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The Tale of Bilbo the Hobbit and His Adventure

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Summary: The Hobbit, in poem format. (Written several years ago, for school.)

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Lord of the Rings > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesKneazlesFR1317010293114 Mar 0614 Mar 06Yes
Title: The Tale of Bilbo the Hobbit and His Adventure
Author: Kneazles
Rating: FR13
Genera: The Hobbit (prolog of sorts to LotR)
Disclaimer: None of these characters or ideas related to the plot belong to me, they belong to J.R.R Tolkien. I am not making any profit from this piece, it was originally for school and I posted it for entertainment purposes only.
Author’s Notes: Jrabbit’s review in poetry challenge inspired me to dig this out and post it. It is basically The Hobbit transformed into Poetry form, and beware I frequently took advantage of poetic license in writing this.

There was a well to do Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins of Bag-End
Why one would go on an adventure he could not comprehend
Until one day, he was visited by thirteen dwarfs and Gandalf the Gray
The dwarfs’ home stolen by a dragon and only memories and map to guide the way

Three ugly blundering Trolls; the first challenge of the quest…
What to do? Only one-Gandalf-escaped capture, unlike the rest
Talk until the sun came up and turned the trolls to stone, that’s what he did
The party then raided the cave in which, when the sun was out the trolls hid.

And next across elves they came.
As one knows elves and dwarfs rarely get along with one another
As they could learn from one another, this was a shame
Off they went with no hard feelings but information. What would be the next bother?

Goblins... If it weren’t for Bilbo’s yell all would have been captured
For that yell woke Gandalf who escaped, avoiding the torture that would have followed
13 dwarfs locked away and Bilbo was unnoticed so in search of his friends he went
A ring and a riddle contest he found, how many riddles could he invent?

For if Bilbo couldn’t stump Gollum, a meal he would become
And his friends would be doomed -- the Goblins might eat them like a plumb
At last Bilbo won and was free from Gollum’s grasp would the dwarfs be free as well?
A key was found and the dwarfs were freed but what was next? Only time would tell

In a meadow the evil wolves, Wargs had the 15 up trees.
And there the eagles rescued our friends, if you please
After safety was reached, Gandalf was soon to leave
All were sad for, Gandalf was to stay with them or so they had began to believe

In pairs they visited Beron
After telling their tale they were treated with warmness
With supplies renewed, they once again go on
And they go off to the forest of darkness

Next they must cross the enchanted stream,
That caused one to sleep and dream
Next came giant spiders and mysterious lights
This lead to many survival fights

Wood Elves captured the dwarfs for as I have told you, the two species do not agree
Bilbo went unnoticed and thus free
The hobbit wondered about and finally was able to free the dwarfs of thirteen
In barrels they rode to freedom and when let out many looked green

To the mountain they went. Inside went Bilbo and Smaug, the dragon, he found.
After the dragon was slayed- the mountain was free. But an important stone was missing
Actually the hobbit had it. The slayer of the dragon, a lake man, requested a share of the treasure
In greed the dwarfs refused and thus the lake men laid siege until the dwarfs complied

When the dwarfs found out that the lake men had the stone, they were confound
When the hobbit was captured, tired of the siege, he handed the stone over, ‘twas a blessing.
For now there was a bargaining chip… and thy were going to use it to be sure
Gandalf repapered just in time for when the dwarfs learned the truth they were annoyed

Yet this did not lead to peace for it was to be a war, dwarfs v. elves and lake men
And strange as it may seem, this changed all of a sudden
To dwarfs, elves and men v. goblins and wargs ‘twas called the battle of Five Armies
The original quarrel forgotten as too much was amiss

In the end; of the thirteen dwarfs, only ten lived.
When Bilbo left in the company of the elves and Gandalf, he left behind many a good friend
With him, his ring, a chest of silver and a chest of gold
When he returned to Bag-End, there was such a sight behold

The End

You have reached the end of "The Tale of Bilbo the Hobbit and His Adventure". This story is complete.

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