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It Happened On a Tuesday

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Summary: What if Clark was under the effects of red kryptonite with Dawn in the immediate vicinity. The two wind up getting married and having to face the wrath of the Kent's and the slayer. ClarkDawn

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Chapter One

It Happened On a Tuesday

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, and Smallville belongs to Alfred Gough and Miles Millar

Spoilers: Post Chosen for the Buffyverse. And completely AU for Smallville. But definitely post the normal season 5. Everyone is legal!

Pairings: Clark/Dawn


Notes: A what if story if Clark was on red kryptonite and Dawn was in the vicinity?


“So let us get this straight,” Jonathan Kent took a deep breath. “You expect us to believe that you wound up in Los Vegas, went out with some girl, and got married?”

“Well, not exactly,” Clark mumbled. “But something like that.”

“What exactly happened then?” his dad asked angrily. Counting to ten did nothing, nor did taking deep breaths. He was beyond upset that Clark ran away and got married to some random girl.

“It was the red kryptonite,” Clark finally confessed. “I don’t even know how I put it on, but before I knew it, I was waking up in a hotel room with Dawn.”

“And that’s when you found the wedding rings,” Martha nodded in understanding. “We aren’t mad Clark, just a little upset.”

“Like hell I’m not upset!” Jonathan interrupted. “How did you explain this to her?”

“I couldn’t keep the truth from her,” Clark shrugged. “She knew something weird happened and she accepted it without hesitation.”

“That’s something at least,” Jonathan muttered. “What about her sister, this Buffy?”

Clark cringed as he looked toward the screen door where Dawn and Buffy were patiently waiting. He used his x-ray vision to see through the wall of the house and found Buffy waving her hands in the air as she yelled at Dawn for their stupid mistake.

“She’s reacting the same as you actually,” Clark answered as Dawn made her way inside the house.

“I can’t believe you’re acting like this!” she screamed as she took a seat at the kitchen island next to Clark. “If I can recall correctly, what happened between you and Angel?”

“That’s beside the point,” Buffy snapped back as she stood in front of Dawn, ignoring the three other people in the room. “You were completely irresponsible and you didn’t even do what you were supposed to do!”

“Actually, I did go to the girl, but they turned me down,” Dawn calmed down some. “They actually screamed at me to get out, so that’s why I drowned my sorrows, which I will never do again, by the way.”

“Oh Dawn,” Buffy hugged her younger sister. “You should have called us if the family rejected you. And you should have known that alcohol in our family is a big no.”

“I’ll remember that next time,” Dawn laughed.

“Don’t think you’re getting off the hook,” Buffy turned to Clark as she spoke. “Do you know what the media would do if they found out about this.”

“Media?” Jonathan turned sharply to Buffy. Protecting Clark’s secret was his first priority and he was not going to let one mistake ruin years of hiding “What does the media have to do with this?”

“The place we work for, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, The Watcher’s Council,” Buffy started, “We kinda of, founded it.”

“Really?” Martha asked surprised, though Jonathan and Clark were clueless. “It’s a school for young girls, but I hear it’s very selective.”

“It’s true,” Dawn piped in. “But don’t worry, even if the press did find out, your secret will be safe with us.”

“Of course, Clark,” Buffy smiled. “I may be upset about you did with my sister, but I’d never tell anyone.”

“I wish I could say more to you two, but I guess you punished yourselves already,” Jonathan sighed.

“If you want to punish someone, punish Buffy,” Dawn threw a finger her way.

“What?” Buffy squeaked. “How is this my fault?”

“You chose me to do a mission that took place on a Tuesday!” Dawn laughed. “You should have known something was going to happen.”

Buffy smacked her forehead over her own ignorance. It was company policy that whenever Dawn needed to do something, it was forbidden for it to happen on a Tuesday.

“Something we’re missing?” Martha asked.

“No, but what are we gonna do about all of this?” Buffy asked, changing the topic.

“I wanna stay here,” Dawn said too quickly. “I mean, we’re still married, so I might as well stay with my husband, right?”

“We do the have the room,” Martha helped. “We’d be happy to have you. You’re our daughter-in-law and we know nothing about you.”

“Are you sure about this, Dawn?” Buffy asked. “I know you wanted more freedom, but you still have a job to do.”

“I can still do it,” Dawn said defensively. “Just send me my books and I’ll be ready to continue my training as Watcher-in-training.”

“God speed, I guess,” Buffy laughed. “I’ll tell the others about your decision.”

“I’m surprised you’re taking this so well,” Dawn said warily. It wasn’t everyday that Buffy let her out of her sight.

“You’re 18 and I can’t hold you back any longer.”

“It’s about time you realized that,” Dawn said as she hugged her sister.

“Since you’re honeymoon was nonexistent,” Buffy said, “How about you take the jet someplace nice and get to know each other a little more. In the non sexual way, of course.”

“If you’re okay with it?” Clark looked hopeful to his parents.

“You’re technically a man now,” Martha left hanging as she looked toward her husband.

“Only to get to know each other better,” Jonathan warned.

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