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Summary: [BTVS][Petshop of Horrors] A distant relative of Xander has died and has left many things to Xander, including a purchase in a little shop in Chinatown. ABANDONED

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Anime > Pet Shop of HorrorsspacemanFR181226,08511623,8477 Mar 0614 Jun 06No

Chapter One Welcome to Chinatown

Author: Spaceman
Web: [fanfiction. net/spaceman]
Rating: PG-13
Started: Tuesday, March 07, 2006


* Buffy the Vampire Slayer [and ATS] is the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the WB Television Network.

* Petshop of Horrors is the property of Matsuri Akino.
Publisher: Ohzora Comic Creation.
Licensed by: TOKYOPOP


*Info from Youkai Village http:// www [dot]youkaimura [dot]org/
*Info from Wikipedia http:// en[dot]wikipedia[dot]org / wiki / Main_Page


* This is a work of fanfiction for non-profit entertainment purposes only.

* This work doesn't reflect the views/opinions of the copyright holders.

* No infringement, profit, or offense intended.


A distant relative of Xander has died and has left many things to Xander, including a purchase a little shop in Chinatown.


BTVS Post Season 7 PSH Post vol 1


Please Ask

[www. animenewsnetwork. com]

Chapter 01: Welcome to Chinatown

Alexander Lavelle Harris, Xander to his friends and even his enemies, has a BAD feeling.

In the past, he has had reasons. A lot of bad memories.

Jesse vamped. She-Mantis The Master's Cave. Hyena. Soldier Boy. Angelus. Faith.

Xander quickly stops the flow and looks at the address again.

Count D's Petshop, Chinatown.

Across the street is the building, It's a small building with many exotic looking pets. Lizards, birds, snakes, and even a monkey-like creature. He slowly walks into the shop and calls out.

"Is this Count D's?"

A tall, effeminate man in black Chinese clothing walks up to the one-eyed carpenter/demon slayer. The man has strange eyes and straight silk black hair reaching his chin. He also appears to have a flying demon rabbit on his shoulder. Anya would take off screaming right now.

"Welcome." he says with a bow.

"Are you the Count?"

"No" he says, "My Grandfather is the current Count and is currently traveling around the world. I'm just the Store Manager."

"I guess your the person I have to talk to." says Xander rubbing the back of his head, "A few months ago a Mr. Liam Harrison made a purchase."

"Yes." says the Manager with a happy fruitcake smile, "A very rare and expensive purchase. I'm worried that he's 2 weeks late. I assume you know why?"

"He's dead."

"Oh my!" says the shocked Count, then frowns, "He was such a nice man and those Japanese sweets" he then eats a sugary chocolate tart and smiles, "He did pay in advance. 9 Ryo and three dozen Satou-ou cookies"


" Gold coins." says the Count quickly as he adds his seventh cube of sugar to his tea. Xander watches the sugar addict add an eighth cube.

"That's a lot for a pet." Xander finally says, "I was left everything as his closest living relative, well the only one who isn't in Jail, a greedy suit, or an abusive drunk."

"Oh my, how awful"

"According his lawyer, he use to be a major corporate devil, until a trip to Japan." says Xander accepting a twinkie-like pastry from the Count. "He started a lot of charity work and dismantled his empire."

"How did he die might I ask?" says the Count eating his fourth sweet

"He contracted a rare disease. He left me with a few thousand dollars, a few antiques, and apparently a pet?"

Count D gets up and motions Xander to follow. They enter a corridor which makes the building a lot larger than what the outside indicates. The walls of the corridor house many strange creatures hidden in the shadows. The warm air smells strong of incense and Eastern herbs.

"Mr. Harrison said he encountered many unique animals in Japan." says the Count, his voice shifting, "They touched his spirit and this purchase was to be with him for the rest of his life. Will you be able to handle this."

"I have handled a lot of things." says Xander, and been handled, "What type of pet is it."

"A fox. A very rare breed."

Count D opens two large gold-edged red doors. Inside a figure sits on a bed of pillows.

She appears to be a very short, under 5 feet compared to Xander 6 feet of height. A very beautiful. woman of Asian descent with pale skin and long pure white hair reaching her knees. She's dressed in a white silk cheongsam- traditional Chinese dress- and is holding a small white ball. What's most important to Xander is two pointed ears on the top of her head and *9* fluffy white tails behind her. She turns to him with her golden eyes and smiles showing two tiny fangs.

Xander stares at the "fox". He then looks up at the ceiling. Why me?

Author's Note
*Japanese Currency- Feudal
1 "ryo" = 4000 "mon" coins = 4 "kan" coins = 6.5 oz (of gold, ideally)
1 ryo bought roughly 1 koku (approx. 180 liters or 5 bushels) of rice,
which is about a year supply of rice.
*Satou-ou: Sugar King
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