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New Life Begins

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Summary: Buffy leaves Sunnydale and ends up in San Francisco.

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Charmed > Buffy-CenteredsoulfenixFR1529033103,7907 Mar 068 Mar 06No


Disclaimer:This story is a BTVS/ATS/Charmed crossover.This story is purely for fun. The shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel belong Joss Whedon and the show Charmed belong to Aaron Spelling.

Timeline: Angel season one, Buffy in the middle of season four and Charmed around season five I'm not sure.

Paring: Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Doyle, Piper/Leo, Phoebe /Cole.

Author's note: Sorry for the mistakes you might find while reading this story, English is not my native language.


It was a warm and calm night in Sunnydale, but despite the feeling of quietness things weren't so good for Buffy, who was trying to explain to Riley what had happend with Angel that weekend.
A spell had been casted for Angel to lose is soul, a very effective one because Angelus did return in full force.
A sorcerer had try to open the hellmouth and for that he needed to keep the slayer ocupadied so he cast a spell to invoke the most intimate desires of every person including Angel and Buffy. Of course they gave in and the desire to be together and complete became true.
Riley broke up with Buffy, he couldn't understand or better he couldn't stand the idea of Buffy sleeping with a vampire, after all that thing was dead...
Buffy couldn't stand it anymore and blow up,telling him the truth that she loved Angel with all her soul, body and mind and that making love with him was the best thing ever. Riley was so shocked with her statement that he couldn't say anything else. Buffy looked at Riley and at the others and finally to Angel, that already had his soul thanks to Willow, he simply didn't know what to say...
But when Giles, her father figure, asked her to leave Sunnydale for a while simply because she had put them in danger, never mind that she was forced to hunt down Angelus and defeat the sorcerer at the same time dealing with her feelings, she was so mad at them for everything, all of them had make mistakes at one point in their lifes why should she be punished by them.
Right there she made a decision never to came back to Sunnydale and told them. Everyone start talking at the same time but Buffy couldn't care less, she was about to leave when she felt a strong hand in her arm. Angel was having mixed feelings,the pain he cause Buffy and his team, the people Angelus had killed. So the only thing he could say was that he loved her and that if she ever need anything to call him.
So Buffy left Sunnydale never to return...
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