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The White Knight of Konoha

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Summary: What would happen if Xander was not born in Sunnydale. What would happen if he was sent back to where he was born. Revising chapters as the next chapter is being created.

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The White Knight of Konoha
By The Unknown 007

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Naruto, they are owned by companies that have way more money than I have. Don’t sue me because it isn’t worth the time or the money, since I have none of either.

‘ ’ - Thoughts

The “Birth” of Xander Harris

“Here are your sons,” a nurse came in carrying the twins.

“My sons,” Mikoto said. “Let me see them.”

“Have you decided on their names?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, this one is Itachi,” Mikoto said as she nuzzled one of the boys, “and this one is Alexander.”

Fugaku nodded, already he could sense the strength of his two sons. “They will be very powerful,” he said as he gave each child a Konoha headband.

Later that night

An alarmed blared from the hospital as nurses, doctors, and ninjas were running around. Fugaku ran to his wife’s room. Once there he saw her crying and clutching Itachi.

“Miko-chan, what’s wrong?” Hitachi asked.

“He took him!!!” Mikoto replied as she pointed toward the window.

Fugaku instantly went into action. Jumping out the window, he followed the tracts trying to catch the criminal, unfortunately, he soon lost the tracks.

Orochimaru was chuckling to himself, “Now I can find out all about the Sharingan and once I learn it’s secrets I will be able to learn all the techniques I can. Then soon I will live forever.”

As Orochimaru was ranting to himself, little did he know that fate and a wish would stop his plans.

In the Buffyverse

Jessica was frustrated, for weeks now, she had been trying to get pregnant. Trying being the operative word, Tony would always come home drunk, which meant that anything that Jessica would try would fall miserably. Right now, she was at a bar, Willy’s something, as she was contemplating her situation, some one tapped her on her shoulder.

“S’cuse me,” a too-cheery voice exclaimed.

Jessica sighed as the woman introduced herself as Halfrek. ‘Weird name,’ Jessica thought as they began to converse.

Three beers and two shots later, Jessica was moaning about her predicament. “You would think that it would be so hard to get the thing up, but noooo…”

Halfrek was tired, she knew that this woman would make an interesting wish, after all drunk people usually do, but, the woman was going on and on about her husband. Finally, Halfrek decided to put her foot down and get the wish. “If you could what would you wish to happen to him?”

Jessica was stunned, she never thought about wishing. Through her alcoholic-hazed mind she answered, “I wish for a son, one named Alexander.”

Halfrek was stunned, but a wish was a wish. “Granted,” she said as she let her magic run.

It is not commonly known, that when someone wishes for something near the Hellmouth, that Murphy’s Law tends to happen. Case in point, as Halfrek was granting her wish, a ‘rival’ decided to have some fun and alter the wish. ‘Let’s see what I can do about that,’ the ‘rival’ thought as she unleashed her magic at the same time. Once again Murphy decided to play a hand. As the magic combined, it went into the Hellmouth, which caused it to search in a different dimension, one where a certain Snake Sannin was happily thinking of the uses of Sharingan.


Orochimaru notice that the child was getting lighter, not knowing why that was happening he saw the child begin to fade away. He watched in wonderment as the child giggled and disappeared from view.

“AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!” was heard for miles as animals scurried away from the cries of anger and lost.


Jessica was surprised as a baby with a bandana in its hands appeared in front of her. She then turned toward Halfrek, only to find the woman had left. Not wasting a moment, Jessica took the child and when home. ‘At last a baby to raise, I hope Tony will be happy. I wonder what to call it.’ She paused as she checked the diaper. “I will name you Alexandro, and you will have my maiden name, Lavelle. Hmm, Alexandro Lavelle Harris, I like that.”

17 years later
Ethan’s Shop

“Damn it,” Xander exclaimed as he saw the last rifle being taken. “Now what, hm… pirate… no, magician… no, hmm, what is this.” Xander picked up an open package with a ninja sword and stars in it. After a short pause he remembered that he had a bandana from his birth parents. He took that and a water gun with him to the register. “Excuse me, I saw this package was open can I get a discount?”

Ethan looked and saw the items that the boy had brought. “And what are you going to be?”

“I don’t know yet, I can’t decide either an assassin or a maybe one of those Special Forces people,” Xander said.

Ethan chuckled as he thought of how quickly how much chaos either character would have tonight. “I tell you what, for the lot, I will take three dollars. Will that be alright?”

Xander smiled as he pulled out his wallet, “Deal.”

Later that night

Willow was running, she didn’t know what was happening but she knew that she had to do something. She then spotted him, ‘Xander, he will know what to do.’ “Xander!!!!” She screamed as she approached her best friend. “Xander you have to help me.”

“Who, what?” Xander said, “Who are you?”

“Oh, no Xander,” Willow said, “Not you two.”

“Xander?” Xander asked, “I am not this Xander, my name is Uchiha Alexander.”

It was then that Willow noticed something strange about Xander’s eyes. They were red with three commas surrounding the retinas. ‘What are those?’

Author’s Notes:
I thought I would try this out, this is an idea that I thought I would take up. It will be Xander focused and he will be sent to Konoha. I have not gotten much on the story line but I thought this would be a good teaser for anyone that wants it.

As for the “bandana”, Jessica was drunk and told him about being “adopted”.
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