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A Wolf's Spirit.

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Summary: Buffy wakes up after kicking Akito's behind and saving her lover Yuki in a dream. She wakes up to find Yuki laying next to her. Problem is-she has no idea why he's laying next to her or why she's not in Sunnydale.Caution-Buffy Babbling!

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Anime > Fruits BasketThExMaDxHaTtErFR151688029448 Mar 068 Mar 06No
Disclaimer- I don't own Buffy or Fruits Basket.

Akito stood over Yuki his hands bloody. He was mad that Yuki had even considered telling another person about the curse and then having a relationship with said person. Akito was going to punch Yuki again until a certain Californian Blonde stopped him.

"Hey pretty boy! Come out and fight like a man!" Buffy voice strong and taunting

"Why you insolent little bitch!" Akito growled lunging at Buffy attempting to get her into a headlock.

"Oh ouch didn’t your mother ever tell you words hurt?" Sarcasm dripping from Buffy's voice as she easily sidestepped him. "Is that the best you can come up with?"

"I'm going to kill you!" Akito said throwing a hard punch at the Slayer.

"Trust me I'll just come back. You can't beat me." Buffy said before flipping over him and putting her hands on his neck. "You know it's against the rules that some person who’s dead made up that I can't kill people." Buffy said squeezing her hands tighter until she heard a sickening crack. She looked at Akito's body in disgust "Well I don’t care."

Buffy looked over Yuki's bloody form with concern ‘I better bring him to Hatori.’ She carefully picked him mindful of his wounds.

"Buffy?" Yuki asked groggily "How did you do that?"

"Shhhh... Sleep I tell you later." Buffy murmured placing a tender kiss on her love's mouth.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Buffy woke up with a headache the size of Washington Monument. "God that was a weird dream..." She opened her eyes and was very surprised to find herself next to...the guy from her dream and not in her own house. Buffy lept out of bed very surprised and wide-eyed "Ahh! Who the hell are you!"

Yuki's eyes flickered open and he looked her confused. "You know who I am...Buffy are you all right?"

"No! NO! I am not very right! I wake up next to a guy from my dream and in a strange place! No this isn't right! I'm supposed to be waking up now in my own bed! I have to go to school, and find out about the next big bad, and do other things! Hellmouthy related things, but I can't because far as I can tell I am not in Sunnydale! Or the United States for that matter! Or, Or" She fell back on the bed again and put the pillow on her face and screamed.

Yuki raised an eyebrow "Better?"

Buffy nodded "Much." Buffy took a few deep breaths and started a babble that would of put Willow to shame." God I need to call Giles, or my mother. Oh God my mother! She's probably worrying more then I am! Oh god oh god! Synder's so going to give me hell for not being in school, because of that incident and Willow's going to think I skipped town and Xander is going to make corny jokes about it then go after Angel...Oh no Angel! He's going to kill me too, except he'll be all grr argh on me and god I'm so going to get my ass whooped by Faith cause she's like that and to basically sum it up...Oh Shit!" Buffy got off the bed and started to hit her head repeatedly against the hard wall.

He pulled her away from the wall saying "Quit that your going to hurt yourself!" But Buffy who was now incoherent from hitting her head to many times just looked at him puzzled and perplexed. Then she promptly fainted from shock and hitting her head. Yuki caught her before she hit the ground. "Oh well at least now I can bring her to Hatori without any trouble."
Author's note- Ok this was intently intended to be a one-shot but that dang muse of mine gave me a possible idea and now I'm in trouble. Get ready for an epic folks cause that's what it intends to be. But I am very bad at remembering to update so I won't leave it as a cliff-hanger, cause I've read to many fics like that. Lot's of Love, Lizzy!

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Wolf's Spirit." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Mar 06.

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