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Dawn of Discovery

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Summary: Glory wasn't the only one who wants the Key

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyVampMistressFR1556,501073,46911 May 0314 Aug 03No

Chapter 5

Title: Dawn of Discovery
Author: Rose
Rating: PG-13
Main Pairing: Dawn/Draco
Additional Pairings: Xander/Anya, Spike/Amy others to be revealed in later chapters: (Willow/?, Buffy/?, Tara/?)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from either BtVS or HP. They belong to their respective creators, Joss Wedon and J.K. Rowling.
Distribution: If you want it, just tell me where it's going.
Spoilers: Harry Potter, during the student's 6th year. BtVS, up to
mid-season 6.
Feedback: Pretty please?

Author's Note: This will be my first HP/BtVS fanfic that will not be
Willow-centric. Although Buffy and the other Scoobies will play a part in
the story and will possibly be paired up with a few HP characters in the
future, this will be a Dawn-centric fic. Please let me know what you all
think, and be gentle.

Author's Note 2: Some changes to the verses. Harry Potter: 1) Sirius has been cleared and is now free to help fight against Voldemort. 2) Lucius
Malfoy has "seen the light" and is now acting as spy for the good guys. 3) Draco has gotten over his spoiled brat stage, but is still a cocky little
bugger. Buffy: 1) Dawn is the same age as the students are, in this case 16. 2) Willow and Tara were just friends. 3) Willow tried a little of the dark magic, but didn't get addicted to it. 4) Amy is no longer a rat. 5) Xander and Anya DID get married, and left on their honeymoon.

Chapter 5

"Severus. A moment of your time, if you please."

Professor Snape froze mid-step in the outside corridor of Hogwarts. He had been on his way to the dungeons when the Headmaster had called out to him. Turning slightly, his flowing robes fluttering in the outside breeze, the Potions Master waited a bit impatiently as the elder wizard finally caught up. Once he had, the two wizards resumed walking down the hallway.

The Headmaster was silent for a few moments, causing Snape to roll his eyes as he said, "You wished to have a word, Headmaster?" Severus kept his voice neutral, hiding the irritation he felt. He knew exactly what Albus wanted to talk about.

"Severus, I am a bit unsure of Mr. Malfoy's reasons for assisting us in our
battle with Voldemort. I wonder if you might shed some light on his
motivation for me."

Severus fought to hide the smirk that was threatinging to break free. "What? You mean you don't already KNOW, Albus?"

The Headmaster patted Snape on the shoulder and chuckled. "Ah, Severus, although I tend to know many things, a man in emotional turmoil tends to set me somewhat off-kilter."

Snape frowned at the Headmaster's words. It had been nearly a month since Lucius had offered his assistance in spying on and ultimately betraying the Dark Lord. Albus knew nothing more than what Severus had relayed to him: That Lucius wished to help, and that his offer was sincere. Trusting the Potions Master like he did, Albus had not asked questions. Instead, the wizard had welcomed Lucius's offer, which surprised Malfoy quite a bit. He had not known how much faith the elder wizard had in his old student.

Snape inclined his head as if seeking guidance from an unseen deity above. Where was he to start? Should he say anything? Was it really his place to tell Malfoy's secret?

"Albus, I don't...", Severus began, then backtracked and started again. "Albus, Lucius is a very proud man, as I am sure you know. I doubt he would appreciate my betrayal of confidence if I were to repeat his reasons behind the change of heart."

Dumbledore nodded in agreement. He hadn't expected Severus to go against his word if he had given it to someone. That was just the way he was. It seemed that if he was going to find out the reason for Lucius's turn to the light side, then he was going to have to go to the man himself.

"I understand, Severus. I shall make an appointment to meet with Lucius this afternoon. I do not doubt your trust in him, Severus, but due to this bit of information that he has returned to us, I am afraid that it might be
significant for me to know."

"Since that is settled, if you don't mind, I have a Potions Class to teach,
Headmaster." Severus said as they reached the door to the Potions classroom.

"But of course, Severus." Dumbledore replied, gesturing with his hand that the professor was dismissed.

Once Snape had entered the classroom and closed the door, Dumbledore stood in deep thought for a few moments; stroking his flowing beard as he pondered what could have possibly brought a man as proud as Lucius Malfoy back to the light.


The last student had filed out of the dungeon only a few minutes before, but Professor Snape was already in his private chamber, whiskey glass in hand. Never in all his earlier days as a Death Eater--and then later spy--had he ever thought he would see the day Lucius Malfoy would get a heart...or rather, use the cold, black one that already existed in his chest.

Granted, he himself had never been accused of being a saint. He was far from it. But still, he had oftentimes wondered what it would take to bring
Lucius down off of his high horse and down to the lower realm with all the
other 'reprobates'.

Then, he'd found out.

He remembered it as if it were yesterday. It was nearly a month ago that the elder Malfoy had come to him after one of the Dark Lord's 'special' revels. Severus himself had been ordered not to attend, being informed that Voldemort wanted him to remain at Hogwarts to keep an eye on the "annoying Potter brat". This news had disturbed Snape and he had gone to inform Albus, who had assured him that all would be fine...that he need not worry about the loss of the chance to learn any useful information . But still, he had felt as if he had failed.

He had still been in his private chambers, clutching his snifter of Old Ogden's Firewhiskey, when the flame in the fireplace had taken on a green tinge before roaring up into a blaze, revealing the face of Lucius Malfoy. Severus had been surprised when Lucius had asked if Snape would mind if he joined him. Lucius Malfoy never asked if someone minded, he simply did as he pleased. Something was definitely NOT right.

So Severus had invited him to come through the Floo Network and join him in his chamber for a drink. A look of relief had came over Malfoy's face at the offer, right before it disappeared briefly, then reappeared, followed immediately by the blonde man's entire body.

"Sit down, Lucius, you look like hell."

"And you not far behind me, Severus." Lucius replied as he took a seat then grasped the snifter of whiskey that his old comrade extended to him with a hand that shook slightly.

Severus noticed this as he took his own seat in the second wing-back chair before the fireplace. Keeping his head lowered, Severus observed his company, the shoulder-length hair falling to frame his pale, lean face. Piercing black eyes stared at the blonde man who, as he sipped his drink, was well aware of the scruitiny. And still, he remained silent.

Finally, after a near endless bout of silence, Lucius sighed. Setting aside his now empty glass, the blonde man fixed his steely grey gaze upon the man sitting across from him, who was in turn, staring back at him.

"Narci is dead."

The words were spoken so softly that Severus thought for a moment he had imagined them or perhaps misunderstood. But one look at the face of Lucius Malfoy confirmed that he had heard correctly, and the words were devestating to him.

Offering Lucius a glass of Firewhiskey, Severus looked at him, questions spinning inside. 'What happened?"

Lucius sighed, a pained expresson coming to his face as he began to relay what had happened. Severus felt his eyes growing wider and his heart getting heavier as the terrible details emerged.

The handsome features which seemed almost always set in a cold and calculated expression was now softened as sadness emerged. There was no coldness in his grey eyes, instead they looked suspiciously shiny and it took a moment for Snape's mind to register the fact that Lucius Malfoy--cold hearted, ruthless Death Eater and follower of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named......was crying.

It appeared that the bloody git was human after all....


Severus Snape could never tell which expression overtook his features first: whether it was the shock at the revelation Lucius' words had wrought, or if it was the sudden feeling of loss that had shot throughout his entire being. Narcissa Malfoy had been the epitome of the perfect woman in Severus' eyes. He had known Narci for almost as long as he'd known Malfoy and had thought her beautiful and kindhearted and gentle. So he had found it quite hard to believe that she would marry someone as petty and arrogant as Lucius was. The man was as cruel and corrupt as they came.

But she had, and the fact that she had left yet another valid reason for the Potions Master to despise him. Caught in his moment of reverie, Severus rose from the wing-back chair and set his empty glass down before beginning to pace the small room. And now, if he was to believe what Lucius had said, she was gone....dead. Killed by the Dark Lord in some sort of ritual that he had been excluded from and had been left--quite literally--in the dark about it ever taking place. This fact disturbed Severus greatly. He was not keen on being left out of the loop when it came to Death Eater activities. It was what gave him what little bit of self esteem he had left, knowing that he could get valuable information for Dumbledore that no one else could not.

After Lucius had left, Severus began to wonder. What in Merlin's name could Voldemort be up to? Severus hadn't a clue. The one thing he did know was that the Dark Lord never did things without some purpose. Anything harmful done towards one of his followers would either be a punishement (which he was pretty sure was not the case here) or part of a plan. How could Narci's death help Voldemort achieve anything? From the description of what had occured that Lucius had told him about, it did not sound like any he could think of, so... maybe it connected to this mysterious key?

And now they had a new problem. Voldemort wanted a key. But what sort of key? To what did the key fit? A door of some sort? And if so, where did the door lead? Questions were popping up at every turn and the answers were sparce.

Feeling that he would not be getting any closer to answering these questions tonight, Severus opted for retiring to bed. Who knew, perhaps that clunk head of an animagus, Black, would turn up something in this....Sunnydale.



The End?

You have reached the end of "Dawn of Discovery" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Aug 03.

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