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The White Knight of Konoha

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Summary: What would happen if Xander was not born in Sunnydale. What would happen if he was sent back to where he was born. Revising chapters as the next chapter is being created.

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Chapter 1

The White Knight of Konoha
By The Unknown 007

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Naruto, they are owned by companies that have way more money than I have. Don’t sue me because it isn’t worth the time or the money, since I have none of either.

‘ ’ - Thoughts

Chapter 1
What’s happening to me?

After the destruction of the bust

It had been weird Halloween. First, he remembered everything there was about Konoha. The second was that he knew about Charka and how to properly apply it with seals. The funny thing about that was that there was no specific set of seals. Sure there were standard seals, but any one could create new techniques. The final thing that weirded him out was his eyes; if he concentrated hard enough they would become bright red, with a pinwheel in the middle.

He knew what he had, the Mangekyou Sharingan, it was one step closer to the highest level of Sharingan. He knew how he got it, by killing his best friend… Jesse. Sure, it was a demon-inhabited corpse but it was his friend that the demon inhabited. But that wasn’t the worst thing about it; he also knew the problem with it… madness. If one could not control the Mangekyou Sharingan it would control you. He knew he would have to train hard to control it, which meant training his body and mind to be able to handle the power. He just prayed that he would be able to handle that kind of power.

The next day
At the Library

“So did anyone gain anything from Halloween?” Giles asked

“I am able to understand and speak French.” Buffy replied.

Willow shook her head negatively.

Xander looked up at Giles. He knew that he should say something, but he remembered from his time as Uchiha that ninjas don’t show their secrets. “I…” he said gathering his thoughts, “I remember… nothing.”

Giles nodded his head and continued his explanation of that night.

Neither Buffy, or Giles notice Willow scrunch her face into her “Resolve face” as she remembered to talk to Xander later that day.

After school

Xander and Willow were walking toward her house. Willow decided that now was a good time as ever, but before she could get a word out Xander spoke, “I know what your going to ask Willow, I saw your Resolve Face at the Library. The reason I said what I said is because I don’t know what is happening to me.”

“Giles can fix it, and make you back the way you were,” Willow said.

Xander took a deep breath, “No he can’t. Magic can’t affect DNA, Wills. The spell didn’t change me, it activated my bloodline.”

Willow was stunned, “How, what, why?”

Xander chuckled, “Those eyes that you saw on Halloween night, their mine. I don’t know how I got them, but I know that I need to work on it. Okay?” He saw her nod her head slowly. “And don’t tell Giles or Buff. They would try to do something that might hurt me to get ride of something that they can’t,” Xander said, “Besides it will be our secret… Like the yellow crayon.”

Willow smiled as she remembered how she broke the crayon and Xander covered for her. It brought back a happier time for her, and she looked at Xander and nodded her head. “But at the first sign of trouble…”Willow said with her “Resolve face”.

Xander gave a half-smile and nodded. Then all seem right with the world.

During Episode “Lie to me”

Xander had followed Buffy to the underground bomb shelter, keeping hidden he watched as Ford betrayed Buffy. Before the vampires could continue their feast, Xander acted. “I would recommend that you stop this or else,” he said as he threw his blessed silver dagger, killing two vampires.

“And why should we?” Spike said. “I have the number and all you have is what?”

Xander smiled, and said, “Me, I only have one thing…”

The vampires smiled as they gathered around preparing to kill Xander, but before they could strike, Xander jumped and attached himself on the roof of the shelter.

“Like I said I only have one thing, and that is this,” Xander said as he pulled out a remote.

Spike was curious, here was a man that was hanging on the ceiling, and pulled a remote. “What’s that!”

“My trigger for a B.A.F.B.” Xander said smiling.

“A what?” Spike said.

“A Big Ass Fire Bomb,” Xander said as he triggered the on switch. “How’s that grab you?”

Spike looked into Xander’s eyes. He knew that the kid was serious, and it didn’t take a genius to figure that out. All around the shelter, a beeping noise could be heard. Spike knew what that meant. “You can’t be serious, you will die with us.”

“Sorry to disappoint you but I am a clone, the real me is outside. Which means that the real me won’t die but a bunch of vampires will. Including your lady love over there?” Xander said smiling.

“Yeah right, he’s joking.” A vampire said, only to disappear into a pile of ash. Behind him stood another Xander.

“I don’t think so,” the Xander on the ground said as he disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

‘Bloody hell,’ Spike thought, ‘He’s serious.’ “Fine get out them out of here,” he said, as the door opened and the humans left.

Another Xander came by and picked up Buffy, he looked at Ford and shook his head. “You know, I don’t know which is sadder, you dying or you believing the word of a vampire.

Episode “Innocence”

“So no weapon forged by man can kill him?” Xander asked. He watched the group look through books to find something to use against the Judge. “Well I think I need a break. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Xander, aren’t you going to help?” Willow asked.

“I want to check on something,” Xander replied, when he saw that the others were not going to let him go, he sighed. “Look, it seems that all the books I read say the same thing. They stressed that no weapon “forged” by man can kill the Judge; I want to check on some books I have about explosives and maybe stop by a surplus store. Okay?” Seeing not disagreement, he left.

Later at the mall

An arrow flew to the chest of the Judge. It hit but had no affect on him. “You, fools,” he bellowed, “There is no weapon forged that can stop me.”

Xander smiled, “That was then, asshole.” He pulled out an AT4 anti-tank rocket and tossed it to Buffy. “Welcome to the twentieth century,” he continued as Buffy launched the weapon.

“What is that?” the Judge said as the rocket hit him causing a chain reaction that caused the Judge to explode. Unfortunately, Angelus and Dru both leapt out of the way before the Judge exploded.

Xander looked at the damage, he turned to the others and yelled, “Get the pieces, I am going after Angelus.”

“No,” Buffy replied, “I’ll get Angelus, you go after Dru.”

Xander grumbled but did as he was told. He finally caught Dru, but had to let her go, since several of the vampires attempted to kill him. After he finished the last one Dru was gone, but an opened manhole showed where she went. “Next time.”

During Episode “Passion”

Jenny was running. Angelus had finished smashing her computer and was now after her. She cursed herself for being so careless. She knew that the school was not considered a home, which meant that anyone could come in and do anything. She suddenly skidded to a halt as she saw Angelus standing in front of her.

“Well, well, where’s the fire?” Angelus said smiling.

Jenny took a step back, she hope that some one could help her but she knew that is was a false hope. But before either could move a burst of smoke appeared before the two.

“Hello, Overbite.” Came a voice within the smoke. As it cleared, both Jenny and Angelus knew who it was.

“Harris, well will wonders never cease. Keeping things from Buffy, that’s not like you,” Angelus said.

“Yeah, well, what can I saw, I like surprises.” Xander said as he eyed Angelus. “Jenny, I would hurry to Giles’ home, he will protect you.”

“And what about you? What will you do to stop me from killing you,” Angelus said.

Xander smiled and pulled out a kunai. “Jenny go. I have something I need to discuss with Overbite, something about a dead goldfish.”

Before Angelus could reply Xander swung the kunai at him. It took Angelus two seconds to realize that something was wrong with the kunai. First the wound remained open. The second was that it was burning, as if… “Aaarrrgghhhh!!!” Angelus cried as he backed away from Xander.

“I hope you like it Hair-gel, I had it blessed by three different religions, and soaked it in holy water when I made it. Not bad for a holy weapon, huh?” Xander said as he watches Angelus back away and saw Jenny run away from the corner of his eye. “Well it seems your little play is not going so well, I wonder what you will do now?”

Angelus growled as he stared at Xander, “I may not have gotten to the gypsy but you will do fine, well your body on Buffy’s door steps will.”

Xander knew he had to keep Angelus stalled for as long as he could, meanwhile he sent a bushin to follow Jenny to make sure that she would arrive safely at Giles. He took a deep breath and prepared himself as he took out a small ball from his pocket. “I heard that vampire smells are greater than that of humans. Why don’t we check that story out,” he said as he threw the ball at Angelus’s feet. It exploded, as it should, the gas produced was not smoke but a noxious gas that could make manure smell pleasant. As Angelus staggered back Xander created another bushin and sent it to fight Angelus. He leapt into the air and ran to a safe place, pulling out a pair of binoculars he watched as his clone fought with Angelus. He watched as he made sure the bushin failed and had its neck broken by Angelus. Xander keep the clone instead of dismissing it and followed as Angelus dropped the body off at Buffy’s doorstep.

As soon as Angelus rang the doorbell, he took off. He failed to notice that the “body” of Xander had disappeared in a cloud of smoke. When he got to a safe distance, he turned and saw nothing, no body, nothing. Angelus growled to himself as he stalked away. He knew he killed Xander but where was the body. He would have moved closer but he saw that dawn was approaching and left to his home.

Xander, meanwhile, was on the Summers’ roof. He watched what Angelus had done and knew that he needed to hide out so that Angelus would think that he was dead. He waited until Angelus had left and went to his new hideaway. After Halloween, he left his parents and made sure that Anthony went to rehab. ‘Amazing what you would promise what to do with a kunai pointed to you privates.’ Xander thought as he remembered how Anthony begged for his life. He thought back to the day that he got his emancipation from his parents, he never knew how he didn’t think doing it before.

His new income came by hunting and pillaging the lairs of the vampires of Sunnydale, with the money he got, he was able to get a house. Within his home, he had a workshop that he used to create his weapons and scrolls. Buffy was leery of the home, but Xander lied and told her that it was from both the settlement and from an uncle.

Xander shook his head and remembered where he was. ‘I will have to watch my step from now on,’ he thought as he got up and ran to his home.

During Episode “Killed by Death”

“Well if it isn’t Buffy’s White Knight,” Angelus said as he brought some dead flowers and a box of chocolates.

“Sorry Overbite, visiting hours are over, why don’t you come back during regular hours. Oh, that’s right, you’re allergic to the day,” Xander said as he stood up.

“You think you can stop me from visiting?” Angelus asked. “You stink of fear.”

Xander looked at Angelus and smiled, “No that’s your hair gel. Better take another whiff, you will see that there is no fear in me.”

Angelus went eye to eye with Xander, “And why’s that, hmm?”

Xander smiled, “Because attacking me will be the last thing you do. In case you didn’t notice.” Xander opened his hand to reveal. “It’s a white phosphorous grenade. More than enough to take you out.”

Angelus growled, “It must kill you that I got her before you did.”

Xander grunted, “Are you kidding? Do actually think that would affect me? I got over her a long time ago. I think it kills you that I think that you’re lower than trash… It must kill you that Dru likes her ‘Kitten’ more than she does you.”

Angelus growled, “You think that you will have enough time pull the pin before I kill you?”

Xander chuckled, “You must really be reaching. There is no pin, I had that pulled when you showed up.”

Angelus heard another chuckle behind him. He turned to see… Xander?

“You need to find out which is the real Xander, or you’ll only kill a clone. And we both know what happened the last time you did that right?” the Xander behind him said.

Angelus growled and pushed the flowers and chocolates to the Xander in front of him. “Tell her I came,” he said.

“Really, and here I thought that you were going to proclaim your love to me?” both Sanders said. They watched Angelus leave and breathed a sigh of relief. “We may have pushed him a little too far,” The Xander on the left said. “Maybe?” the Xander on the right responded. “Naaaahhh,” both said. “So what do you think, egg his home or use the itching powder in his hair gel?” Left Xander said. “Let’s do both, it’s been a slow week.” Right Xander said. Then a burst of smoke came and only one Xander stood. “It will be a fun week.”

One week later

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE YOU NEVER SAW HARRIS HERE!!!!” yelled Angelus, and he was furiously scratching his scalp.

“I told you, there was no one here, you bint,” Spike replied. “I never saw anyone come in.” He watched Angelus walk away, and grinned. ‘Well what do you know? Harris has a bloody fun sense of humor. I wonder how he go in?’

Meanwhile Dru came strolling in. “Ohh, Kitten made Daddy so angry. Yes, he did. I hope Daddy won’t do anything to upset Kitten. We won’t want that, now do we, Ms. Edith.”

Spike smiled as he heard what Dru said. For the past week Xander had repeated pranked Angelus, causing Angelus to become more unstable. 'Personally, I like the way he thinks,' Spike said as he couldn’t wait to see what Xander would do.

During Episode “Becoming, Part One”

Xander was sweating, his arm broken, he was fighting to remain conscious. Suddenly, he heard her, Dru. ‘Damnit, I have to do something or else we’re dead.’ Pulling out a flash note, he unsteadily threw it, “boom,” he said as the note exploded. The vampires were blinded and Kendra shook herself from the hypnosis. “Ken, get Willow to a hospital, NOW!!!” Xander yelled as he forcefully set his arm, and pulled out a water bottle and began spraying the vampires that got close.

Kendra nodded and grabbed Willow, luckily she was not looking at the flash note and was not blinded by the resulting flash. Once she grabbed Willow, she made her way to the door only to be blocked by Dru, who had shaken off the flash. Dru was about to attack when Xander charged and slammed into her.

“MOVE,” he cried as he made a spray arc around him trying to give Kendra enough time to leave. Once Kendra left, Xander smiled, only to be hit in the back of the head by Dru. Dru seeing her chance to kill Kendra fly away, growled and ordered the vampires to get what they came for.

During Episode “Becoming, Part Two”

Xander awoke in the hospital, he quickly did a healing jutsu. Once he clothed himself, he went to find Willow. Once he found her, he saw Kendra in the next bed. Getting the chart, he saw that she was shot by a police officer. ‘That explains the handcuffs.’ He went to find a doctor and found out about Willow’s condition. After hearing a cop brag about shooting Kendra, Xander grabbed the cop and slammed him against the wall, before the others could react, Xander pulled a kunai from his pouch and placed it on the cop’s neck. “I know that the force here knows about the night. If you want to find out what if feels like to be drained, continue with what you were saying.” Xander said as he heard the click of guns behind him.

“Put him down.” A voice said.

“Or what you shoot?” Xander said not bothering to look behind him. “If you do, I will be pleasantly surprised, after all cowards like you only hide so that the night won’t get you.”

“Yeah, well your only a kid,” another voice said.

“To bad for you.” Xander replied as he squeezed the cop’s neck. Looking directly into the cop’s eyes, Xander told him that if Kendra doesn’t make it, neither would the cop. Before anyone else could say anything, Xander moved. He quickly removed the guns from the hands of the other two cops, and slammed them to the wall next to the cop. He then went back to Willow’s room when Buffy came in. After finding out that she and Kendra were wanted in connection to the mayhem of the library, Xander became upset. He quickly excused himself and left the room. He told Buffy to wait for him as he left. Seeing the three cops still where he left them, he made them tell him who issued the arrest, which turned out to be the cops in front of him. After a brief “discussion”, the cops quickly agreed to change the arrest from Buffy and Kendra to a “gang on PCP”.

When he returned he found that Buffy had left. He called her and found out that she was going home. Xander did a healing jutsu on Willow and Kendra, after he was done he called Jenny and asked her to meet Willow at the hospital to cast the soul curse spell. Once that was done he left to meet up with Buffy.

When he arrived at the Summers’ resident, he saw Buffy kill a vampire in front of her mother. After hearing Buffy reach an agreement with Spike, Xander entered the home and told Buffy about the spell and how she was no longer under suspicion. Xander saw that Joyce was about to say something. He quickly interrupts Joyce, before she could say anything discouraging and urged Buffy to go, saying that Willow and Jenny were going to try the soul curse, but Angelus needed to be occupied and not opening up Acathla. He urged Buffy to hurry and that he will get there soon. Once, Buffy was had left, Xander turned to Joyce. “I know you don’t believe, but we need Buffy to be in top form, or else.”

“OR ELSE WHAT!!!” Joyce yelled.

“Or else we die, end of story.” Xander said in dead seriousness. “Look, your daughter needs you now, wait for an explanation once we get G-man back. Okay?”

Joyce could not believe it, she was about to say so, when Xander pulled out a dagger. She gasped as she thought that Xander was going to attack her, when suddenly he disappeared. She heard his voice outside and walked to the door. She saw him holding a man down on the ground. Xander pulled out a water bottle and ask Joyce if she believed her daughter. She shook her head no.

Xander took a deep breath and asked her to explain what was about to happen. He quickly turned the person over to reveal that it was a vampire, before it could do anything, Xander jammed his dagger into it intentionally missing his heart, Xander then proceed to spray the vampire with holy water.

Joyce watched as the vampire’s face melted away, she watched as Xander then proceeded to cut off the vampire’s neck, and then watched as the vampire became dust. Xander stood and quickly grabbed Joyce’s hand and poured to rest of the content into her hand. She yelped thinking it was acid, only to feel the water splash her hand.

“Your daughter fights those things, she fights to keep you, me, and others safe. Don’t you get it, she fights to because she loves you. If you can’t love her then what kind of mother are you?” Xander said, knowing that these words were affecting her. “Think about that, and that some day your daughter may not return to you because some idiot wants to destroy this world.” Xander then turned an walked away.

In front of Acathla

Xander watched as Buffy and Angelus were fighting, he had finished getting Giles to the car; he gave Giles one of his blessed silver, and wood in-line daggers. He could see that Buffy was not giving her all. ‘She thinks their spell will work,” he cursed himself for telling her about Jenny and Will’s attempted spell casting. Angelus was not so kind, using underhanded tricks to keep Buffy off balance. ‘She has to lead Angelus away from Acathla.’

It was during this thought that the unthinkable happened. Angelus had cut Buffy and used it to take the sword from Acathla. Xander knew that in order for Acathla to close more blood and a life had to be sacrificed. He knew that Buffy had to sacrifice Angelus in order for the world to continue to turn. He charged forward and distracted Angelus, which caused Angelus to fall close to the vortex. “Now, Buffy, send Angelus through or we all will die.” Xander shouted. He watched, and waited, and waited, and waited…

‘It can’t be… she’s willing to sacrifice everyone for HER ANGEL!!!!’ Xander thought as he became more and more frustrated.

Angelus laughs as he casually got up and smiles. “Welcome to hell.” He said as he brushed off the dust from his jacket. A whoosh sounded and from nowhere a stake appeared in his chest. He had enough time to see Xander with his arm out stretched.

“I told you I would be there, Angelus.” Xander said calmly, as Angelus disintegrated before his eyes. Xander acted quickly and dodge the blows that Buffy launched as she tried to avenge the ‘death’ of her lover.

“YOU KILL ANGEL!!!!” she screamed as she attempted another punch. Only to stop when Xander pulled out a gun and fired into her leg. She cried out in pain as she fell. Looking up at Xander, she saw utter contempt and disgust.

“Get it through your head, bitch. Angel is dead, and you just condemned the world to hell,” Xander said as he pointed to the vortex that was growing. He picked up the sword that Angelus had pulled out of Acathla and cut himself, letting the blood cover more of the blade. He turned to Buffy and said, “For your happiness, you were willing to send our world to hell. You are no better than those bastards who rape children and torture mankind. Before I leave I am going to make you regret what you did.” Xander closed his eyes, but when he opened them, they were blood red, with a black pinwheel twirling in the center. “Tsukuyomi!” he yelled. He watched as Buffy fell pray to the technique. “This is an illusionary technique.” Xander said as the world became distorted.

Suddenly, Buffy was on a cross, she was bound and could not escape. Before her were her friends and family. She heard Xander’s voice, “This is Tsukuyomi, an illusionary technique. In this world, I command all time, space, and things. For the next seventy-two hours, you will watch as your friends and family are tortured and killed because you let Acathla open and swallow the world to hell.” She watched they were attacked by vampires and demons, she watched as Willow, Jenny, and her mom were violated and then ripped apart, she watched as Giles was eviscerated and then drained. She tried to look away, but it seemed her body refused to do what she wanted. She watched as the demons and vampires turned toward her, and with their claws began ripping her close off and then began ripping the flesh from her body. She fainted from the pain, but as she awoke she saw herself and heard Xander’s voice and once again watched as her friends and family were killed and herself tortured again.

Xander watched as his technique went into affect. After a minute, Buffy awoke from the technique. Xander turned toward the vortex. “Know this Buffy, when I come back and find out that you in any way screw up again. I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!!!” he said as he walked into the vortex. As he was sent through the vortex, he experienced the worst pain he ever felt. It was as if his entire body was being ripped to shreds and there was nothing he could do about it. He knew he had to do something about the vortex so he pulled out a bar of C4 with an electronic trigger. He armed it and tossed it into the vortex and watched as it exploded.

This caused a chain reaction that altered the fabric of the vortex. This cause the vortex to seek out a look for new energy, unfortunately the only magic came from the wish that was granted by Halfrek so many years ago. And by using that magic, it changed the vortex’s destination from hell to another location. Unfortunately, Xander never knew this since he fainted from the excruciating pain that came from traveling the vortex.


Xander awoke, he looked around, ‘This is hell???’ he thought.

Around him was a grassy plain, a dirt road was leading to a forest and off in the distance was a mountain. And it looked like there were four... human faces on the mountain.

“WHERE AM I, NOW!!!!!” he yelled.

In another dimension

A sudden urge to file a lawsuit against someone for copyright infringement filled Ryoga thoughts, unfortunately, this happened when he was attacking Ranma. With one punch, Ryoga was flying AirRanma. Who said good things can’t happen to those who need it?

Author’s notes: Yes I know the last part is a rip from Ryoga but what can you say it is fun to yell out that if you don’t know where you are.

Some one asked about Orochimaru and the kidnapping of Alexander. My response, Miku never knew who took her child only that the person left through the window. As for Orochimaru, I doubt that someone who wanted power would just suddenly turn evil. This guy, to me, was always evil, just hid it well. Orochimaru knows the power of the Sharingan. This is why he wanted it from Sasuke. Now, because most Uchiha members were the police force they never left the village, meaning no way to get them alone unless you do it in the village, which is too populated to just grab someone off the street without anyone knowing. That means he had to take it. Because of the failure of the kidnapping of Alexander, Orochimaru had to find another route, which meant experimenting on people, which led to his discovery and his banishment. I hope this answered you question.

I know, I know, it is cliché for Xander to leave in Acathla, but even though he is a ninja, he is still Xander. Buffy learned about the spell because Xander told her. A shortsighted maneuver, but effective, I want Xander in Konoha; if he waited until Glory then he would have to deal with the military and the mayor. Granted it would have been cool to have Faith join in the fun, but in the end, I figured that the ninja Xander will have to leave sooner.

Now for the Sharingan, remember that when Xander first met Buffy, he ended up killing his best friend. I believe that this qualifies for the Mangekyou Sharingan. After all, he was born with the ability. All he needed was the know-how. My thinking is that after Halloween, he remembered his life and remembered his best friends death that still plagued him, ergo… Mangekyou Sharingan.

There is no Valentine Spell episode, Xander does love Cordelia, but it won’t go anywhere since he is now in Konoha.

Finally, Xander has changed as you guessed, he has read up on firearms, torture, military strategy... basically, any thing that could give him an edge over the night. So needless to say he is one bad mother ****.
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