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A new blending of minds.

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Summary: B:VS/SG1 crossover: A member of the Buffy team will become a Tok'ra. Deep dark Secrets will be revealed. Alliances will be made. Enemies will appear, new enemies but old as well. Enjoy. *EVIL GRIN*

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1ObsidianFR1833,0910137,17612 Mar 066 Nov 06No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter 3: Mysteries abound

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Sg-1 or Buffy the vampire slayer characters.

Also sorry I have updated in a while. Real world has taken over but I will try to update more often.

Ok now onto the story. Enjoy.


Rupert Giles unlocked his door and walked into his modestly decorated home. As he did so he looked down and found a letter had been pushed underneath his door. He Frowned and picked it up and started towards the bathroom for a much needed shower. As he looked down at the envelope he stopped. He frowned and sighed.

In the upper right corner where the stamp should be was a symbol. He recognized that symbol, it was the watchers council symbol. There was only one other word on the envelope "Giles". In Bold Text. This told him that the letter was urgent. That it had been delivered in the manner that it had been told him it was urgent as well.

Deciding the shower could wait he walked to his couch and took a seat. Picking up the letter opener he opened the envelope slowly not wishing to disturb the contents. He placed the letter opener back on the table and withdrew the neatly folded page contained within the letter and began to read.
To: Rupert Giles

From: The Board of Executives

Let it be known on this day you have been notified to expect a special representative that is to be given full cooperation and respect due him. He will explain his position within our company upon his arrival. He is to be treated as if one of this board where there instead of him. His purpose for being there will become clear upon his arrival.

He carries further instructions on his person that will be given to you soon after his arrival. Please be aware this representative of our company only makes trips on dire need only and this is such a time. Prepare your employees for his arrival and express upon them the need to be respect full and to cooperate fully with any and all requests.

He will arrive within two days of this letter being received by private vehicle acquired locally. This is is being done as to not stand out from any other residence of your area.


The Board of Executives.

Giles sighed and set the letter down on the table and just stared at it and pondered it's meaning. 'This is strange the council has never sent anyone here before. And why be so cryptic about it? This is not like them at all. Very unusual to say the least. I'll inform Buffy and the other tomorrow after I've had a shower and good nights rest. Because God only knows when I might be able to do so in peace again' Giles thought to himself.

Giles then stood up and walked to his private bedroom in preparation for a much needed relaxing soak.


Willow Rosenberg sat up with a start and looked around her room. She found no one there but it still felt like someone was watching her.

Chanting a simple night sight spell she once again peer around her room and still found nothing. She hmmed to herself and lay back down ready for anything that might happen.

Meanwhile across town a late 80's model four door ford slowly made it's way into town towards the local motel. Stopping and cutting the motor off the single occupant opened the door and stepped out. He was unremarkable. Average height of five foot eight. Neatly cut hair. And wearing a simple business suit.

He walked to the front desk and paid for a single room for the night. Taking his keys from the desk clerk he walked to his room and inserted the key into the door. Opening the door he walked in slowly inspecting the room as he did so. Not finding anything out of place that he could see he closed the door and set down the briefcase that he had been until this point carrying in his left hand.

Reaching over he picked up the receiver to the single phone in the room and ran his credit card through the reader attached to the phone base and dialed a long string of numbers.

"I have arrived ahead of schedule and will observe Rupert Giles and his charges before making contact." He spoke into the receiver once someone had answered his call. "Yes, Understood. I will not make contact until I am sure it is safe to do so. I will call again once that has been done."

With this said he returned the handset to it's cradle and laid back on the bed to contemplate his next move.

While this mystery man was making his call a group of vampires where stalking their prey.

But this was not any prey to be chased and caught. This smallish man was running just far enough into a dark alley so he could insure that the predates that was at this moment chasing him did not have a chance to escape.

He reached the end of the dead end alley and stopped. As he turned he saw the vampires that had been chasing him up to this point stopped five feet away and begin laughing. "No where to run human, you are about to become a midnight snack. DIG in boys!!!" the leader shout and his underlings began to move.

The man before them was about medium height and build. He was wearing a pair of dark black jean, black shoes and a black shirt. On his head was an old style cowboy hat fit snuggle onto his head. His head came up and he looked at the charging vampires and smiled. At this moment his eyes flashed gold and he swung into action.

With a power full right hook he took off the head of the first vampire in reach and he became dust in the wind. This brought the others up short. And sealed their doom.

The golden eyed man before them dressed in black pulled a sword from underneath his shirt and began to swing. Never missing, never wavering until all of the vampire save the leader where dust.

He turned to the leader who by this time stood trembling to shocked and to scared to move or even run. "Bow before your God, weakling BOW before SHEZMU the destroyer of the damned. Bow now and be swiftly destroyed or linger on forever in pain!!" the man in black said in a metallic tone that was like nothing the vampire had ever heard.

The vampire was so shocked at this that he fell backwards and lay before Shezmu. He looked up at this being who was not human or vampire and watched the black come down. With one swing he cleaved the vampire before him down the middle. He savored the look on the vampires face an instant before he to became dust and blew away.

From atop a nearby building a vampire leaped away to tell his master of the new predator had arrived in town.


The questions raised in this chapter are.

1.Who is this special agent sent by the council?

2.Who is watch willow and why?

3.Who is this Shezmu destroyer of the damned. What kind of Go'uld is he.

In the Chapters these answers will be given and more. So stay tuned. More to come.

Read and Review and even give some suggestions. I'm always open to suggestions.


The End?

You have reached the end of "A new blending of minds." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Nov 06.

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