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Dawn's Day at the Mall

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Summary: Dawn gets left at the Springfield mall while the others investigate a fish story...

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Cartoons > Simpsons, The(Moderator)KaylaShayFR71464031,48614 Mar 0614 Mar 06Yes
TITLE: Dawn's Day at the Mall
AUTHOR: Kayla Shay
DISCLAIMER: I do not own BtVS, the Simpsons or any characters used.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was spawned by a discussion over on the forums. If you want to know why, go read it Dawn - Handed-ness?

Dawn glared at the car leaving the parking lot of the Springfield mall. The others were heading off to investigate reports of a three-eyed fish demon in the local lake and had decided that she should be left at the mall for her protection. No matter what she did, what dead language she learned, she would never be seen as a grown-up by the rest of the gang.

Walking through the mall she noticed that unlike your so-called 'normal' malls anywhere else in the country, with stores like GAP, Sears and Best Buy, this mall had some odd ones. The "Perky Hut" sounded like a place to find and item or two for Willow. While she was puzzled by a store called "The Ladder Barn". How much business could a ladder only store receive? She made a note to come back to "SIMPLY SHOES" after she checked out the second floor.

As she reached the top of the escalator, she noticed a large crowd gathering in the store off to the side. Looking at the name she felt a rush of glee from deep inside. The store was called "The Leftorium" and it specialized in items designed for left-handed people. Dawn stepped through the doorway and entered heaven.

Items of all kinds surrounded her. There was clothing with 'lefty' slogans on them, corkscrews, apple peelers, ledger books, pinking shears and even a car with a left-handed gearshift.

Then Dawn laid eyes on the item she had to have. There was actually a set of left-handed nunchucks. They would make the perfect hidden weapon.

After paying for the item, Dawn stepped back and looked at the crowded store. A wave of disorientation passed over her as she realized that there were more people in the store than what should theoretically be able to fit inside. Add to the fact that everyone, even down to the babies, seemed to be left-handed. Then, to top it off, they broke out into song. Something hellmouthy was definitely afoot.

With flashbacks of the demon Sweet and Buffy's near combustion, Dawn ran from the store and paced anxiously outside until the gang drove up. She jumped in the car and told them to never, under any circumstances, let her go to the mall by herself again.

At least she got a decent left-handed set of nunchucks from the crazy store and the others had a plastic water-filled bag with a three-eyed fish demon it...

Subsequently, Springfield was marked as 'never visit again - too weird' in the official Scooby Travel Guide.


The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn's Day at the Mall". This story is complete.

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