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the Muppet Contracts

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dangerous Muppets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Angel Investigations takes the case of a murdered acting agent, they have no idea what sort of people they're about to meet...

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Television > Muppets, TheLucindaFR152129,642912130,90512 Mar 069 May 10Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


author: Lucinda
rated y-7? y-14?
part of the 'Muppet Contracts' series.
main characters:
disclaimer: If you recognize them, they aren't mine. Oscar is a muppet, and therefore legal rights go to Henson Puppetry, Angel is the creation of Joss Whedon & his writers for the BtVS and A:tS television shows.
distribution: if you want this bit of insanity, just let me know.
notes: um, let's just say sort of AU after Wesley started working at AI in that they aren't working for W&H (because the evil law-firm are the bad guys) but that time has passed since Wes started working with Angel. The Muppet Theater has been closed.


Angel blinked at the shaggy green thing that was glaring at him from inside the trash can. There were large, bloodshot eyes the size of apples, and a wide mouth that went almost half way around the creature's head. A mouth like that could probably take a very large bite, and he had no idea what the thing ate.

Squaring his shoulders, Angel spoke in a firm voice, "I need to find..."

The creature didn't even let him finish. "I said scram! Get away from my trash! Now!"

"Doctors Bunsen and Beaker, from Muppet labs," Angel tried to continue.

Trash started to rattle, and the green thing growled at Angel, the large eyes looking more yellow, almost like the way a vampire's eyes changed, though the shape of his face remained the same. The fur did fluff out some, where the patches of unidentified slime and garbage didn't cause it to cling too closely to the thing's body. "Get out now!"

Angel considered the situation. He was facing an unknown, obviously unfriendly creature that looked about a heartbeat away from violent hostility. Chances were that this Oscar didn't know where a pair of eccentric scientists were anyhow. They hadn't been closely linked to the Muppet Theatrical group in over a decade anyhow. Angel had no idea what Oscar was, what he could do, or how to kill him.

Maybe this wasn't the time to press boldly ahead. Discretion was the better part of... something. Virtue? Wisdom?

"I'll just stop bothering you then," Angel took a few steps backwards, not wanting to turn his back on Oscar.

"And good riddance!" the thing shouted, ducking back down into the trash can and slamming the lid.

Walking away, Angel muttered, "What a grouch."

end Muppet Contracts 3: Grouchy.
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