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Slayers of the Old Republic

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Summary: The Hellmouth's collapse sends Buffy into a galaxy far far away...4000 years in the past. Xover with KOTOR

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Chapter One

Slayers of the Old Republic
Book I: Arrival/Endar Spire
By Michael Weyer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer owned by Mutant Enemy
Star Wars owned by Lucasfilm
Knights of the Old Republic created by Bioware Entertainment

Frankly, I’m surprised no one has come up with this before. All comments are welcomed but for fans of KOTOR, keep in mind, some Buffy fans may not have played the game so be careful spilling secrets and such. Hope you enjoy.

A stone.

That was all that stood before Buffy Summers and the last leap to get out of the rapidly collapsing Hellmouth. A simple loose stone, like the others that flew around the chaos of the falling town. In other circumstances, it wouldn’t have mattered one bit. But in this case, it made all the difference.

She was running along a roof, prepared to make the jump to an adjourning one when her foot stumbled upon that loose stone. She fell forward, trying to keep her balance but it was too late and she fell onto the roof. She gasped loud, trying to rouse herself even as she felt the roof slowly give way under her.

Buffy yelled as she reached for a handhold, something, anything, to slow her fall but the entire structure was giving way underneath her. She felt herself being turned around as the building slid into the rapidly expanding pit. She thought she heard a familiar voice screaming her name from up close but she couldn’t make it out over the roar that filled her ears.

She turned as the building finally fell apart and she felt herself going into freefall. She saw the maw of the Hellmouth opened up, energy flowing about. She realized it was over, that there was no way she could escape. Her mind flowed to all the people she was leaving behind. Giles, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Faith, the Potentials….Angel.

Keep them safe, was her last thought and prayer just before she tumbled into the waiting hole. Keep them safe…and don’t let them bring me back again.

And then she was in the Hellmouth, feeling its energies tearing at her, feeling herself ripped in a dozen different directions, heard herself scream as light filled her vision….

And then she landed on something hard.

She lay for a few moments, shivering all over as her mind tried to pull itself back together again. She realized she was on a metal floor and could smell smoke filling her nostrils. She slowly pulled her head up to see the bizarre tableau before her.

Two figures stood in the middle of the room. It appeared they had been fighting, somehow, both distracted by her sudden appearance but were right back at it. One was clad head to toe in what looked like large black robes, a helmet covering his face completely. The other was a quite striking young woman whose brown hair was held in a ponytail and who wore some rather elaborate robes. Both of them held what looked like a blade of light in their hands. The dark man’s was red while the woman’s was yellow.

Buffy stared at the battle before her, not understanding what she was seeing. She witnessed the two going at it, neither giving the other any quarter. The man gestured with his hand and a piece of metal suddenly rose from the floor and flew at the woman. She managed to back up enough to strike it with her light blade and then blocked the attempted thrust by the man.

Buffy slowly got to her feet and looked around. She saw the bodies of several people spread out in the room. Some wore robes similar to the woman’s. The others wore dark hoods and suits like the man’s. Something caught Buffy’s eye and she turned to see a large window facing out into…


Buffy blinked three times before she could accept that she truly was looking into outer space. Not just that, but a space where some sort of battle was going on, ships of various types flying around and streams of light criss-crossing the darkness.

The sound of the battle got her attention as the dark garbed man slammed his saber at the woman’s, sending her stumbling back. He hissed something in a language Buffy could not understand. The woman replied in a defiant tone as she prepared to lunge.

Buffy didn’t have the slightest clue what was going on around her or who these people were. However, if all those years as the Slayer had taught her anything, it was recognizing evil. And this guy practically wore it like cologne. With that, Buffy immediately launched herself at him.

The man gasped as her foot hit his back, sending him stumbling forward. He whirled on her and held out his hand. A blast of lightning extended from it and hit Buffy straight in the chest. She screamed in pain as she was sent flying back, landing hard against a wall.

Suddenly, the room seemed to explode, an entire section of the ceiling collapsing onto them, smoke and sparks spreading around. The man was struck by a large piece of ceiling and pinned down to the ground just as coil flew about to strike him. His body jerked and spasmed for several moments before going still.

Buffy flopped on the floor, her body raked with pain and cold. Shadows began to fall across her eyes as she saw the woman move to the man and take the mask off. She stared at him, then at Buffy and moved toward her. Her face was lined with concern and it was the last thing Buffy saw before darkness claimed her….
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