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Alluring Rhythm

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Elemental Journey". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A series of ficlets set in the Sirenes 'verse.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > Alternate Universe(Past Donor)CharlotteFR1821,639032,80628 Feb 0612 Mar 06Yes

First Meeting

Disclaimer: I don't own HP or BTVS, those belong to Joanne Kathrine Rowling and Joss Whedon. (But I would LOVE to borrow Severus. I’ll give him back… eventually… I promise!) Absolutely NO $$ is being made from this. Also, any songs quoted are not mine as well.

A/N: This is a collection of ficlets set in the Sirenes ‘verse. Most of them are intended to explain some of the little things I couldn’t figure out how to work into the main story but needed to be written.


Alluring Rhythm

First meeting

Leaky Cauldron

“Dru, luv, I need to sit down and ‘av a pint. I think that hippie was a mite off.” Spike grumbled as Drusilla pulled him into a shabby looking Inn.

“Hush now my William. Princess needs some pretties. Have your ale and watch Miss Edith while I name the stars. I see such pretty fire. Dark and cold.” Spike, seeing that Dru is going to be especially vague and crazier than normal, decides to give in. What could happen right?

“Okay luv, I’ll wait here. Oi barkeep! What do ya ‘av that’s spicy?”

Drusilla turns and heads to the back. She walks out the door and notices a young man with a long thin stick, tapping the brick wall across the alley. She stealthily follows him through the opening doorway. The young man is too pre-occupied to notice his shadow and leaves her behind without a glance, never knowing how close to death he had been.

It was dusk, not quite full dark and a few shops were still open. Drusilla ambled along, stopping occasionally to peer into windows. She began to feel the most pleasant tingle in her abdomen. Drusilla turned toward the robe shop, but the tingles faded. Frowning, Drusilla turned back toward the alley across the street. As she entered Knockturn Alley, the tingles increased steadily, becoming a most pleasant vibration as she pauses in front of Borgin & Burkes. Dru smiles and quietly enters the shop, quickly reaching up and grabbing the bell to avoid the noise and unwanted attention.

She follows the tingling to a row of books at the far end of the store, out of sight of the two men arguing at the counter. Dru notices a young boy sneaking down the row and she stops to observe him. He was an enticing young thing. Black hair, severe robes showing some wear and eyes black as obsidian. His nose is fairly large, but Dru knows he will grow into it as he ages. She stands still, waiting for him to reach her, not yet knowing what to do. He bumps into her and turns, voicing an apology in a hushed tone…


Borgin & Burkes

A young boy slips around the end of the book aisle, attempting to avoid notice as his father haggles with the man behind the sales counter. He sighs in relief as he successfully escapes down the aisle his father had told him specifically not to wander into.

[There are obviously books here I must investigate since father was so adamant I stay away] he thinks to himself. Backing down the row of books, trying to keep an eye out for his father and scanning the shelves at the same time, he doesn’t see the woman until he runs into her. “Oh! Pardon me Madam,” he says in a hushed tone. “I didn’t see you there.”

The boy looks up and is entranced by the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Dru looks down and smiles softly, her eyes glowing. “One will not see unless he looks my pretty.”

“’M not pretty, my nose is too big.” The boy flushes at the admission.

“A pretty dark fire you are, burning so bright!” “Glorious will be your future when you meet your intended. What is your name my severe little man?”

Not knowing why, the boy moves toward the alluring creature, drawn by her eyes. “My name is Severus.” He breathes. Drusilla bends down and puts her arms around him. Severus closes his eyes and inhales her scent. His sensitive nose his overwhelmed with the mixed scents of patchouli and blood. He finds the combination strangely enthralling and moves to return her embrace. He feels peaceful and excited all at the same time. After a moment, Drusilla releases the boy and steps back. Severus looks at her questioningly.

“Must go before the father sees us. Discovery just wouldn’t do, secrets must be kept.”

Severus nods his understanding. He knows he’ll be in for a beating if his father catches him speaking with this woman. It didn’t take much these days to provoke him.

“Secrets are of great consequence little one. Remember always.” She bends back down and places a small kiss on his forehead.

Dru turns and walks out leaving a faint trace of her scent on the air.

Severus returns unnoticed to his father’s side, careful to conceal his delight.

The elder Snape looks down at his son and says, “Time to go boy, and keep up! I have no time for foolish browsing.”

“Yes Sir.” Head down, Severus follows his father.

They exit the shop and head out to the apparition point in Diagon Alley. As they pass Fortescue’s Parlor, Severus senses a familiar presence. He carefully looks around until he spots the dark beauty peeking at him from just around the corner. Dru sends him a wicked smile and winks. He smiles slightly, careful to keep his head tilted to avoid his father’s notice.

When they reach the apparition point, knowing he can safely raise his head, he gives her a small wave as he and his father disappear with a loud ‘crack!’.

End Ficlet

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The End

You have reached the end of "Alluring Rhythm". This story is complete.

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