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Summary: [BTVS][Petshop of Horrors] A distant relative of Xander has died and has left many things to Xander, including a purchase in a little shop in Chinatown. ABANDONED

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Anime > Pet Shop of HorrorsspacemanFR181226,08511623,8387 Mar 0614 Jun 06No

Chapter 11: Wild Fox

Chapter 11: WILD FOX
Monday, March 27, 2006
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

In the depths of a dark chamber, Ryuji and Saruoumaru stand at the edge of a spell array. Tsukiko sits in the center of a massive drawing on the stone form. The array resembles multiple circles with many numerous kanji-like symbols. In the center are symbols that resemble alchemic circles. Tsukiko is bound to the center by thick metal chains going to the wrists, ankles, and neck. The chains, bands, and collars are also edged with symbols. The wall of the chamber are also covered in small wards with five huge stones alligned in a five-pointed star formation.

Suddenly, the air behind Ryuji and Saruomaru warps and Dokujamaru melds from the altered space. In his hands is little ball is flawless and pure black and seems to glow a dark light. It seems to consumes all light from the air forming an aura of shadows and darkness.

"Is that the Hoshi-tama?" says Saruoumaru.

"Alexander possesses the true Hoshi-tama." says Saruomaru, "It cost me forty percent of my power to effect the Mirror Gate, but this little gem is worth it."

"Only the true Hoshi-no-tama can truly control the Kitsune." says Saruomaru.

"We don't need to absolute control." says Ryuji, "The seal is holy power created by the myobu (celestial fox), if she falls and becomes a nogitsune, a wild fox, the seal will weaken."

"It will only require a loss of a couple tails to weaken Yagami's prison enough to break it."

Dokujamaru holds up the dark star ball and Tsukiko's eyes fill with fear. Dokujamaru begins to chant and as he let's go of the ball it floats in the air, not moving an millimeter. Dokujamaru forms seals with his hands and continues to chant. There must be over a hundred seals (108, actually) but Dokujamaru goes threw them all in less than half a minute. The dark hoshi-tama explodes into a demonic aura of dark purple and black energy. The dark flames flow from the ball and hit Tsukiko in the chest creating a seal.

Tsukiko's eyes widen shifting from amber to gold to crimson-gold. The Moon Child's skin darkens and incandescent blue symbols appear. Tsukiko's ears, fangs and claws reappear as her clothing begins to shreed. The youkai girl's nine tails appear flaoring like tongues of fire and Tsukiko's white shifts from gold to white to white edged with crimson. She growls and shakes like a feral animal in pain.

Suddenly, there is a burst of brilliant crimson light and Tsukiko's entire form turns into a roenado of energy. Saruoumaru, Ryuji, and Dokujamaru watch the swirling energy as it shifts from red to dark purple.


The Slayer team has reached the Zodiac building, appearing from a weird breaking mirror effect, but Xander drops to his knees. He holds his chest, over the glowing true hoshi-tama and whispers, "Tsukiko-hime".

There is a massive explosion of purple-pink energy. The energy waves are powerful enough to reduce the entire stone and brick building to rubble and send fiery chunks to neighbors. The sky darkens as unnatural storm clouds form over the city. The air of the city is filled with a feeling of dread.

The flows of energy slowly take shape. Massive claws, sharp fangs, maddened eyes, long ears, and nine-tails. It's immense with eyes larger than an adult human and tails more than 120 meters long.
In all it's terrifying glory stands the giant Kyubi no Yoko. A 9-tailed demon fox.

A/N: Godzilla at his tallest was only 100 meters tall.

Normally, Tsukiko is a sweet girl, but not when possessed by the dark energies of a fake Hoshi-no-tama. This is proven as Kyubi causes massive earthquakes and storms. The possessed demoness' immense tails move at supernatural speed, there supersonic tips shattering buildings like giant red wrecking balls. Hundreds of people die in seconds as there homes are torn to pieces in an instant.

A swirling storm of white flames erupts from her mouth and the superheated rubble explodes. The destruction is beyond the surface as beneath the streets, underground pipes explode and cables melt. The water in the sewers becomes superheated steam and the bricks and concrete shatter into burning dust clouds.

The underground destruction becomes clear to the Slayer group as the manholes become pillars of fire and water. The groups runs like hell as the streets implode. They leap clear and land in a stable alley as a fiery sinkhole forms.

Xander is getting Sunnydale flashbacks, but he knows this is worse. Sunnydale was mostly empty when it imploded into what the media call "Sunnydale Lake". If the city is destroyed, millions will die. What's more important to him is Tsukiko.

"Laqueta, Sakura, your with me. I need to get close to Tsukiko to save her."

'but Xander!!" says Dawn

"No argument. I'll try to break the spell, while the rest of you girls handle the Zodiac."


Faith, Léa, Elly, Cassie , and Dawn walk into the rubble of the Zodiac building, which on closer inspection appears to be an old library.

The slayer girls follow the destruction, deep into the lowers leaves past the scattered rubble and burning wood. As they reach the depths, Ryuji appears in his smirking human form.

In an explosion, Ryuiji transforms back into his dragon form.

Faith swings her scythe at dragon as he charges forward, but the demon grabs the handle and throws Faith several meters threw a crumbling brick wall. The dragon man tosses the scythe away and ignores the cut it gives him.

The razor-edge blade of Léa's navy sabre hits the dragon man's throat, but fails to cut threw the armor-like scales. He grabs Léa's right wrist with his left hand and twists. The French Slayer loses her sword, then her arm breaks. Ryuji rams his right palm into her elbow and snaps it. Letting go with his left and backhanding the right, the French Slayer goes flying and leaves an impression in a wall. A normal human would be dead, her head torn from the body.

Elly and Cassie attack from the sides, but demon Ryuji grabs them by there throats and throws them away. They land several meters away as the dragon raises arms in a "T" shape, palms flat and pointed outward. His hands glow crimson then release two massive fireballs. The resulting explosion sends Elly and Cassandra tumbling threw the air. Cassandra lands behind a broken pillar, while Elly lands on a book shelve and is buried in broken wood and moldy books.


Dawn holds a smoking handgun and the Dragon man holds a clenched hand infont of him. He opens his hand and lets deformed fragments of metal fall to the cold floor. Dawn rarely uses the weapon, because it's easier to stake vamps and most demons are bullet proof and/or regenerate bullet wounds in second. Dawn's options are limited with Kennedy and Willow in her pockets, and her gun's German BKT rounds. The copper round is now scraps of copper on the concrete.

Suddenly, there is a red blur and Dawn's hand screams in pain. She holds her hand and sees fragments of imbedded metal. The shattered remains of her firearm around a trench in the ground. The rod blurs out of cut in the ground and returns to demon Saruoumaru's hand.

"That Chinese girl didn't last very long." says Saruoumaru, "Hopefully, you four will last a little longer."

The monkey demon leaps into the air swinging his compliant rod in a blur of arcs.

Faith, standing at the hole she made in the wall is buried by falling bricks as the staff slashes the wall in half.

Léa rolls away despite the intense pain, as the staff tears a deep trench in the concrete floor. The staff is do dense and powerful it cuts threw the concrete like a knife threw soft clay.

Cassie is sent flying when a golden flamed staff hits the broken pillar causing it to explode. It's as if the cylinder-shaped stone was hit by an artillery shell. Cassie sands on the other side of the chamber, bloody, bruised, and covered in many small cuts from tiny rock fragments.

Saruoumaru pauses at Elly buried under a pile of wood and books. He retracts his staff into the form of a toothpick and places it behind his ear. He forms a couple of seals with his hands and shoots golden-white flames from his mouth igniting the wood and paper into a bonfire.

Suddenly, Ryuji cries out and holds his eyes. Kennedy and Willow, still with Dawn, managed to hit the Dragon Man in the eyes with magically-charged paper clips!! The enraged demon points his hand at where he thinks Dawn is and releases a monstrous red fireball.

Dawn isn't where she was thanks to years of Slayer training, instead the blast continues on and hits a shocked Saruoumaru. A massive explosion fills the chamber with smoke and flame. After several minutes it clears to reveal a one-armed Saruoumaru and Ryuji with half the broken compliant rod threw his shoulder.



Tsukiko's mind is lost in a river of all consuming rage. Her Kyubi form now a demon is rampaging, trying to fill it's unending need for destruction and it's bloodlust. Tsukiko's dark power is growing by the second. The giant tails of the monstrous fox prove to be more than nine pillars of youkai fur.

The first tail points straight up before ramming into the ground releasing a golden shock wave. The ground ripples and distorts before shattering into rubble. The entire city shakes like an earthquake, a 9 on the Richter Scale.

The second tail glows a misty white before whips in a spiral. The sky above also swirls and forms a short-lived twister that rips several buildings apart before exploding into a deadly air burst.

Kyubi releases another monstrous burst of flames from her mouth creating another explosion in the fire pit formed the first blast. The hole expands and several more burning buildings collapse into it's burning depths.

Xander is on the roof of one surviving (barely) building. The one-eyed hero doesn't possess the strength to resist the hot miasma winds of his controlled girlfriend. The winds are strong enough that the roof he stands on is burning and slowly dissolving beneath him. His own life line is Laqueta using a combination of slayer strength and her staff.

"Get ready, Laqueta." says Xander changing his grip on the African slayer.

Laqueta gives him a look that says " I hope your crazy plan works, Xander or were all ash!

The Kyubi roars and whips her tails, sending three burning cars into the building Laqueta and Xander are on. The tons of twisted metal tear threw the outside and explode within the building causing it to shake and lean. Xander looks over his shoulder as the middle of the roof violently collapses, as the many floors beneath are annihilated.

Suddenly, a torrent of water hits the Kyubi's snout causing it mild pain. She turns and releases another blast of fiery destruction. The water is vaporized and so is the broken fire hydrants. Sakura runs as fast as a Slayer can as the remaining road goes from solid to boiling liquid in a flash. She twists into an alley and only loses the back of her top and only gains second degree burns.

Xander and Laqueta leap from the collapsing building onto the rampaging Kyubi. An invisible barrier sends Laqueta flying away from the demon fox's furry form. The black slayer's smoking form lands on the broken concrete with a cracking of bone. Her skin releases smoke-like streams of red youki (demon energy) from contact with the barrier.

Xander's form is held by the barrier. He feels as if he landed on power lines and the pain burns him to the core. In the depths of his mind, the Soldier feels napalm burning him to his bones, while the Hyena feels like she was caught in an African bush fire. Even the tiny marine elements from the Swim Team incident feels like there boiling.

Xander feels a single place of tranquility and sees a white glow on his chest. He tries to focus beyond the pain, on a single image. The former Sunnydale Scooby falls threw the barrier and lands the course demonic fur.

Xander shakes from the pain and the injuries caused by it. His one good eye is bloody from the stress and his nails are coated with the blood of his palms. He slowly moves despite the damage to his muscles and the burns on his skin.

Xander reaches into his shirt and pulls out the light. The Tsukiko's true Hoshi-no-Tama grows to it's true size. The ball then proves why it's called a star ball, by glowing as brighter as the stars in the heavens.

The Kyubi freezes, then begins to thrash. The aura of dark energy, which was pouring from Kyubi's massive form swirls into a vortex, like a shadow version of a tornado. The Kyubi continues to thrash in the eye of storm trying to remove the tiny man and the star which is growing brighter and brighter.

"Tsukiko!" says Xander, then yells "TSUKIKO!"

There is a blinding flash, a shinning light so intense it consumes the supernatural darkness and the Youkai's form. The clouds above disperse and the winds slow. The intensity of the flames decreases and shaking of the streets stops except for a few leftover explosions.

In the center of a charred crater, the stone now ice cold, Xander sits with Tsukiko in his arms. She has returned to as she was when he first meet her in Count D's Petshop except she no longer has nine tails, but five.


Dokujamaru lets out a cry of shock and pain as the dark Hoshi-no-Tama in front of him explodes like a bomb. The dark crystal shards, each hotter than molten lead, completely destroys his hands and tears a thousand holes in his body. One of his eyes his destroyed with a shard imbedded, while green-tinted blood pours from a thousand tiny cuts and lacerations.

The snake sorcerer collapses in agony, as he tries to transform into his demon form.

The Dragon Man of the Zodiac, Ryuji roaring and consumed by dragon rage, releases fireball after fireball in a machine gun fashion. Faith, Elly, Cassie, and Léa are sent tumbling threw the air and crash into more rubble. There bodies are covered in first and second degree burns and have multiple broken burns. When Ryuji fires at Dawn, her Sunnydale Survivor Luck saves her. Saruoumaru is caught in the path of the attack and is blasted over and over. Dawn is still injured and collapses, but she was injured by the flying fragments of the monkey king's stone hard body.

"Uranus Gaea Glacies Tergum Rumpus!!" Uranus Gaea Ice Skin Break!!

Willow and Kennedy have regained there true size after Dokujamaru lost his hands. Willow's hands release a swirling blast of blue light and liquid ice. The frozen blast hits the demon dragon's chest with the force of a wrecking ball. The dragon is pushed back by the raging energy, his clawed feet digging trenches in the concrete. The blast true purpose becomes clear as pain spreads from Ryuji's chest. The scales on his chest have frozen solid and are coated in a layer of super cold ice.The mystical winds are so fast and so cold, horizontal icicles are forming behind the demon. The ice continues to spread covering arms and torso, covering the head and legs in thick super cold ice.

Within the depths of the ice the dragon gathers it's remaining power and releases it. In a single burst of immense strength, the ice explodes off tearing out scales and broken horns. Ryuji is shocked to see Kennedy holding the Slayer Scythe less than a meter from him and protected by Willow's barrier. In a split second, the Scythe cuts threw the weakened dragon hide and nearly cuts the demon in half.

Dokujamaru stares at the remains of the Zodiac. He knows that injured and the Witch free, Saruoumaru has little chance of winning.

"If you can't win, make sure your opponent can't either."

Suddenly, Dokujamaru's neck lengthens and his head shoots forward like rattlesnake bite. Moving faster than an accelerating sports car, Willow and Kennedy can't stop it. Dokujamaru's fangs pierce Ryuji's neck. The snake's neck retracts before Kennedy's blade can cut threw it and then it shoots out again. This time, Dokujamaru's fangs pierce Saruoumaru's neck.

"wh..wha..what are... you doing!?!?" says Saruoumaru, pain spreading threw his body.

Dokujamaru's neck returns to normal and his long serpentine tongue shoots out and creates a symbol with a combination of Snake, Monkey, and Dragon blood. The symbol glows bright red and the Witch and Slayer watch in shock as Ryuji and Saruoumaru collapse into ash.

"What's going on!?" yells Kennedy.

"You lose" says Dokujamaru as he collapses into ash. The broken chamber glows an angry crimson and bolts of black lightning crackle across surfaces.


It happens in a split second. A dark shock wave explodes from Zodiac HQ and explodes across the city. A pulse of evil energy that warps and decays the city's spirit. A pulse which announces the birth of an evil far greater than a crazed demon fox.

The Pulse of Evil affects both demons and humans. Humans with dark hearts become demons in human flesh, killing and torturing with the sadistic nature of the European and Asian during World War II. Across the city vampires shift in\to there game faces then further into monsters only matched by Turok-Han. Demons that were peaceful go insane with bloodlust and those truly evil demons grow in size and power. A new master calls them.

Note: Example of humans worse than devils
Auschwitz concentration camp
Unit 731- "Asian Auschwitz"
Found on Wikipedia
Next Chapter.. The seal is broken. Another apocalypse?
Chapter 12: YAGAMI

The End?

You have reached the end of "XANDER'S TAIL" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jun 06.

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