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Consequences of the Heart:The Legolas Alternative

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Summary: Buffy gave up her life to save everyone, knowing she would never return. Gratefully accepting a new chance of happiness in a new world, she changes. Suddenly she is taken back to Sunnydale, will she stay, or leave again? B/L lotr xover

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasAngelicaFR152357,87387352,7694 Mar 0610 Feb 12No

Chapter 22

LEGEND: # Dream or Character POV # / [[___]]indicates telepathic speech /
{{ indicates dialogue in Elven}} / (translation of dialogue) / ‘…’ thoughts ‘bold’ indicates memories or letters

Lorien (21 April 3019)

Legolas was confined to bed for one more day after the transfer to give more time for father and daughter to bond as well as prepare him for what was to come in the next few months. Since the transfer he was once again a slave to his emotions, the cravings and he also had to get used to eating for two.

On one particular occasion close to the time of their departure, he had tearfully refused to go to Minas Tirith for fear of his friends seeing him like this. Edeniell was beginning to wonder if he could make the trip at all, but then reminded herself that Legolas would be beside himself with guilt if he missed this important occasion for his best friend.

Finally the last of the new clothes had been packed; Lady Galadriel had the elven tailors working hard, so that by the time they were ready to leave Lorien, they had everything they would need for the babies and themselves. They had approached the next few weeks like a military campaign, preparing strategies with Gandalf, Annaluren and Elorien, so that they could keep Legolas real condition secret for as long as possible.

(28th April 3019)

After a long and uncomfortable five day journey, they finally arrived outside Minas Tirith at dusk two days before the Coronation, as planned. Since Aragorn was camped outside of Minas Tirith that was where the travellers headed so they could catch up with everyone first.

So it was that a soldier hesitantly showed the great Gandalf and his travelling companions to Aragorn’s tent where he was relaxing with the hobbits and Gimli. Gandalf spoke up from outside the tent making sure that those inside heard him. “Thank you for your assistance, I wonder if you could send some food to this tent as well as bringing two extra pallets.” As the soldier nodded and sped off, the front flap of the tent flew open and Gandalf was bombarded by hugs from Merry, Pippin and Frodo, followed by a grinning Aragorn, Gimli and Sam.

They stopped when they saw an older female elf that had silver hair braided in one long braid down her back. As with most elves it was impossible to tell exactly how old she really was, she wore a silver cloak fastened with the customary green leaf pin of Lorien. Standing next to her were three others who were swathed in large light blue cloaks that hid their faces. One of the shorter strangers stepped forward and prodded Gandalf none too gently in the back.

“Oh, yes of course, my apologies my friend.” He addressed the stranger before turning back to the rest of the Fellowship. “Aragorn could we continue our reunion in your tent, my travelling companions are tired and need rest as it has been a long journey for them.” His eyes twinkling, he led the way into the tent when the others allowed him passage.

Once the tent flap was back in place and they couldn’t be seen by anyone from outside, he again addressed his companions, “All right, you three it’s safe to put up your disguise now.”

He laughed as he saw the looks on the Fellowship’s faces when Edeniell and Elorien threw off their cloaks and flew towards Aragorn with beaming faces. He had just enough time to collect his wits and brace himself before both young women hugged him at once.

“Edeniell, Elorien can you give me some air please” he gasped as he pushed them both away from him gently. “Edeniell, what in Middle Earth has gotten into Legolas to allow you to come so far in that condition? Where is Legolas by the way, is he ill?”

Aragorn looked up just in time to see the last traveller remove their hood to reveal none other than the smiling Legolas himself, the elf was almost unrecognizable from the same friend that left for Lothlorien merely a couple of weeks ago. His face was fuller and was sporting a healthy pink tinge and his eyes were brighter than he had ever seen them.

Before anyone could comment on this change, Legolas had rushed forward with tears in his eyes and hugged Aragorn to him as though he hadn’t seen his friend in years. “I have missed you so much my dear friend,” he gushed as the ranger stood still in shock.

Apart from the emotional outburst, Aragorn noted that there seemed to be a lot more bulk under the voluminous cloak than he remembered. Remembering Edeniell’s letter he hesitantly patted Legolas on the back. “I have missed you too, my friend.” He replied quickly.

“Legolas, my love, I do believe we can trust Aragorn to have a bath before he becomes King. I don’t think he needs to start this early.” Edeniell was saying as she gently pulled her husband towards the large bed on the other side of the tent.

There Edeniell stood, pushing Legolas in front of her so he was now perched on the side of the bed, before she whispered something in Legolas ear that appeared to be a question because Legolas shook his head slowly as though in a daze. “Idh si, Meleth nin. Edeniell had begun to stroke Legolas’ hair; she was not surprised when he leaned into her hand and closed his eyes. Without turning she addressed her concerned brother, “Aragorn would you mind if Legolas had a bit of a sleep on your bed for a little while.”

“No, of course not, but is he all right?” Aragorn replied and moved over to help Legolas to take off his cloak, to his surprise Edeniell shook her head.

However she did allow her brother to help her lay the now sleeping elf down on the pillow. “Losto Mae, Legolas.” she whispered as she gently caressed his tear stained face and covered him with a blanket. She herself had taken up a position sitting next to her sleeping husband.

“Oh, I am terribly sorry; I forgot to introduce Annaluren who is my personal healer while I’m pregnant. Lady Galadriel insisted on it or she wouldn’t let me travel. Annaluren, I am sure you know of Aragorn, over there is our dwarf friend Gimli, along with our hobbit friends Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.” Annaluren just nodded to each before returning to keeping an eye on the prince.

Suddenly remembering her brother had asked a question, she looked at Aragorn with weary eyes. “Of course, Legolas will be ok, he just needs some sleep. You’ll have to forgive his outburst, but the poor thing is exhausted. He hasn’t slept at all, fussing over me, especially now the baby is moving more. He has taken it upon himself to stay awake to sing and talk to it, so that I can get some sleep. I am afraid he just won’t rest, even though my symptoms are taking a terrible toll on him as well.” Edeniell paused to catch her breath and lick her lips.

“Elorien, would you grab a drink for me please, I’d rather not get off the bed right now in case it wakes him. Did you remember to bring the extra honey?” She pouted when Annaluren sighed from a chair she had placed near the bed.

Elorien laughed as she reached into her ever present backpack, “Edeniell I thought Annaluren told you to lay off eating so much honey.”

“Hey I’m the one that’s pregnant and it’s my say so. Come to think of it I’m hungry what’s to eat?” Edeniell poked her tongue out at her sister.

“Edeniell, what about Legolas is there anything else that we need to know?” Aragorn was sure there was more and was not going to be deterred by Edeniell’s obvious stalling tactics.

Now warming to her tale, Edeniell launched into the real cover story that she and Legolas had decided on in Lorien, to try and cover Legolas’ condition. “All right, but you must all promise not to tell Legolas I told you, or I would so be in the bad books with him.” Pausing again to make sure they had all nodded their agreement, she sighed for effect and continued.

“Well I believe this situation with his father has upset him much more than he is willing to admit. You know that he had sent a letter to his father, but what I didn’t mention was that he told his father that if he made him choose, that the King and Mirkwood would lose. He also said that if his father had a change of heart he should send the messenger to Minas Tirith.”

“I don’t think that he believes his father will change his mind. So now because of his father’s decree, he no longer sees himself as royal. In fact he has already informed the Steward that this is not an official visit and that he would not be attending any formal occasions while we are here other than the Coronation. We are simply here as your friend and family to visit with you and the Fellowship in private.”

Elorien decided to add a bit more. “Yeah, the closer we got to Minas Tirith the more anxious and emotional he became. He was already worried about what you would say when you saw him and now he’s worried whether there will be a messenger or not.”

Seeing Aragorn about to speak, Gandalf cut him off, “Trust me Aragorn, we have all tried to reassure him that you will treat him no differently than before and that the messenger will come. But you know how stubborn he is, he won’t even take that cloak off unless safe in his and Edeniell’s rooms.” The old wizard looked sadly at the elf that for the first time in the last few weeks was finally at peace.

In fact all in the tent looked over at the bed and noticed that Legolas was curled up on his side with his arm protectively over the now more noticeable girth that was outlined against the cloak.

Annaluren now moved over to Aragorn while the others were starting to catch up with all the news. She gestured to him to move away from the others, obviously wanting to speak to him in private.

“My Lord, your sister should also rest after her meal and drink. Despite her happy demeanour she too is almost exhausted. She has insisted on being the one to take care of her husband during the journey, unfortunately they have worn each other out. I know that the prince wanted to enter Minas Tirith under cover of darkness, so may I suggest that you send a messenger ahead of us to inform your steward that they will be arriving a couple of hours before daybreak. That way they can both rest before moving on to the White City.” She finished with a bow of the head.

“You will stay here with them in my tent, I will see to the pallets then I will go and stay in the tent with the hobbits and Gimli. I will send the messenger to Lord Faramir immediately. Tell me truly though, is sleep all they both need or is there something else we should be doing for them?” Aragorn still had this nagging feeling that there was more to this than had been told so far.

“In truth then My Lord, I am afraid I cannot tell you anything more as this situation is rare and we are all just learning how to deal with it as we go along. All I can add is that you try and treat both of them as normally as possible.” The healer sighed for indeed that was mostly what the travelling party had tried to do, with varying degrees of success.

“I thank you for your honesty; perhaps we should join the others.” They both resumed their posts with Annaluren returning to the bed and Aragorn returning to his sisters’ side.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Consequences of the Heart:The Legolas Alternative" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 12.

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