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Always Doing the Stupid Thing

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Summary: He just did the stupidest thing he ever could. Xander/Lane. Response to Jinni’s ‘When I Woke Up’ challenge.

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Television > Gilmore GirlsCommanderBubblesFR13611,04113514,79415 Mar 0626 Apr 06No

Considering Lorelai

Title: Always Doing the Stupid Thing

Author: Commander Bubbles

Rated: PG-13, or T, if you’re on with the stupid ratings

Pairing: Xander/Lane

Genre: BtVS/Gilmore Girls

Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth,, anywhere else just ask.

Disclaimer: Me no owning of Buffy nor Gilmore Girls, so don’t sue! You’d get red hair dye. And make-up. And quite possibly a box of tissues. But the chapstick and the cook book are mine!

A/N: He just did the stupidest thing he could ever do. Response to Jinni’s ‘When I Woke Up’ challenge.

A/N2: The Muchly-needed talk continues. Picks up where the last one left off. Goes from Xander to Giles, halfway through. Oh, and btw, I can’t write Giles. Help?


“We can’t get a divorce, you know.”

“Why not?”

“Mama will personally come to wherever I’m hiding and publicly disown me. Kim’s do not divorce. Ever. I have a cousin who flipped out and nearly killed her husband, but they’re still married. There’s a restraining order involved, but no divorce.” Plus there’s the whole, you know, baby thing. But she’s not saying that.

“So what do we do? I’m kinda needed in Cleveland. And you’re pretty needed in Connecticut, too.” I can’t just up and leave Cleveland. I’m in the middle of Slayer training and Watcher training. Plus, I’m needed to fix whatever needs fixing. And there’s also the deal of me going back to Africa.

“I don’t know. I could always move to Cleveland with you. I mean, I’m not needed with the band, and my job can be easily replaced. And I gave up on college when Mama kicked me out. I’d probably go insane without Rory, but it isn’t a big thing.” She mentions quietly.

That’s just the thing-I don’t want to go back to Cleveland. Nor do I want to go back to Africa. I’ve had enough Hellmouthy-goodness, thanks. And Africa…well, I really don’t want to be there, either. I may act it, but I’m not stupid.

But there’s one thing; I’m really needed in Cleveland.

With Giles in England, we have a shortage of Watchers. “I can’t ask you to uproot your life.” Robin could take my place as Watcher. There are other carpenters in town, and it isn’t like we’ve never spun stories before.

And this Stars Hollow sounds…nice. Peaceful, if crazy. Besides…wait. No. Better not to even think that.

“And I can’t ask you to uproot your own. You’ve got more ties in Cleveland than I do in Stars Hollow.” Huh? You’ve lived there all your life, and your best friend lives there. Your job. Your mother. And while I may only have one eye now, I can still see you love it there.

“Not really. I mean, Robin can take my place at the school, and there are other carpenters in Cleveland. I could move to Stars Hollow, or we could find some place in New York even. If you want.” I can’t help but offer. Actually, the whole ‘going off on my own’ thing is kinda liberating. I tried one summer, but, well, Oxnard.

No force on god’s green earth.



“Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai speaking, how may I help you?” I ask, holding the phone in place between my ear and shoulder. Why am I, the owner, answering the phone when I have many more important things to do? Because my manager and concierge keeps connecting the guests with Kirk!

“Rory?” My breath catches in my throat. She sounds…panicked. “Rory, honey, what’s wrong?” I ask, stepping away from the desk and heading for the kitchen. I have a feeling I’ll need coffee and Sookie for this. Possibly Luke.

“I’m in Vegas.” Oh god. “With Lane. We were out partying last night, we had a few drinks, and we got in a fight.” Oh no. “About Logan.” Lane’s feelings about Logan are more best-friend protective than mine, but she still has her own opinions about his treatment to her. “And so I went back up to the hotel room, and I left her down there with Finn.” Oh no… “And she was drunk. Really drunk.”

“Rory, honey, did she sleep with Finn?” As adoptive mother to Lane, I will hunt down some rich-boy ass if he hurt her. “No, even worse. She got married to someone she met in the bar.” I nearly drop the phone. Lane…married?

“You’re kidding me. Please, Rory, tell me this is a joke?” I’m not ready for Lane to be married! She’s the sweet little eccentric Korean kid that used to practice with her secret band in our garage, and who used to keep clothes at our house! Lane is…well, Lane’s my second kid! It wasn’t the Gilmore home growing up without Rory reading in her room and Lane playing all the music her mother didn’t let her listen to as loud as she could.

I feel…old all of a sudden. One of my kids lives with her grandparents, because I couldn’t handle the fact that she got arrested and wasn’t going back to college, and the other is married. After a night of drinking, no less.

When did they grow up? Rory…she was born grown up. She made me grow up. Lane, though. When did she grow up? I can remember when she and Rory first met, Rory walked into first grade wearing an old band t-shirt, and I was so afraid that nobody would talk to her because nobody would know what her shirt meant.

But no, Lane went straight up to her and that was when I knew, that those two would be friends forever. It was just one of those things, when you just know. Like Sookie and I.

Like Luke and I.

But Lane…even though she’s not really mine, I still feel like she is. She’s the first of my kids to get married, and I wasn’t even there. Even though I really hope this is just a sick joke, I know it isn’t. “No, mom. Lane Kim is now Lane Harris.” I sigh. This is definitely a Luke problem. I need Luke. I need Luke’s coffee, and I need Luke.

Lane Harris, huh? Could be worse. Unless she married a complete schniklefritz. Then we have a problem. “What kind of guy is he, have you met him? Is he a schniklefritz or a good guy?” I ask, slumping against the counter tiredly.

Lane is married.

Wow, I never realized how…old that would make me feel. I mean, I’m not even forty yet, even if it is just a couple of years away. But one of my kids is married.

I’m not grown up enough for this.


“So we’re at an impasse with where to live.”

“I guess so.”

“I meant what I said about living in New York, or Stars Hollow. I mean, really all I am is the resident handymen in a school full of hormonal girls.” Hormonal girls? Wait, what?


“Oh, right. We didn’t cover that, did we. I’m the carpenter for an all-girls school in Cleveland.” Oh. That makes more sense. Still a little disturbing though.

“You’d get along with Luke.” I have no idea why those words came out of my mouth. I mean yeah, I’d love to introduce him to my Stars Hollow family, and he seems like the type that can handle a little insanity, but still. “Both in the aspect that you’ve got people you protect, and that you’re handy. He’s restoring a boat, you know. His father’s boat.” I’m rambling, but that’s nothing new.

Am I actually considering what I think I’m considering? I mean, I’ve spent the past two years rooming with two guys, but neither were married to me. Where would he sleep? Where would I sleep? Would we share a room, or find an apartment with two rooms? And what if I’m actually pregnant? What then?

“Sounds like a cool guy.” He’s not assuming anything. Good.

God, there is some part of me that wants us to consider this, to see if we can make this work. The rational part of my brain is telling me that I should do it, because it’s the proper thing to do, but…the Mrs. Kim part of my brain is telling me that I’ll burn in hell if I do.

“And Lorelai won’t leave you alone until you agree that coffee is the best thing in the world, and to make her a shrine to coffee.” But there was this part of me that always wanted to be married at the gazebo in the town square. And Rory would be my maid of honor, and I’d be the maid of honor at her wedding.

“Sounds like my kind of woman. I definitely agree with her, coffee is the best invention since whoever created the post-it. Those are darned useful too.” And some part of me is thinking that we could definitely get along. And some tiny part is telling me that under different circumstances, he could be the one. That I could definitely love him, given time.

“Of course my mother will curse you into the deepest pit of hell, because you’re not a Christian.” My mother will not be happy, and I’ll likely get kicked out of the house again. But then, I’ve dealt with that before, haven’t I? Sure I spent a good four months at Yale with Rory, and after that I lived with Lorelai, but I dealt. And in the end it worked out, didn’t it?

“I wouldn’t say I’m not. I may not go to church and I may not read the bible, but I definitely believe in something. I believe in heaven and hell, at any rate.” Is this man perfect? So his taste in music has much to be desired, so what.

“And Sookie will decide that you’re underfed, and that you need to eat more. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, she’s the best cook on the eastern seaboard, but still. And Jackson will test your produce knowledge.” I can’t believe I’m actually considering this.

“Food that doesn’t have the words ‘klingon’ or ‘star trek’ in it? Definate plus.” He’s got a good sense of humor, and he isn’t at all bad looking.

Wow. I guess I am considering it.

“Lane…” I chew on my bottom lip. “What are you trying to ask me?” I’m too young to be married, I’m only twenty. But…maybe…really, the only reason Dean’s marriage didn’t work was because he slept with Rory. But…he seems like a good guy. And we are married. And there is a chance that I’m pregnant. But…there’s a small blip of doubt in my head.

“I think…I’m trying to ask you if you want to come to Stars Hollow. To try things out. Because…we’re married. As stupid as it is, we did get married last night. And I could be pregnant. So yea, I’m taking you up on your offer. Do you want to move to Stars Hollow with me?” I ask, tilting my head up to look at the sky.

“Yes.” I freeze for a moment, before nodding.

I, Lane Kim, am married. And there’s a chance of a baby on the way.

And my husband and I, are going to move into an apartment in Stars Hollow.

God help us, please.




The End?

You have reached the end of "Always Doing the Stupid Thing" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 06.

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