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Dreams come True

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Summary: Drabble. Pheobe's been having nightmares

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Charmed > GeneralLamiaFR181114029843 Mar 063 Mar 06Yes
Dreams Come True
Written for tthdrabbles in responce to Challenge #34: Nightmares
Phoebe has nighmares.
A/N: I was listening to Blink182 while writing this, so obscure song reference.

The dreams were always the same. He was an angel, wings and all. A dark, sexy angel. He would extend his hand, and I would take it, sure he was leading me to paradise. Then, my dream becomes a nightmare. His face would change to something hideous.
Beyond that point would be flashes of images. Me, naked on a bed. Chains cutting into my wrists. Blood, lots of blood. My face, as deformed and grotesque as his.
I sat on the porch, not wanting to sleep. Then he was there, the angel from my nightmares.
“Actually, witch, I prefer Angelus.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Dreams come True". This story is complete.

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