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The White Knight of Konoha

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Summary: What would happen if Xander was not born in Sunnydale. What would happen if he was sent back to where he was born. Revising chapters as the next chapter is being created.

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Chapter 6

The White Knight of Konoha
By The Unknown 007

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Naruto so don’t sue me because I am a poor writer, just having some fun.

‘ ‘ – Thoughts

Chapter 6
A New Direction

The Hokage Tower
Some time later

“This is unforgivable!!!! We should command him to reveal all his secrets!!!!” A council member demanded.

The entire council was gathered to discuss the situation that had happened earlier that night. Hiashi was commanded to testify about the evening. The council was told about how Hinata was kidnapped, and how Naruto was injured in the kidnapper’s attempt to escape. This made many individuals in the council smile at the thought that the demon childe was hurt. However, that soon fell by the waist side as Hizashi told of his experience during the kidnapping and the rescue of Hinata. This caused many council members to speak to one another furiously about the implications.

Another aspect was the weapon that Xander had displayed. Many of the council members were thinking of the ramification of such a weapon. The power of the weapon, added with their Nin force could put them at the very top. The ability to attack without having to use chakra or traps… the possibilities were endless. Many council members thoughts started going toward expanding their borders, and refueling old wound from other Nin countries.

After all the information about the kidnapping was given to the council members, the Hokage informed the council the current situation that Xander was in. More precisely, the situation about Xander adopting Naruto, this caused some of the council members to denounce the adoption and demanded that Xander be brought to them. The Hokage sighed and told them that he was going to meet with Xander once Naruto was out of the hospital. The reaction to what the Hokage had said was met with further denouncement.

“We need to have him here now.” One member said.

“He is a Uchiha, and needs to be back with his family,” another added.

“We must possess the weapon that he carries,” another declared.

“We must speak with him right away and let him know that he has a duty to us and Konoha,” Another member commented.

“How about I decide what to do with my life, and if you don’t like it… Well, you can shove it where the sun don’t shine,” a shadow said. It soon walked into the light to reveal itself to be Xander.

“Xander, we were just-“ the Hokage started.

“I got the jest of it. By the way, I sent Naruto home to rest,” Xander said. “As for the rest of you, get this through your thick skulls. You don’t own me, you can’t tell me what to do, and if you try to do that to me it will be the last thing you do.”

“What could you do ab-arrhh” was said by a council member, right before he was pulled up and had a kunai placed on his throat… by Xander?

“Kage Bushin no Jutsu,” both Xanders said. The Xander in the center of the councilor meeting room continued, “Before anyone else has anymore comments, let me remind you… You have never dealt with anyone like me, and if you want to start a fight, it will be the last time you will ever have, period.”

“You think you can threa-arrhh,” another council member started before he too felt an arm pull him up and place a kunai on his throat.

“I don’t think… I know. I have had enough of people trying to run my life. If you push me, I will respond.” Xander said as he began drawing the kunai closer to the council member’s throat. “If you want I will end this threat right here, right now.” Xander pressed the kunai and made a small laceration, which quickly drew blood. Decide if you want to continue this farce, that way, I know who to kill and who to leave alive.” After hearing no comment, Xander removed the kunai and turned to leave. Just as he was about to exit, he said, “Oh and about those that thought it was great that Naruto was injured.” Xander raised his right arm and snapped his finger.

Instantly, the council members that smile and rejoiced at Naruto’s injury, found their hands slammed on the table, held by a Xander on either side. Quickly the Xander on the right slammed their heads against the table repeatedly.

“I don’t ever want to hear that again, or else, we may have to get more council members,” Xander said as he walked away. Once the doors closed, the clones disappeared.

The council members stared at the door, unsure if what had happened really did happen. Soon, one member asked softly, “Is he serious?”

The Hokage took a breath and said, “Yes, I think he is.”

“Where are our guards?” Another member roared.

“Look behind you.” The Hokage replied.

The council members turned to see the guards unconscious, and bound. This caused all of the council members to question the validity of Xander’s comments. The Hokage cleared his throat. “I believe that we should wait before we continue with this. After all, if he is an Uchiha, do we really need to find out that he has the same abilities as Itachi. Much less, he has the inclination to remove us from power?”

The council members were silent as they remembered the massacre, and how no one knew it had happened until the next day. They shivered as they realized that if Xander had the same ability, their lives would be forfeited as well.

The Hokage smiled as he dismissed the council. He knew that they did not have much power, unless the Hokage agreed with them, and that they could not command any Nins to do any actions without his express say so. However, Xander’s actions would cause the council members to talk, which meant that there would be more animosity toward Xander and Naruto. He sighed as he attempted to find a course that would ease the tension between the two sides.


The Hokage entered his office, only to see Xander waiting for him. After hanging his hat, the Hokage sat on his favorite chair. “Well this has been an interesting night,” he said.

Before Xander could comment, the Hokage raised his hand to stop Xander. “Before you begin, I want to thank you for saving Hinata. I know you didn’t have to, but thank you nonetheless.”

Xander smiled and nodded his head. But before he could speak, he saw the Sandaime become serious.

“How is he… really?” Sarutobi said.

Xander took a slow breath before answering the question. “Most of the burns are healing or have been healed, but the bones are still mending.” Seeing the questioning look on Sarutobi face, Xander continue. “When Naruto slammed into the wall, he broke quite a few bones, luckily his spine is alright but both arms had multiple fractures. His legs had a clean break on each, but they were close to becoming compound factures. He maybe not be able to move for at least three maybe four days.”

“And you?” Sarutobi asked.

Xander sat down in a chair. “I almost lost him…” he said as his hands began to shake. He quickly grabbed his knees to stop the shaking, but it did not go unnoticed. As Xander felt Sarutobi’s arms wrap around him in a fatherly embrace.

“I know, it is never easy to see someone you care for hurt this badly,” Sarutobi softly stated.

Xander could only nod as began to calm himself down. The adrenaline of tonight’s activities had finally ended and he knew that the emotions he pushed away were coming to the forefront. Tears began falling from his face as the night replayed itself. He almost lost Naruto… That thought stared hard back at Xander as Naruto’s face slowly changed to another person, a friend, a confidant, a brother… “Jessie,” Xander quietly said as he remembered the night that he ended the demon that took his brother away from him. He remembered the times they had shared, the days sitting around debating about which superhero was the best, which one would be they like to be, and the pranks they pulled on others. He had almost lost Naruto… Just like he lost Jessie. That thought struck him hard as the tears became cries of sadness. He soon clung on to Sarutobi’s arms and unleashed the pent up emotions of the night, and the night that he lost his brother.

Sarutobi watched as the young man before him cried. He had seen this same reaction many times before, and it still hurts every single time. He remembered friends that had lost family members, mothers who lost daughters, fathers who lost sons, brothers and sisters that lost their parents. It was never easy to watch, but for Sarutobi, who loved the village, it was a nightmare. Every lost was a blow to him. He remembered the past and remembered the night that the Yondaime lost his life for the village. He could still hear the wails and the cries of disbelief. The Yondaime was a powerful man, but what drew many to him was his heart. This was the main reason why even today, many people still hated Naruto, because in there minds, Naruto took away the Yondaime. Sarutobi slowly exhaled a breath that he never knew he was holding. ‘It’s never easy,’ replayed over and over in his mind.

Slowly Xander began to calm down. Wiping away the tears and cleaning himself off as best he could, he embarrassingly removed himself from Sarutobi’s arms. “Sorry,” he softly said.

Sarutobi nodded, “I know, and it’s okay. If you ever need to do that again… At least bring a handkerchief,” he said exposing the tear stained arm.

Xander chuckled.

“Now, I have a question for you, about the kidnapper’s arm?” Sarutobi asked.

Xander nodded, “As you know, when I first came here I had items with me.” See Sarutobi nod, he continued, “One of those items explained how to re-equip myself, well I began experimenting on some ‘things’ that I saw in this village, more precisely the explosive tags and enhancing items with your chakra. So I decided to experiment, I soon found that I could enhance my weapon to what you were told.”

Sarutobi was stunned; he remembered the items that Xander had with him when he first arrived. He could not believe that those items would be produce the amount of damaged. “How?”

“A lot of testing,” Xander said as he thought about his time experimenting on those bullets.


In a wooded area
Several miles away from Konoha

Xander was looking at his new invention, although the principle behind it was sound, he still did not know what would happen until he tested it. He had seen the Nins do this many times, hiding items inside other items. It was uses as a diversionary tactic, but nonetheless, he knew that if he applied modern ingenuity, he would produce a successful test. He used his metal shop to create a hollow bullet, within the bullet; he very carefully put explosive tags. He knew that he needed a way to ignite the note, so he designed the tip of the bullet to ignite on impact. It took many attempts but he soon found that if he etch a seal of fire it would ignite the explosive note and allow the bullet to become even more deadly.

Today would be the first test of his new design. He used his newly designed flintlock instead of his regular gun so that it if it failed the only thing that would be damaged would be the flintlock. He stood a few feet away behind a fallen log and pulled the cord to fire the flintlock.


Xander shook his head as he attempted to get the ringing out of his ears. He looked at his target. What once was a fallen log, was now a crater that was three feet wide.

Xander looked at the flintlock and saw that the end barrel had become cracked and would not be used to fire another bullet.

“That’s one SPICY meatball,” he said. Realizing there was no one around to comment about his statement, Xander sighed and picked up his equipment. ‘Back to the drawing board, you would think that someone would have groaned about my comment,’ he thought as he walked back to Konoha.

End Flashback

Xander shook his head and remembered why he was there. Looking at the Hokage, he knew that the consequences of his actions tonight would affect his standing with the village. He knew that if he had any chance of surviving this, he needed to act quickly and get the Hokage to his side. “So I assume you wanted some clarification?” he asked.

The conversation lasted to the morning hours, Xander and Satorubi talked about himself, what his hopes and dreams, and the most important thing… Naruto.

“So you wish to leave with Naruto,” Satorubi said.

“Yes,” replied Xander.

“You know that there will be some dangers with him leaving,” Satorubi said.

“That’s if anyone reveals his parentage,” Xander said.

“True, but what about his education,” Saturobi said.

“What do you mean?” Xander said.

“You know his dream… What do you intend to do about it,” Saturobi said.

“I will train him, and if I find someone who is interested, I will have Naruto train with them as well,” Xander said.

“I do know some individuals who are willing to help, but could you do me a favor. Come back to Konoha every once and a while for me to see how he as grown. If you do this I will have those individual come and help Naruto train,” Saturobi said.

Xander thought about what Saturobi said. He, finally, looked back at Saturobi, “Okay, I will ask Naruto, but if he decides not to…”

Saturobi nodded. “Okay, but I will need monthly reports about how he has progressed while your away.”

Xander looked at Saturobi, “Man, you like to bargain don’t you.”

Saturobi chuckled, “You have no idea.”

Near the Uchiha compound

Xander smiled as he snuck into the Uchiha compound. It wasn’t very hard to get past the guards and into the compound. Saturobi was very good bargainer. Luckily, Xander was able to keep most of his dignity and secrets to himself. However, he knew that if Saturobi had kept him longer, he doubted that he would be able to walk away with the shirt of his back. As he entered the inner sanctum of compound, he activated his Mangekyo Sharingan, he began searching. ‘I know it is here. If memory serves me right, only those with the Mangekyo can se… Ah ha, I knew that it was here,’ he thought as he pushed the white bottom of the Uchiha fan. The family shrine began to move to the side to reveal a hidden compartment. Opening the hidden compartment, Xander saw the scroll, before he took the scroll out. He returned his eyes to the Sharingan to see if there were any other traps that were not seen under Mangekyo. He noticed that the scroll was tilted slightly upward. He slowly felt around the scroll to find a button. Making sure to hold down the button, he removes the scroll. Once he removed the scroll, he quickly moved away from the compartment. He heard a click, but instead of a trap, which he expected the floor next to the shrine open up. Xander approached the opening and saw that there was a stairwell going down. Xander quickly grabbed a candle, lit it and began slowly going down the stairwell.

Once he was at the bottom of the stairwell, Xander noticed that it went to continued forth. He would occasionally change his eyes from normal, to Sharingan, to Mangekyo Sharingan. He did this, not only to finely tune his chakra, but to see if there were any traps that were placed in the hallway. When he finally reached the end of the hall, he saw an unrolled scroll. The first sentence shocked Xander to the core.

My name is Uchiha Madara, and this is my story.

Later that Night,
At Xander’s Place

Xander slowly walked back to Naruto’s and his place. The revelation of Madara Uchiha and his relations to the Kyuubi was shocking. That however was not the only revelation, Xander now found an interesting situation concerning the Mangekyo Sharingan. It seems that once activated the longer one uses the Mangekyo, the more likely the person will go blind. However, according to Madara there were three ways to solve this issue. One, was of course not to use the Mangekyo, and thereby stave off the blindness. The other option, caused Xander to shudder. He could tell that the second option was written latter than the other two. The details showed how dark Madara had become. This was something that truly frightened Xander. From what he had read, and from his own experiences, Xander knew the temptation and allure of power, but he also has seen what happens to those who got the power.

Xander walked home and contemplated his options. He knew that in order to obtain power, it has to be mastered. He had spent months on his Sharingan, he knew what it could and could not do. He had spent day building up his body so that he could hunt the vampires. He had seen what had happened to those who seek power. After all, TV was not just for watching those cool “Your Kung Fu is weak” movies. As he approached his home, he strengthened his resolve. He knew the dangers of the Sharingan. Now he had to overcome them.

Xander breathed out and entered his home. He knew that for the next few days, he would have to watch Naruto closely. He knew that the council members would attempt to kill Naruto to get him to do their bidding. However, what they did not know was how good he had gotten with the jutsus he copied since he was here. ‘Tonight is for planning and for preparation,’ he thought as he went to his workshop to get ready for the following days.

Two Week Later

Xander had been working hard, he had stopped three more attempts against Naruto, it wasn’t until the third attempt that he got some information about who was behind it. The only thing that he got from the Nin was one word… “Ne.” It took him another three attempts before he found a name… Danzo.

Hokage’s Tower

Danzo had come from an intense fight with the Sandaime about the appropriation of fund to intensify the training of the ANBU.

‘First, he disbands the Ne. Then, he refuses to make that… thing a weapon. And now, he won’t even consider heightening level of training because of the “so-called” peace that we have. Baahhh, we should have decided on a new Hokage, instead of following that insufferable blond twits last wishes,’ he thought as he went toward his office. When he arrived, he began looking for documents that would support his claim so that when he went to the elders, he could get them to force the Sandaime to increase the training. ‘And thereby making my “Ne” stronger,’ he thought as he went to another file. ‘Where is Koichi? He is suppose to report back about what he has learned about that demon loveeerrr…” Danzo said as he stops and finally notices the room.

The entire office was trashed. Papers were sprawled every where, the cabinets were open and his hidden com… part… ment… Danzo quickly dashed to his secret compartment, only to see that it was opened and the contents were missing. Cursing to himself, he rushed out to the two gaurds only to see them collapsed on the ground with needles stuck into their necks. Danzo knew that there was no-one around so he quickly dashed back into his office and immediately took stock of what was missing.

It was then that he heard a hissing sound, quickly turning his eyes went wide as he recognized what that sound mean. An explosive tag… several of them linked throughout his office. Before he could react, he saw a bright flash and then… darkness.

Saturobi was walking to Danzo’s office. Danzo had missed the evening meeting with the council and he was curious to why that was. It was when he approached Danzo’s office that the explosion occurred. He quickly called his ANBU and slowly entered into Danzo’s office, being very careful so that there would be no more traps would be triggered.

When they finally reached Danzo, they saw the blood and immediately went to his side.

“Get him to a hospital immediately!!” Saturobi yelled.

Sometime later

Saturobi sat at his desk. Recently Danzo was caught in an explosion. After they arrived at the hospital, Saturobi received the news an hour later. It seem that the explosion had taken the right eye of Danzo, his arm and there massive burns throughout his body. The explosion was not the worst of it. After pulling the information out of Danzo, Saturobi realized that “Ne” had been robbed, the extent was not known but Danzo was quick to blame Xander and Naruto. However, without any proper evidence and the fact that witnesses placed Xander with Naruto at the school, the accusations were dismissed, which did not help Danzo’s attitude. The only plus side was that the Danzo’s Ne had to take the fault, since the one that were suppose to protect Danzo and his office was his own “Ne”.

Saturobi breathe a sigh of relief, this attempt against Danzo helped his case. After all, if Danzo’s elite “Ne” could not stop an individual from attacking their leader and robbing the home office, how could training others to be like them be helpful. Saturobi now had more in his arsenal to stop Danzo from any more of his “improvements”. He sighed; things were becoming more and more unstable. There had been six attempts at Naruto. Luckily, Xander stopped them before Naruto even knew about it. Also, there had been more pressure from the council to force Xander to reveal if he was an Uchiha.

He sighed as he began looking at papers that were stacking up on his desk. ‘This will be the death of me,’ he thought as he sat down and began review the requisitions, complaints, requests for Nins, and other paperwork that seemed to have no end.

This was what Xander saw as he entered into the Hokage’s office. “Oi, Gramps… I have some things to talk about,” Xander said as he sat down in front of the Hokage’s desk.

“Hmm?” Saturobi said.

Xander tilted his head to the side; Saturobi nodded and dismissed his guards.

“So… how can I help you tonight, Xander?” Saturobi asked.

“I wanted to talk about me and Naruto’s trip. I decided that it is time for us to leave,” Xander said.

Saturobi frowned, “If this is because of those attacks…”

Xander interrupted, “That is not the only reason. There seems to be someone behind the scenes that is gunning for Naruto. I don’t know who it is yet, but I don’t want to put Naruto in that situation. At least, until he can take care of himself, that is.”

“So, what do you suggest?” Sarutobi asked.

“Right now… training and traveling to the other countries. That way, he will be more prepared on the dealing with other countries. Also, it would be a pretty good way for him to find out about the people, who are not oriented in hurting him.” Xander stated.

“Maybe, but who would guard him until then. I mean you are a carpenter. What could you know about training?” Saturobi asked.

“Nice, attempting to find out about my abilities. However, I was thinking about getting some of those training manuals that were in the library of the house. There are several training manuals that talk about different styles. I figured that I would follow those manuals to help training Naruto. Also, there seems to be a reference about Arashi’s sensei, who doesn’t seem to be here in Konoha.” Xander commented.

“You mean Jiraiya. He does not like being her in Konoha, too many bad memories,” Saturobi stated sadly.

“Well the good thing about life is that you can always make new ones,” Xander said.

Saturobi nodded. “I could get you an introduction, but I don’t know if he will accept.”

“Oh, trust me a couple of minutes with Naruto and I can guarantee that he will join up with us.” Xander said.

Saturobi nodded.

A few minutes later, Xander opened the door. With a smile from his face, Xander walked out of the Hokage’s chamber with a scroll in his arms.

The Next Day

Xander was waiting outside of the Hyugi compound as Naruto was saying his goodbye to Hinata. He had spoken with Naruto, about what his plans were. Naruto was at first hesitant, but after being explained the reasons (and the promise of many, many, MANY Ramen) finally got Naruto on his side.

After Naruto had left the Hyugi compound, both he and Xander walked to the main gates.

“You ready for this, Naruto?” Xander said.

Naruto nodded.

Naruto and Xander walked out of Konoha, both walked side by side with their large backpack behind them.

Author’s Notes:

A chibi form of the author walks into the spot light. He quickly raises his right hand and points upward as he settles on the standard heroic Sailor Moon pose.

I can’t believe some people would mock my greatness, I am the great Washu… Errr, I mean I am the great And Powerful Orochi, bow to my…

The chibi-author quickly shakes his head from side to side.

Dam, Mocha Café Espresso with Extra double shot of Espresso… I can’t even do a proper Author’s note without suffering from Caffeine withdrawal…

Before the chibi-author could continue Mini-Me comes out with a bat behind him, and gives a might swing. This launched the chibi-author into the air, Mini-Me is left in a classic batter’s pose with one hand holding the bat and the other shading his eyes to see how far the chibi-author would fly.


Wincing, Mini-Me looks into the camera, and shrubbed.

The curtain closes… So ends the life of chibi-author. May he rest in pieces.

Just kidding, I thought of doing this for a while now. Forgive me for the lateness of the story, but with training for a new job and the complications of attempting to get another certification, I found that I have less time on my hands than I normally do. Right now, I am working on two fanfictions that are on www(Period)fanfiction(period)net. It is under my author’s name so if you like this you may enjoy the other one as well.

On to business, I want to thank everyone that contributed to my question about where to go from here. I have considered all the options and although fast forwarding to the point were Naruto begins, I feel there is more back story that I could produce. Besides, as much as I like Naruto, Xander should be the main focus of the fiction. Sooooo… I have decided to wait until I get to at least chapter 8 or 9 before I begin at the Naruto anime. This way I can build some tension and work on more of the back-story about the relationship between Xander and his new life.

Anyway… a concerned reader asked about the power behind the gun that Xander used, I hope my explanation of how it became that powerful was good enough for you. Thank you for your input. Like any good author, I enjoy the feedback, especially if it can help my characters out.

PS) I recently lost my pre-reader list. IF anyone is interested in pre-reading all of my work, email me back… Let me know which ones you would like to read.

Training, training, training. This is all too much, Let’s find out what is going on in the world of mine. I hope the Sandaime doesn’t mind too much. What is this?? Who is this old man giggling like a girl?

Next time on White Knight of Konoha: Jiraiya, the Toad Sannin appears. What kind of sick perversions will Xander pick up from him? And why is Naruto poking a burned man with a stick?

The End?

You have reached the end of "The White Knight of Konoha" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Aug 07.

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