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Dawn of Discovery

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Summary: Glory wasn't the only one who wants the Key

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyVampMistressFR1556,501073,46911 May 0314 Aug 03No

Dawn of Discovery

Title: Dawn of Discovery
Author: Rose
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dawn/Draco, additional pairings later on.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from either BtVS or HP. They belong to their respective creators, Joss Wedon and J.K. Rowling.
Distribution: If you want it, just tell me where it's going.
Spoilers: Harry Potter, during the student's 6th year. BtVS, mid season 6.
Feedback: Pretty please?

Author's Note: This will be my first HP/BtVS fanfic that will not be Willow-centric. Although Wills will play a small part in the story and will possibly be paired up with a professor in the future, this will be a Dawn-centric fic. Please let me know what you all think, and be gentle.

Author's Note 2: Some changes to the verses. Harry Potter: 1) Sirius has been cleared and is now free to help fight against Voldemort. 2) Lucius Malfoy has "seen the light" and is now acting as spy for the good guys. 3) Draco has gotten over his spoiled brat stage, but is still a cocky little bugger. Buffy: 1) Dawn is the same age as the students are, in this case 16. 2) Willow and Tara were just friends. 3) Willow tried a little of the dark magic, but didn't get addicted to it.

Chapter 1

Buffy Summers was on patrol in one of the many graveyards scattered throughout the Sunnydale community. Oddly, she was alone. Normally Willow or Xander, or sometimes both, would accompany her. Sometimes Spike would come. Despite her arguing that this was her duty, not their's. That they need not take this risk in coming with her to fight the creepy crawly things that went bump in the night in Sunnydale. This time they hadn't come. This time she was alone.

That was when he appeared. The hideously evil thing--it could not really be called a man-- was encased in flowing black robes with a hood that almost hid its horrifying features. And standing in front of him, with his hand wrapped tightly around her neck...was Dawn. Her little sister. Sweet little Dawnie was in the grasp of something dangerous and evil and looking so frightened that it broke Buffy's heart.

Immediately Buffy crouched into a defensive position, intent on the purpose of rescueing her sister from the clutches of this new menace.

"Let her go." Buffy spat out angrily, giving the hooded figure her fiercest "pissed-off Slayer" look.

The dark figure simply gave an eerie chuckle and applied a bit more pressure to Dawn's throat, causing the petite brunette to whimper and her eyes to widen in horror.

"No, don't!!" Buffy stepped forward instantly, her hand held out in a gesture for the enemy to stop what it was doing. After a tense moment, the hand began to ease its grip, but not fully releasing Dawn.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Buffy asked nervously.

The voice, when it came, was somewhere between a hiss and something not quite human. "I am Lord Voldemort."

Just then, three other darkly robed figures melted out of the darkness, the moonlight illuminating the silver masks that adorned their faces, and converged on Buffy. Kicking and punching, the Slayer fought. She so did not have time for this, she had to save her sister. In short order, Buffy dispatched her opponents and turned back to face the threat to her sister.

What she saw made her blood run cold. The thing...this, Lord Voldemort, had his hand stuck inside of Dawn's chest. Sunk in to the wrist, and spilling out of her sister's open wound was a brightly glowing green light. Voldemort's hand wrenched, and Dawn screamed, prompting Buffy into action. She raced forward, prepared to yank her sister from the grasp of this monster. An instant before she would have been within arm's length of the pair, Buffy hit something hard and went flying back. Stunned, she looked up but didn't see anything there. Scrambling from the ground, she tried again. And again she ran into an invisible barrier separating her from her endangered sister.

"Dawn." Her sister's name came out as a whisper, then grew louder as she began pounding the offending surface. "DAWN!!"

"The Key WILL be mine," the voice hissed out from the dark recesses of the dreamscape. "and there is nothing you can do to stop me, Slayer."


The silence of the night was effectively shattered as Buffy Summers bolted upright in her bed. She was sweating profusely and her hair and nightclothes were drenched, causing the coolness of the air to chill her skin. Her lips were still parted due to the peircing scream she had just emitted upon awakening from the disturbing dream.

No, not a dream. A nightmare was more like it. A frighteningly recurring nightmare. It had been happening every night for a week and a half, and was beginning to worry the young blonde huddled on the bed. Worried because of what occured in the dream. Worried because of that voice that always came right before she jolted herself awake. The evilly insane voice that told her it wanted her sister. And that she couldn't do anything to stop it from getting her.

It was the same every time.

As she tried to compose herself, there was a loud bang as the door was forcefully slammed open. Dawn and Willow burst into the room, having been roused by the Slayer's distress.

"Buffy!" Dawn exclaimed as she turned on the light before racing across the room and diving into the bed with her sister in attempts to comfort her.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Willow asked from the doorway. She was standing with her arms crossed as she watched the younger Summers gather her visibly shaken sister into her arms.

Buffy relaxed a bit into the embrace for a second before pulling back. She immediately began to check her sister over for any damage, knowing she would not find any, but felt the need to anyway.

"Buffy?" Dawn's confused voice finally penetrated Buffy's concentration and the blonde dropped her hands and looked her sister in the eyes.

Letting out a deep sigh, Buffy gathered her sister to her once more. "It's okay Dawnie. Just a bad dream, no big."

"Must have been some dream." Willow said, her concern for her best friend obvious in her voice. "You've been waking up like this for almost two weeks now. Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?"

"NO!" The quick answer startled both Willow and Dawn. "I mean, no. Like I said, it's no big. I've handled vampires and demons on a daily basis. Tackled numerous baddies throughout college and even faced the horror which is the Doublemeat Palace. A bad dream doesn't stand a chance against me."

The feigned confidence in the Slayer's voice was all it took to assure Willow and Dawn that Buffy was indeed alright. After hugs were exchanged and "good nights" were bid, the redheaded witch escorted the youngest of the household back to her bedroom before returning to her own.

Back in the master bedroom, Buffy Summers continued to toss and turn throughout the rest of the night.


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