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Summary: Stargate/Buffy/HHGTTG William the Bloody is an awful poet - what would happen if the Vogons found out about him? No pairings as yet.

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Stargate > Spike-Centered
Movies > Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
warlockFR1536690174,23214 Mar 0628 Dec 06No

Chapter One

Disclaimer - don't own them, just playing nice in the sandpit. No harm, no foul.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jack looked at Daniel who shrugged.

“You have got to be joking?!”

“No. According to Thor these guys, Vogons are their name, are on the way to destroy earth.”

“Because of a poet.”

“A very bad poet. Who is supposed to be worse than them at poetry.”

“And they can’t allow that, huh? So, Earth goes boom to remove a rival. Bit extreme.” Jack scowled at his coffee.

“Thor also said if we get this guy off the planet that will send these poetry buffs off chasing him, and they’ll most likely leave us alone.”

“Neat.” Jack’s voice dripped with sarcastic enthusiasm. “We get our first intergalactic fugitive because his prose sucks.”

“It’s not that bad.” Daniel offered a thin volume to Jack. “He wrote most of it a while back.”

Jack looked at the date of the poetry book. “Hey, it was a posthumous release. This guy’s dead and they still want a piece of him?”

“He’s not dead. Well, he is, but he’s still around.”

“No. You do not get to tell me weird squirrelly shit at this time of day.” Jack waved his hands in front of him. At Daniel’s amused look, he sighed. “Okay, so no time is good. Lay it on me.”

Daniel placed a file in front of Jack. “Well, he’s undead. A vampire named William.”

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking