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Walk in the Moonlight

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Summary: This is a dark story. done in short parts. Xander has became a Vampire, takes place before Buffy sent Angel to Hell.

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last part

Title: Walk in the Moonlight 6(last)
Author: Robert Jackson
Permission to archive: yes, just let me know where.
Pairing/Characters: Buffy Xander Willow
Rating: heavy R
Summary: It all comes together,
Warnings: Ok first off Character death. Drug use. Sex (nothing graphic). Be warned this is a Very dark piece.

Notes: you can find most of my stories at

There they were again. Buffy and Oz were sitting outside of Willows home. Xander stood across the street and just smiled. Then pulled out his camera and snapped a few pictures of them. He had almost 30 pictures so far. Buffy and Oz walking together, meeting at the coffee shop. Playing around. Hugging each other. It was noting, just two friend helping each other out. Buffy needed someone to talk to about Xander and Angel. While Oz needed to talk about Willow and Xander. Not that he said much. Just someone to sit there while he thought about it was enough. But the big thing about the meeting and get together was Willow didn’t know about them. And Both Buffy and Oz had lied about them to her.

Phase one of Xanders plans was in motion. Now it time to start part two. After one last look he turned and left.

Soon he was at the Summers home. Joyce and Dawn had just sat down to watch some tv, when Xander walked up and knocked on the door.

“Hey, Dawnie,” Xander began as she opened the door, “Your mother home?”

“Yes,” Dawn said, then turned to look over her shoulder, “Mom!”

“Hello, Xander.” Joyce said as she walked around the corner. “ What brings you by this late.”

“Mrs. Summers,” Xander said with a look at Dawn, “Could I talk to you alone.”

“Of course,” Joyce said with a smile, then a nod to Dawn, “Go on up to bed.”

“But Mom, its only 930.” The teen complained.

“Hey Dawn, If your mom is ok with it I’ll take you out for ice-cream tomorrow night.”

“Sure,” Joyce said, looking at her suddenly smiling girl, “Now off to bed.”

With that Dawn almost bounced up the stairs.

After Dawn was gone.

“So what the problem.” Joyce was flattered that Xander would come to her with a problem she liked the boy but he had not been around for a while.

“I don’t know how to start this,” Xander paused, then took a deep breath, “You know how I haven’t been around a lot?”

“Yes, I have missed your jokes.” Joyce said with a smile.

“I think Buffy has a problem.”

“Like what?” Joyce’s voice full of concern for her eldest daughter.

“You remember that Angel guy that was hanging around a while back?”

“Yes,” Joyce could recall the few times she met the man, “A tutor from the college.”

“Yea, Right.” Xander said, “Well, I found out that he wasn’t in any college around here.”

“What do you mean?” Joyce was a little confused at this point.

“I didn’t like him, he was to feelie if you get my meaning.”, Xander pause again looking at the stairs, seeming to make sure Dawn wasn’t there. “I couldn't find him at any college within 100 miles of here. Then I asked around school. It seems Angel likes to hang out with young girls, he was always at the bronze, that he would take young people out the back alley there and do things. The kids he left with wouldn’t come back in with him.”

“He hurts kids.” Joyce was appalled.

“No.. Well yes,” Xander looked at the floor, “I’m telling you this because you’re her mother, But Angel like to have sex with underage kids. And that not all.”

“Were is the son of a bitch.” Joyce asked standing in front of Xander who sunk into himself, Joyce realized that she was screaming the boy and sat back down.

“He’s gone I think. I haven’t seen him in a long time. A month at least.” Xander glanced up at Joyce only to duck his head again. “I think he got Buffy on drugs too, she been going on and on about vampires and demons. I got worried and she told me to go away. That’s why I haven’t been around. I'm scared of her, for aswell. She threaten me with a piece of wood just the other day.”

Joyce sat back and remembering when she and Hank had committed Buffy after she burned the School gym down in LA. Could it all be coming back.

“There’s more,” Xander said looking down, tears in his eyes, Joyce could tell it was tearing him up to tell this stuff about Buffy, she knew he cared so much for her. “That Giles guy. Well something is going with him.”

“What?” The wheels in Joyce’s head was turning and she didn’t like were it was going, she could recall when this Giles guy had shown up at the Hospital when she had attacked by that crazy guy, the one with the stake tongs, and how Buffy was always talking about him only to stop in mid-sentence like she was hiding something.

“Well,” Xander started, “They go into the library in the afternoons. He locks the door and blocks all the windows, she stays in there for hours, they come out all sweaty, and take showers. I don’t know what happing in there But I know there not studying. I mean I wasn’t even allowed in there. But here come Mr. English, The man was in charge of a whole wing in the English museum, what happened there to make him run here to be a highschool librarian?”

Joyce sat and fumed, What indeed, She could thing of a few things right off the top of her head. And didn’t like it one bit.

Joyce looked at Xander tears were rolling down his face. She stood up and moved to stand next to him then she kneeled down and hugged him.

“Its ok.” Joyce said, “I know it’s hard to come to me about Buffy. But thank you.”

“I am sorry Mrs. Summers.” Xander whispers to her.

“That’s ok.” Joyce said comforting the young man. Holding him, she felt something. Here she was holding a very man young man. And it hit her how long had it been since a male had held onto her. And it felt good. Good enough not to want to let go. Then she did something she never would have thought about before she kissed Xander. Then he slowly kissed her back. The feeling got stronger and stronger. Soon she felt a hand, it touches her were only her doctor had been touching her lately. And it felt good, and then she noticed that she was touching him back.

The rest was a blur to her. The touches the feelings. It was sex. But it was so much more to. Oh so much more. He left her filling drained, but wanting more. More than any other man had done to her. She knew this was wrong, but would do it again. Xander was almost 18, he would be legal in a few short months. It wouldn’t be marriage but it would be fun.

Later that night Xander had put Joyce to bed. It was a nice trick his breed of vamp could do. Made feeding so much easier. And he didn’t need to kill them, the sexual energy was plenty. The blood just was just a snack. After he was sure both Dawn and Joyce were asleep her walked into Buffys room. There in the corner was what he needed. A laundry hamper, opening it up he pulled a used pair of Buffy’s panties. Her scent was all over them. Then he opened her chest and pulled out her sliver dagger. Making sure only the panties touched the weapon. Then he pulled a baggie out of his pocket, inside were some pill’s and green stuff. LSD tab’s and some Weed. With a smile he closed it back up he walked out her room. Leaving a note for Joyce as he left.

In the note was an apology for what happened. He didn’t know what had happened and didn’t blame her. That she was so nice being his first and all that. But he didn’t think that Dawn are Buffy would react well if they found him in her bed in the morning. And that he would like see her again. He also told her that he had told Dawn were Buffy’s real journal was kept, and that she should check out Buffy’s foot locker, if she want proof of what he had been saying.

And with that he left the Summers home.

After that he waited, and waited. The weekend came. He followed Oz and Willow on a date. And back to her home. Her parents were once again out of town and Willow and Oz were making the most of it. Soon they were rolling around on the ground and Oz pulled out at condom. And then. He and Willow put it to good use. The demon in Xander raged, a little at that but he knew soon. He would have his Willow back. Once they were through. Oz dropped the used condom in a trash can. Next to the open bay doors in Willows room. Xander watched in the shadows til the two red heads left the room to shower together, their post sex act. Once out of the room Xander pulled a line with a hook on it. And tossed it into the trash can and slowly pulled it out of the room.

Now a vampire cannot enter a home without a invitation. But he still can throw things in and pull things out. Right know it was a trash can. And with a used condom. He pull out Buffys panties and spread the content’s from the condom in them.

It all was falling together.

Soon Oz left to head home. Only he didn’t make it. As soon as the door was closed and Willow was out of sight. Xander stuck.

As Oz walked under a tree, there was a flash of movement. And before he could react. A Buffys sliver dagger was stuck deep in his chest.

As the world closed in on him he could see Xander drop out of the shadows in the tree. As he fell to the ground, it seemed he was moving slow motion, but at the same time at normal speed. Oz could feel the burning in his chest from the silver, and blood was in his mouth.

“Well, puppy.” Xander said a beautiful smile on his lips, “You just had to be in the way. But Don’t worry. With your death, I will get what I want. If that means anything to you?”

Oz just gasped and tried to get up. But only to fall back to the ground.

After Oz had died, Xander threw his body in the van and head out to a meat locker he knew he could use.


The next day. Oz was missed but no one knew where to look for him. It was just another one of the those things that happened in this fair town. And that Night Willow had a visitor.

“Will,” Xander said from the window, “I have to show you something.”

“What?”, The red head said not stepping out of the door way.

“I don’t know how to tell you this,” Xander began, “But I know that Buffy and Oz have been watching your bed room for me, and I know you told them.”

“It slipped out.” Willow bit her bottom lip and looked down. Was Xander not coming to see her anymore.

“I also know about the Soul curse you guys tried.”

“I just want you back.” Willow said tears forming and slowly sliding down her cheeks.

“Well,” Xander said looking at the red head, “I never lost mine, its still here, I am just changed. Nothing more nothing less.”

“Xander I sorry,” Tear were now in full effect, “I..”

“Don’t worry about that Will,” Xander cut her off, “It’s not important. I found something out. And I took some pictures just so you’d believe me.”

Xander handed out a digital camera to Willow. Who reached for it without thinking. Only to be shocked when Xander grabs her hand. Then with a look at her, he smiles and lets it go with a small caress.

“Buffy and Oz have been seeing each other behind your back,” Xander said, “I think something is going on. And I was talking to some dealers over by the docks, Buffy has been buying drugs from them.”

“No,” Willow said, “I’d have known if something like this was going on.”

“Willow,” Xander said looking at his oldest friend, “You guys kept me in the dark all the time. How hard would it be for Buffy to do it to you? She would have Oz to cover for her and she would be covering for Oz. They have been seeing each other for a week or so that I know of.”

“No,” Willow said, not wanting to believe that her boyfriend and best female friend could do that to her.

“It just might be hormones,” Xander put forth, “or Slayer stuff. But they are cutting you out. Just look at the pictures. See for yourself.”

With that Xander left. Willow was looking through the pictures. And that’s all Xander needed for her to do, dough was a great weapon. And Seeds were there. Willow own mind would grow them.

The next night Xander parked Oz’s Van by the bronze. Leaving Oz’s body in the back. He dropped the dagger to the floor of the van and pushed Buffys cum stained panties under the back carpet in the back. Not far just far enough that they wouldn’t be laying out.

As he walked away, he picked up his cell phone and made a call, “He had been walking by the alley were the Van was parked, and heard a scream looking down he saw a blonde woman putting on her close out side of the van. She had blood on her and was holding a big knife. When she saw him, she ran.” After the call he threw the phone away. But before he left he put a group picture of the scoobies on the dash of the van, it wouldn’t due if they could find the scoobies.

Xander walked away. And like he always said, If your going to do something, Do it right. And with that he started to whistle and walk off into the night.


The next day Sunnydale High was rocked. First Giles had been sent home. He was under investigation for having sex with one of the students. And everyone knew who that was, Buffy, she had been seen in his company talking a little to intimate for just to be friends. Something was going on.

Then Oz’s body had been found. Questioning his friends. Only Buffy didn’t have an alibi, she could say she was out hunting vampires now could she. And with her panties found in Oz’s van with Oz’s semen on them. Willow turned her back on her friend. The only person in the whole school that believe Buffy was Cordy, but there was no way that she would say anything. She was not going to loosed her place in the school for the likes of Buffy Summers. Then the baggiest bomb of them all.

Buffy was crazy.

At least that was the rumor, that she was hunting monsters, and doing drugs. Her own mom. Found the drugs hidden in false bottom of a chest in her daughters room.

The knife found in Oz’s van. Had finger prints on it, Buffys. Soon it all came out. How Buffy had started to used drugs, and Sex. She was sleeping with all the guys she hung out with. And then how she had gotten Oz, but Oz was going to tell Willow and stop what was going on. Only Buffy would not except that. And reading her Journal, she thought he was a were wolf. So she killed him.

The trial was fast. The Mayor pushing it through as fast as he could. He wanted justice in his town. And someone as sick and Mrs. Summers, was in need of it as fast as she could.

After the trial she was sentenced to The Sunnydale Rest home. Were she would get all the help she needed. It had taken mega doses of drugs to control her, but they did. She would sit and stair out at the sun all day only to scream and cry at night. Soon they started to move her to a windowless room at night. Just so she could rest.


For Xander it was a prefect arraignment. Buffy was locked up, So no new Slayer would be called. Giles had been sent back to England. So he wouldn’t have to go to court on the charges as being as a child molester. The Watcher council could never get someone into Buffy. They always got stopped. It seems the local demons and monsters got the message as long as the Slayer stays locked up, there would not have to deal with a new one.

A Few days later, the Mayor had been killed it seems that there was a gas explosion in his home. Killing him and he’s right-hand man. Mr Finch.

The Next big thing to happen was.

“Xander?” Willow called out to him. Xander was sitting on the porch of Willows home.

“Yes Will.” Xander said not turning around just looking up at the moon high in the sky.

“I want to walk in the moon light with you.”

“Ok, Will.” He turned to her.....


A few weeks later still. Sunnydale Rest Home.

They had forgotten to move Buffy to her Windowless room again tonight. She was just sitting looking out at the stars. She just knew that they would be back. Then there it was. Tap..tap.. Tap..

Looking up she could see two faces at the window. But they were hanging upsides down. She knew she was on the 5th floor and there was nothing to hang on out there.

“Buffy?” Xander called to her.

“Want to walk in the moonlight with us?” Called Willow.

Soon Buffy started to Cry, Because she knew soon. That she would take that walk just to get away from here.


The End

You have reached the end of "Walk in the Moonlight". This story is complete.

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