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the Muppet Contracts

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dangerous Muppets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Angel Investigations takes the case of a murdered acting agent, they have no idea what sort of people they're about to meet...

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And the Killer Is...

Wesley decided to share his suspicions with the rest of the Angel Investigations. It wasn't enough that he was almost positive that Scooter Dee had murdered Kent Lanomer and attempted to frame the Count for the crime. He needed to have some sort of proof to go along with the motive and suspicion.

"I think you must have got the normal one," Cordelia grumbled before muttering "demon frogs and blue weirdos. uggh."

"I think that Scooter Dee killed Lanomer," Wesley put it bluntly. "Hardly a 'normal one', particularly if you consider his motive."

"Okay, what was the motive?" Cordelia snapped.

"With their agent dead, he felt that Miss Piggy and several other members of the former theater would have no option but to return to stage productions, with Scooter Dee as the manager," Wesley sighed, and rubbed at his temple. "Murder to facilitate ambition and a grab for power. I suppose that is fairly normal..."

"He framed the Count?" Angel's voice was little more than a whisper. "Is he insane?"

Wesley opened his mouth to reply and paused. As he thought back over his encounter with Scooter Dee and the way the strange small man had spoken, he shivered again. “I wouldn’t discount the possibility. He is certainly obsessed. And if he was willing to kill one man, he might be willing to kill again, especially if he feels it necessary to cover up his earlier murder.”

“We should tell Kate,” Angel offered. “She’s in a good position to get official evidence, and should know better than to underestimate someone, no matter how unlikely they may look.”

“And if he gets off on a technicality? We can’t just leave insane killers out there, hacking apart people in the acting business!” Cordelia stood up, eyes bright and gesturing wildly.

Wesley considered the idea, and sighed. “What else can we do? I don’t even know what he is, let alone how to kill him if need be.”

“If he walks on a technicality, I’ll tell the Count,” Angel spoke into the tense quiet. “The Count will be able to take care of him.”

“Maybe he’d best hope for a long prison term,” Wesley whispered, remembering the entries in the Watcher’s Journals about the Count’s murder and dismemberment of a mathematician in Williamsburg.

“It won’t be in our hands to decide if he goes to prison,” Angel commented. “And I don’t know if that would keep him safe from the Count if he felt it necessary.”

Wesley shook his head, and dialed the number for Detective Lockley. He didn’t look forward to this explanation at all.

End Muppet Contracts 10: And the Killer Is…
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