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Return of War.

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Summary: Xander is chosen to awaken the God of War. Strife kidnaps Xander and takes him to Hades to learn about a new Prophecy. Slash. Xander/Ares, Giles/Hades, and Spike/Strife in later chapters.

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredSpiritravenFR2179,303167525,45713 Mar 069 Nov 12No

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Chapter One

Title: Return of War
By: Spiritraven
Warnings: Slash and maybe some violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Xena.

Author's Note: This idea has been in my head for awhile now begging to be written.

Chapter One:

Xander watched as Buffy flirted with Angel sitting on his lap making him sick. He couldn't understand what she saw in him it was like she forgot what Angel was a vampire. Yeah, Angel might have a soul now, but that doesn't mean he is of the good. Too bad Buffy didn't see it that way. Xander might have liked Angel if he didn't blame everything on Angelus forgetting that Angelus is a part of him and he needed to take part of the blame. Angel was a vampire and he was still dangerous. Xander was the Zeppo and no one listened to him or even talked to him unless it was too send him on a donut run. He was tired of feeling unless, but hey what can he do. Xander didn't want to lose his friends.

"Hey Xander, can you get us a pizza?" Buffy asked not looking up from her boyfriend. "Getting kind of hungry here."

"Yeah, and something to drink." Willow looked up from the book she was reading and smiled briefly before getting back to her researching.

"Sure thing, guys." Xander forced the normal silly grin on his face. They never even notice it was forced. "The Xan-man to the rescue."

"Oh, and a coffee if you would Xander." Giles handed the boy some money. "Thank you."

"Sure thing, G-man." Xander said with false cheer.

"Don't call me that." Giles glared at the teen.

Strife followed Alexander quietly as he walked from the library. He has been watching the boy since he was born knowing he was the one that will awaken Ares from the Twilight. Strife was given back his life after the Twilight and sent to Earth by Hades to watch out for the Chosen. He knew the minute Alexander was born that he would be the one. It was Strife that gave the thought to the mother to name her son Alexander, Protector of Man. The time was near and so the return of the God of War is at hand. Strife really didn't care about the other Gods except for Cupid, but he knew Ares would awaken his son. Xena made such a mess of things and now the world was in chaos with only those jerks that call themselves the Powers that Be watching over things. Strife knew the Gods were needed more now then ever before.

Alexander will be the one to bring about a new age and Strife couldn't wait, which is why he protected the mortal. He did wonder why the boy put up with his so-called friends. They treated the boy like a slave and he could be so much more and Strife planned to make sure that happened.

"It's kinda dangerous being out this late kid." Strife stepped out in front of the human. "You should be at home where it's all nice and safe."

Xander stepped back when he saw the strange man with spiky black hair and dressed completely in leather. The guy looked like he belonged in the 1980's. This guy had to be a demon there was no way he could be normal not with that look in his eyes. "Yeah, that's why I'm about to head home." Xander tried to step around the guy only to have him block the way.

"It's time, Alexander." Strife gave an insane giggle scaring the daylights out of Xander. "Time to awaken your God."

Okay now Xander was really scared. "Man, I don't know what you're talking about."

Strife knew he was scaring Alexander, but some things can't be helped. "You're special kid."

"What do you mean?" Xander stopped moving backwards. "How do you know me?"

Strife grinned grabbed the mortal and flashed out. Hades would be able to explain a lot better then him.

Hades was sitting on his throne when his great nephew along with the human Alexander appeared before him. He could see the fear in the teen's eyes and knew he needed to say something.

"There is nothing to fear Alexander everything is just fine." Hades stood up walking over to them. "Do not be afraid."

Xander was scared and looked around. "Where am I?"

"The Underworld." Hades placed a hand on Alexander's shoulder. "I am Hades and the idiot next to you is Strife, God of Mischief."

Now Xander knew he had to have lost his mind. This guy just said he was God of the Dead and the other guy was also a God. "Okay, God of Dead people, why am I here?"

Hades smiled; Alexander was trying to hide his fear it was cute in a way. "I am the Ruler of the Underworld, I am not the God of the Dead. That is someone else young one."

"Yeah, Thanatos wouldn't like it much if Hades tried to take his job." Strife leaned against the stone wall keeping his eyes on Alexander and Hades.

"Why am I here?" Xander wasn't scared even though he knew he should be. There was no way Buffy or the others could get to him here in the Underworld.

Hades took a sit back on his throne and waved his hand making two chairs appear in front of him. "Sit both of you and I'll tell you about the Prophecy made by the Fates before they fell into the Twilight."

Xander sat down next to Strife wondering why they believe he had something to do with this prophecy. It was always about Buffy not him. He wasn't special like Buffy, Willow, Oz, or even Angel. Giles was the Watcher, but Xander was only the Zeppo. "I think you got the wrong Scooby."

"No, Alexander you are the right one." Hades smiled softly which wasn't like him at all. Strife was freaked out. "You have the blood of the innocent one in your veins."

"Joxer." Strife remembered the follower of Xena. Joxer was one of Ares even though he followed Xena and was very loyal to his God. In the end when the Way came Joxer gave his life to protect Ares.

"Who's Joxer?" The name sounded very familiar to Xander, he couldn't place where he heard it from before.

Strife told Alexander all about Joxer the Mighty and the life he lead right up to his death by Xena his so-called friend only because he followed a God she hated more then anything. "You remind me of Joxy. You have the same heart he once had."

"Like Joxer your mother was a follower of Ares even though not many worship the Greek Gods as we were known as." Hades hated how the humans forgot about them like they were nothing only legends of old. "When you were born your mother pledged you to Ares."

"The first child to be pledged to one of us in over two thousand years." Strife admitted. "That's why ya special."

"You can awaken my nephew, Alexander." Hades couldn't wait for Ares to become King of the Gods and unseal Olympus only then could Hades travel the worlds at will. As much as he loved his kingdom Hades missed Olympus.

"You want me to wake up the God of War?" Xander asked with wide eyes.

"Yes, it's your destiny." Hades said simply.

There was no way Xander was going to wake up the God of War. They had enough big bads out there without him bringing a God into the mix. Buffy would kill him if she learned about this. "Nah, I don't think that's a good idea."

"Listen to me Xander." Hades voice was very serious. "The Powers don't care what happens to you or the Earth. The Gods do as we get our powers from the people. A great evil will return and the Slayer will not even be able to stop Dahak."

Strife snorted. "Hercules had a hard time sending that bastard where he belonged."

"This Dahak guy is bad?" Xander had a bad feeling about this guy.

"Dahak scares tha shit outta me, Alexander." Strife admitted with a giggle. "And I'm a God."

"Ares has to be awaken, Alexander." Hades couldn't force the child it wouldn't solve anything. "Research Ares and the rest of the Gods. Strife will return in three days."

"You're giving me a choice?" Xander didn't know if he should trust Hades.

"Yes, you will not be forced. It won't work that way you have to be willing." Hades knew that much for a fact. "Strife return Xander to where he was before you brought him here."

Strife nodded placed a hand on Xander's shoulder and flashed them out.
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