made its way to L.A.

When Superman was finally called in to handle the situation, it was already too late. The body count had already reached the millions and those that had survived the "disaster" to move to other towns only continued to seed the violence and death. And though Superman could in someways be considered a demigod, he was only one being and could only do so much.

He could only watch in horror as violence and murder encompassed America and spread to inflame the rest of the world. The name of "The Master" was on everyone's lips, though he was never able to find the man himself or his favored lieutenants, Jesse and the woman known only as "Red Death."

Superman, the world's greatest hero, with all his strength and power, was not enough to save the world. And though he tried his hardest to make things right, he could only watch and weep as everything burned around him. He was helpless in the face of such horror and he couldn't understand where everything had gone so wrong.

And somewhere, a wish demon laughed and bathed in the praise of D'Hoffryn.
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