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When Does It?

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Summary: "When does liking someone a lot become loving that person?" A little fluff I created to lift my own spirits. Characters a bit AU.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: NathanielCeliFR131545011,89828 Feb 0628 Feb 06Yes
When Does It?

By: Celi

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Really just a bit of fluff I wrote to brighten my very dreary mood. My my, does romance (or lack thereof) ever depress...

"When does liking someone a lot become loving that person?"

Tara turned to Dawn with an odd look of contemplation on her face. "Well, I guess for me it's when you can tell them anything and no silence is awkward...when you'd do anything to see them just smile for you again."

Dawn frowned and nodded, accepting this with a bit of disbelief. Her face suddenly relaxed and a small smile slid across her face. "How 'bout when the thought of them instantly brightens your mood?"

Tara smiled and leaned back in the cushy chair, her knitting forgotten. "Or when you find the person who makes you lose your breath." She sighed as if mimicking her own words.

Dawn giggled and picked up her own flawed knitting creation. All the black, green and blue sort of swirled together in ways it wasn't supposed to. Tara's was slightly flawed as well but the soft yellows and pinks all blended nicely.

The quiet sound of someone slipping into the room brought Dawn's attention to the doorway. Nathaniel was leaning against the door frame, a soft smile curling his lips and telling her he had been watching and listening for quite a while. She smiled back tentively.

"Well, I'd have to say its when I think about them constantly. When I get that giddy jumpy stomach thing when I think of them." He paused with a sly sort of self-depreciating smile. "When I want to spend ridiculous amounts of my time with them and just feel wonderful in their presence."

Tara snickered and quickly covered her mouth with a smile. Dawn blushed with a shy giggle. Tara looked at her knowingly and started to pack her things away. "Well, it's late, I've got to be hitting the hay." She jumped up, ignoring Dawn's panicked look and scurried from the room.

Nathaniel came further into the room as Tara left and slid gracefully into the Wiccan's former seat. "Hey." He leaned back and looked away, turning slightly with a smile that was both insecure and confident at the same time.

Dawn grinned back, unknowingly making the same body movements. Shy yet apprehensive. She leaned back, taking his hand in one bold movement. He smiled brightly and his body language openly relaxed. "Hey, Nat."

Nathaniel grinned, a look that was out of place on his beautiful, almost child-like face. Dawn thought she saw a little bit of Jason in that look. "Do you want to go out tonight? Maybe...dinner?"

Dawn smiled openly. "Yeah! Yeah...I, ah, I really would." She giggled slightly and bit her lip to stifle it.

Nathaniel grinned again, gave her hand a slight squeeze and kissed her, short and sweet before rising quickly and walking to the doorway. He turned back, his hand hovering over the door frame. "And Dawn?"

She looked up and the sight of him managed to bring a smile to her face, brightening her eyes.

He smiled back, choosing his words very carefully. "You really brightened my mood tonight, and always manage to." He winked and left the room with an openly gaping Dawn behind.


The End

You have reached the end of "When Does It?". This story is complete.

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