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One Weird Night

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Summary: Strange encounters of the Slayage-kind

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredGreySerenitatisFR1511,558053,8796 Mar 066 Mar 06Yes
Author: GreySerenitatis
Email: no one emails me anyways… so, I give up
One Weird Night
March 2006

Timeline: Eh, sometime during season four for BTVS. After the first X-Men movie…

Disclaimer: Buffy and X-men are not mine, the words are.

“Yrrrgggghhh!!!! God DAMN it!”

It was definitely not her night. Buffy Summers growled as she was once again knocked on her back while trying to take down a particularly stubborn demon. It wasn’t that he was very hard to kill; it even wasn’t that she wasn’t on her game! The only plausible reason she could come up with was that he was unusually smart and that was what annoyed her.

Smart demons never meant anything good.

Buffy tried firing her last arrow from her crossbow, but like all the others before it, it failed to meet its target. She threw down her useless crossbow with disgust and tried a more familiar approach to demon slayage; the ol’ tackle ‘em and bring them down technique.

Using the leverage from a headstone (thanks Michael Brown, died February 12, loving father of three!) she launched herself at the demon and brought him and herself roughly to the ground, emitting an ‘oomph!’ to pass her lips.

The petite Slayer almost let out a cry of triumph when the demon underneath her growled and flung her tiny body off and into a mausoleum. Buffy’s body hit the stone building with a sickening crack and her prone form slid to the ground. While she was trying to shake off the effects of the impact, the demon that she had been chasing approached her and that was when Buffy got her first good look at her demon enemy.

She was amazed at how human he looked. He had blonde hair that was loose and wild and hair all over his face, his black, white-less eyes stood out more prominently with his pale skin. His fingers were like claws and his body seemed to scream, “Animal!!” with all of the muscles moving under his clothes. And Buffy could see the beginnings of fangs peeking just over his bottom lip. All in all, a very human-looking demon, but a demon all the same to Buffy Summers, Slayer of evil and all things that goes bump in the night.

She braced her legs and moved her arms back to get ready to pounce on the demon when he came close enough. He brought his clawed hand up, ready to strike.

And to Buffy’s utter amazement, the world around her turned red and the demon turned away from her in surprise and faced a figure cloaked in black. He snarled and Buffy now understood where the red light was coming from. The figure in black must be another demon with laser eyes! Taking the chance she could while her enemy was distracted (she’d deal with laser-demon later), she delivered a rather harsh blow to the back of the demon’s head and was quite proud of herself when he stumbled and fell to his knees.

But her victory was short-lived, he turned on her and with a ferocious growl, swung his clawed hand at her and she felt his sharp claws tear through her skin. Buffy instinctively placed her hand over her stomach and stepped back.

Vaguely, through her shock, she thought she heard a deep and throaty voice say, “That wasn’t nice, bub!”

Buffy heard slicing, similar to that of the sound of knives grating against each other and she saw her demon run off through the trees. She winced slightly as she looked down and examined the damage done.

“Oh this is just wonderful!” She growled, frustrated beyond explanation. “I just bought this shirt!” And to make matters worse, the demon she had been in pursuit of all night just escaped thanks to laser-eyes and someone else.

“Are you alright, miss?”

Buffy heard the concern in the voice and wondered what demon would care if the Slayer was alright. She whirled around in annoyance and glared at the stranger.

“Am I alright? Am I alright?!” She ground out in frustration. “First I get harassed by a guy at work, then the demon I’m chasing for an hour straight escapes on me, and my brand new shirt has holes and blood stains, and you ask if I’m alright?!”

The stranger backed up a few inches. And rightfully so, he had a pissed off Slayer on his hands.

“Did you just call Sabertooth a demon?” That deep and throaty voice asked her, and she saw that it belonged to a tall and well-built man wearing black just like the laser-eyes stranger. Buffy would’ve thought the man was cute, but was too wrapped up in her rant to notice.

“And who the hell are you!?”

If there was anyone who could read auras around at that moment, they would be quite frightened of the pulsing red angry battle aura surrounding the seemingly harmless blonde woman. Too bad the two strangers couldn’t see it.

“My name is Scott,” Laser-eyes said, bringing Buffy’s attention back to him. He the gestured to his companion with a tilt of his head, “And that’s Logan.”

Buffy just stared at the two warily. It had been a long night, and she really didn’t feel like dealing with all of the creepy things that seemed to find their way to Sunnydale. Buffy could feel a headache forming right above her left eye. She twitched. Finally, Scott spoke again.

“We can help you to a hospital if you want, the wound looks pretty bad.” He gestured to her stomach and the blood that had soaked her white shirt.

In all actuality, it really wasn’t. Her superb Slayer abilities had set to work the moment she was hurt and already had begun repairing her damaged skin. What really looked bad was the amount of blood that had managed to get on her shirt before the cuts had closed themselves. Buffy wasn’t sure how to handle this. Should she fake injury, and act like a normal human so they wouldn’t get the wrong idea about her, or should she brush them off and go about her business. But, there was that laser-eye ability to take into consideration… and not to mention Buffy suspected Logan to have a few knives on his person. She hadn’t seen him fight off the demon, but she did hear the slicing of knives with her sensitive hearing.

Throwing caution to the wind and hoping she wouldn’t regret it in the morning, she replied. “I’m fine; don’t worry about this little scratch. What I’m more concerned about is why you two decided to butt in on my fight!”

“Technically, we didn’t butt in,” Logan lit a cigar and took a long satisfying drag. “We’ve been tailing his sorry ass for weeks from New York, Canada, Montana and everywhere else all over this state. You just happened to meet him in the wrong place at the wrong time, Darlin’.”

Buffy glanced at Scott while listening to Logan’s explanation. The younger of the two seemed to be digging in his backpack for something. She turned back to Logan and narrowed her eyes; he seemed to be almost a foot taller than her. Oh well, she kicked the asses of bigger and beefier baddies before. “Why are the two of you chasing a demon? And especially a demon that far.”

“Sabertooth isn’t a demon,” Logan shook his head. “He’s a mutant who’s wanted for the murder of normal human beings. And he was involved with another mutant a few months ago who tried to turn all of the world’s leaders into mutants by exposing them to harmful radiation.”

Buffy let a delicate eyebrow shoot up in disbelief. “Mutants?”

Scott looked up from his backpack, “You mean you haven’t heard of mutants?” If his eyes were visible, Buffy was sure they would’ve widened in skepticism.

Buffy tried to act nonchalant about the subject. “Look, Sunnydale has enough problems of its own to deal with than the problems of other places.” She swayed slightly on her feet, but preferred to think of it as just the effects of a long day and a long fight, not the extensive blood loss she might have suffered from the single blow.

“And I suppose you two are mutants then?”

“That’s right.” Logan let out another puff of smoke. “Advanced healing, reflexes and honed senses for me.”

“And solar fueled laser beams shoot out of my eyes.” Scott said while gesturing to his visor. He began walking towards her with a first aid kit in his hands. He then attempted to try and patch up the petite blonde but she declined the offer politely.

“You come near me with that rubbing alcohol and I’ll knock your ass into next Tuesday!”

Logan made a noise that sounded somewhere between a snort and a chuckle.

“Look, I’ve had a hell of a day and I should get home to my sister. I’m just gonna take some much needed meds and go to bed. And hopefully by morning I’ll have forgotten allll about you two. Take care of that Mutant-demon for me, would ya?”

And Buffy Summers turned her back on the two strangers and headed home. May they admit her to a mental facility if she ever spoke a word of this to Giles or Willow.

That had to be the weirdest night by far. To think, mutants! She stifled a little chuckle.

End. Blah.

The End

You have reached the end of "One Weird Night". This story is complete.

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