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A new blending of minds.

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Summary: B:VS/SG1 crossover: A member of the Buffy team will become a Tok'ra. Deep dark Secrets will be revealed. Alliances will be made. Enemies will appear, new enemies but old as well. Enjoy. *EVIL GRIN*

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1ObsidianFR1833,0910137,17712 Mar 066 Nov 06No

Chapter One: The trip begins

Disclaimer: Buffy the vampire and SG1 are not mine and all characters are owned by their respective creators unless otherwise stated.

This is my first fan fiction so feel free to Read and Review. Hope you Enjoy it.

He stood on the observation deck below the bridge of the ship and looked out. What he saw took his breath away.

Laid out before was a vista of stars that seemed never ending A star here and there twinkled with a pale blue or red light. Some Even green. He was amazed at the brilliance that shone from stars so far away.

He took a deep breath and let his gaze drift to the far right where a star shone much brighter than all the others. It was still some distance away but much much closer than the rest. He knew that around this star whirled his home. His earth. It felt strange yet exciting to be out here among the stars staring back at an ever receding sun and earth.

His mind wondered to friends he may not see again. Family that would miss him. And enemies that would find others to torment in his absence. Sighing one last time he looked away and allowed one tear to fall before wiping it away as slid down his cheek.

He turned as he heard the door behind him open. “Excuse me sir. If you would like I can show you your room now. I know you never been on a ship like this and we don't want you to get lost” Stated the young man that walked through the just opened door.

This man appeared to be in his early to mid twenties and was wearing a green military uniform with several patches on each arm. One patch looked like a pyramid with a sun over it on a blue background.

The man who had turned his attention to this young man in military uniform spoke as his eyes flashed