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Walk in the Moonlight

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Summary: This is a dark story. done in short parts. Xander has became a Vampire, takes place before Buffy sent Angel to Hell.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Xander-CenteredThewanderFR1566,47321313,6404 Mar 066 Mar 06Yes

Chapter One

Title: Walk in the Moonlight
Author: Robert Jackson
Permission to archive: yes, just let me know where.
Pairing/Characters: Xander/ Willow
Notes: you can find most of my stories at
Don’t own any of this just for fun.

Tap, tap

It was past midnight. Willow sat in her bed. Every night he would come by at talk to her. She wanted to stop and the same time she didn’t.

Opening the doors to the deck. There stood Xander. He smiled.

“Hey,” Xander said, “How was your day?”

“It was okay, Xand.” Willow just stood and watched her oldest friend.

“Want to go for a walk in the moon light?”, Xander waved his arm back into the night a full moon was high in the night sky.

“Xander,” Willow begged, “Stop coming here.”

“Why?” Xander looked at her with a smile, “You’re my Willow.”

“Not any more.” Tears were in Willows eyes.

“Come on,” Xander whispered to her, “You want me to come.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Then why havened you told Oz?” a smile played across Xanders face. “Or anyone else?”

“I don’t want you here.” Willow said firmly.

“Ok,” Xander said, “ I’ll leave. But I will be back tomorrow. And one of these days, You’ll walk in the moonlight with me.”

Willow sat on her bed and cried. It had been a few weeks since Xan had been turned. And every Night he came to her. And she had not told anyone. Because she knew what would happen. Buffy would stake him. And then her oldest friend would be gone, just like Jessie. But the real reason she cried was that she knew one day she would take that walk, to leave everyone and take that walk in the Moon light.
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