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It Happened On a Tuesday

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Summary: What if Clark was under the effects of red kryptonite with Dawn in the immediate vicinity. The two wind up getting married and having to face the wrath of the Kent's and the slayer. ClarkDawn

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Chapter Three

It Happened On a Tuesday

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, and Smallville belongs to Alfred Gough and Miles Millar

Spoilers: Post Chosen for the Buffyverse. And completely AU for Smallville. But definitely post the normal season 5. Everyone is legal!

Pairings: Clark/Dawn

Notes: Since Smallville is AU season 5, then Clark and Lex are still friends!


Summary: What exactly are your plans for our Dawn?


As Dawn pinched the bridge of her nose, she gained a deeper understanding at to why Giles did the same. He couldn’t believe the antics of the Scoobies, and neither could she.

“Spike, will you please put my husband down!” Dawn roared.

As soon as they landed and had gotten an escort to the Council, the Scoobies were waiting. They had walked nervously to the Scooby Planning room, hoping the Scoobies would see reason before they arrived.

Dawn was wrong.

As soon as Clark walked in the room, Spike couldn’t keep his temper in check and rushed him. Normally, Clark wouldn’t have even moved, but he was caught by surprise as Spike came at him.

“And Xander, stop talking to him like that!” Dawn shrieked as stomped over to Clark, Spike, and Xander. At least Willow was subdued and stayed in her chair.

“Don’t stop us now,” Xander said. “We just wanna have a few words with Clark here.”

“Sure, but let me remind you,” Dawn licked her lips. “He has powers and he’s stronger than more than a couple of slayers.”

Spike and Xander released Clark, though kept their glares trained on him. Even though he knew he could easily beat them or even run away, Clark was rooted to his spot against the wall by their glares.

“Can we just calmly talk about?” Willow finally spoke.

The ensouled vampire, carpenter extraordinaire, key, and alien, walked to the table and sat. The tension was palpable as Dawn put a protective hand on Clark’s arm.

“How did this happen?” Willow asked calmly.

“You don’t want to know the details,” Dawn dismissed the question. “Just know that we are now married and you’re gonna have to accept that.”

“You’re strangely calm about this, Red,” Spike said, his eyes still trained on the boy across the table from him.

“I can’t really say anything, can I?” Willow shrugged. “I was angry at first, but we’ve all done stupid stuff.”

Xander could be heard down the table coughing, which strangely sounded like ‘Kennedy.’

“Fine, I’ll accept this,” Xander said. “I’ve done a stupid thing or two myself, so I know how you must feel right now.”

Spike turned to Xander, a look of anger on his face. “Does this mean we have to put away the rusty knives?”

“Yes, Spike,” Willow sighed in frustration. “They wouldn’t have worked anyway.”

“That’s why we asked you to use your bloody magic to make it work!” Spike screamed.

Dawn turned to look at Clark. He was sitting in his chair, looking slightly worried. Of course, who wouldn’t be in his situation?

“Don’t worry, Clark,” Dawn smiled as she patted his thigh. “This childish bickering they’re doing. It means you’re in.”

“He is most certainly not in!” Spike jumped from his chair. “And this isn’t childish.”

“He’s right,” Willow nodded. “More like preteenish.”

Spike cursed and left the room, but not before vamping out in front of Clark. “You want to find out why they call me Spike?”

“Go!” Dawn shrieked. “I liked it better when he was neutered.”


Clark held the phone up to his ear, waiting patiently as he heard the phone ringing. He had found a secluded spot in the Council, away from the eyes of basically everyone.

Spike had managed to convince most of the slayers and watcher’s-in-training that Clark knocked Dawn up and that he should be punished. The slayers had no problem hassling him, but the watcher’s would glare and some would threaten to put a spell on him.

“Hello?” a voice asked on the other line.

“Chloe! It’s Clark.”

“Where are you, Clark? Your parents said something about the Caribbean or something.”

“Funny story actually,” Clark laughed nervously. When Clark finished his story, Chloe couldn’t stop laughing. Even though she unintentionally led to him being married, she couldn’t believe that it would get that far.

“And to top it off, not only did you marry someone, but you married an heiress to the Watcher’s Council?” Chloe asked between bouts of laughter.

Clark immediately ended the call, sighing in frustration. Knowing how amusing Lex found certain situations involving Clark, he opted to not call him.

“Are we ever gonna go on our honeymoon?” a voice called out from behind Clark.

He spun around and smiled as Dawn walked over to him, shoulders hung low. “We can leave as soon as you have everything settled here.”

“Trust me, I’m ready to go,” Dawn held her hand out.

Clark got the message and pulled her close, ready to speed to the Caribbean on foot, before Spike appeared out of nowhere, wielding sharp knives.

“Where are you going?” he asked as he swung the knives.

“What are you doing with those knives?” Dawn asked cautiously.

“Just trying to be ready if a nasty gets in,” Spike shrugged.

“At the Council?” Dawn asked disbelieving. “I doubt that’s going to happen.”

“Just want to be ready if something unfortunate happens,” Spike said as he attempted to sound innocent. “Right, Clark?”

“Right,” Clark nodded as he took his cue and ran away from the building, Dawn in his arms.

“You have interesting friends!” Clark yelled to Dawn who was trying to not freak out at passing speeding cars by.



The End

You have reached the end of "It Happened On a Tuesday". This story is complete.

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