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White Hats with Black Spots

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Summary: When Connor runs away to England, he gets caught up in the wrong crowd. Or maybe the right crowd. It's hard to tell sometimes... (Connor/Draco/Blaise friendship - not slash)

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)KiaraFR13712,44143410,71716 Mar 0622 Aug 11Yes

Rebels Without A Cause

Pairing: Connor/ Draco Malfoy/ Blaise Zabini (no. 2104 in the ffa)
Disclaimer: I own naught. JK Rowling owns HP & Joss Whedon owns the rest.
A/N: Yes I’m screwing with the timelines, yes it’s AU.


“I’m bored.”

Blaise looked up briefly from his position laying half-upside-down on the sofa. “We could always go torture the captures.”

“The screaming would only get on my nerves.” Draco said casually. So far none of the other Death Eaters had noticed that their three youngest recruits seemed unwilling to ‘play’ with the muggles and mudbloods they captured. In fact, they rarely did anything aside from a little spying.

“Besides, the chase is the only fun part.” The newest recruit, whom had upped their duo to a trio, sighed.

“I wouldn’t let the others hear you say that, Angel.” Draco warned, sparing a look around the room though he knew it to be empty. Well, you couldn't be too careful.

“Don’t call me that.” Connor grumbled. “And anyway, I don’t care about them anymore, I could kill them all.”

“Sure. You’ll be killing one Death Eater whilst another avada kedavra’s you in the back.” Blaise said monotonously. By now he was well used to Connor’s various death threats. While Connor may be superhuman by muggle standards, he could still get dead just like anyone else.

Connor scowled. “I’m serious. I’m sick of taking orders from snake face.”

“We’re all sick of it, Angel, but the alternative’s not that great either.”

“Join Potter’s merry band? No thanks.” Blaise scoffed, surprised Draco had even suggested such a thing.

“Actually I was talking about death, I don’t think we have to pretend that joining Potter is actually a tolerable solution.” Draco said with a shudder as Blaise conceded with a nod.

“Well, maybe it is.” Connor spoke up, the opening to put his grand plan into action finally presenting itself.

Draco and Blaise shared dumbfounded looks before turning back to their third companion incredulously.

“Excuse you?”

“Not Potter exactly, that old guy. Dumbasadoor.”

Blaise laughed. “Dumb-as-a-door! Nice one!”

“Yeah, yeah, he’s a laugh riot.” Draco sneered. “Imagine for one minute that we went to old Dumbles, why would he believe us? We’re evil!”

“He believed me.” Connor stated calmly.

The other two stared at him. “He what?”

“He believed me. When I said I wasn’t up for the evil thing anymore. I didn’t come here to take orders from some dude who couldn’t kill a baby.” He took a sip from his drink, enjoying the flabbergasted expressions on the others faces. “What? You can’t tell me that you want to keep working for Voldemort?”

They flinched.

“It’s not that easy for some of us, ConCon.” Malfoy said when he recovered. “Some of us have been groomed for this since birth and aren’t just here to piss off our Daddies. We’d be killed within the day.”

“Only if they find out.”

“They’re our parents. I don’t really think we can hide it all that well.” Blaise sneered.

“I’ve been living with you guys for the last week and nobody noticed I was a spy.”

Draco immediately reached for his wand, but it was gone.

“Looking for this?” Connor said, holding up both of the wizards’ wands up in his hand with a smirk that was pure Slytherin, muggle or not. “I had to be sure you wouldn’t try to kill me when you found out what I’d been doing. I’d hate to have to hurt you two.”

“Give that back!”

“No. You said you guys wanted an out, this could be it.”

Blaise and Draco were saved from having to answer by one of the other Death Eaters poking their head into the room.

“There you bloody are! Come on, we’ve got a mission.”

All three followed without question as they were briefed - 'enjoy yourselves, leave no survivors' - and apperated into the middle of a muggle village.

And that’s where the ‘fun’ began.

“There, that’s the place.” The death eater who had fetched them earlier said. He was pointing at a medium sized house across the street with a small garden in the front. It was really quite charming. Soon it would be ash and rubble. “Your three deal with that, we’ll be mingling with the locals.”

“You never did say whose house it was.” Draco said, his eyes not leaving the house as he scanned it for signs of life, hoping that the occupants had gone to the shops or on holiday or whatever it was that muggles did. He was wearing new shoes and would hate to get blood on them. Or so he told himself.

“That little mudblood Potter’s so keen on.”

Blaise and Draco exchanged looks. “Granger?”

“That’s the one. The Dark Lord wants her out of the way before the final phase starts. Flint, make sure they don’t screw it up.” The death eater led the rest of the group off to cause havoc in the village.

“So what do you wanna do?” Connor asked.

“What are you thinking?” Blaise mused

Connor shrugged. “I’m just the muscle. You guys are the brains.”

“How about we go in there and kill them all?” Flint said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Have a little finesse, Flint.” Draco smirked. “Where’s your imagination?”

“You don’t need imagination to kill their sort. Just do it, Malfoy, unless there’s a problem.”

“No problem at all.” Draco said smoothly. “Shall we, gentlemen?”

They approached the house slowly, ignoring the flashes of green that could be seen from one of the neighbour’s gardens. Connor kept a few steps behind the others, slight worry edging into his mind. If Draco or Blaise actually killed this girl and her family, he didn’t think that Dumbledore would be quite as accepting and that would put a bit of a dent in his plans. Sure, he hadn’t been in England for all that long but he would count the two wizards as friends and having them locked up in a high security prison in the middle of the Atlantic would make that more difficult.

“What are you waiting for? You’ve got your bloody orders, just do it.” Flint hissed looking around for witnesses. He saw a face at one of the upstairs windows quickly vanish as they were spotted. “Now!”

Draco and Blaise exchanged looks. “You know, Drake, I’m getting kinda sick of all these orders.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing.”

The door in front of them opened.


He nodded politely in greeting. “Afternoon there, Ganger. What’s say you wait inside for a minute while we sort this out, eh?”

Hermione stood in the doorway, frozen in shock at the Slytherins turning up on her doorstep.

“What are you waiting for? Kill her!” Flint hissed.

“Did I not just say that we were sick of orders?” Blaise said flippantly, with a daring edge of steel in his eyes. Now this was more like it.

“You did indeed.” Connor confirmed with a smile. He knew his friends weren’t really evil. He really was an excellent judge of character, aside from that whole thing with his Dad and the ocean of course.

“Look mate, I don’t feel like killing her now.” Draco snarled, every inch the spoilt, pure blood brat. “I don’t answer to anyone. Least of all you.”

“Well if you won’t, then I will.” Flint reached for his wand, but Draco was much faster.

Flint slumped to the ground as the curse hit him.

“What did you do?” Connor asked, kicking the older boy with the toe of his boot.

“Just stunned him.” Draco put his wand back up his sleeve. “I’ve been wanting to do that for years."

“We need to hide.” Zabini said, looking over his shoulder as if he expected hoards of death eaters to be standing right behind him.

Hermione was still standing in the open doorway, gaping at the stunned death eater on her doorstep. Connor took advantage of her surprise and picked her up around the waist taking them both inside. “This won’t stop them for long.”

“Cheers Granger.” Draco said cheerfully as he stepped into the house. “Really hospitable of you.”

Blaise snorted as he shut the door behind them, letting the heavy wood bang Flint out of the way as it closed.

“Hermione? Are these friends of yours?”

Her father’s voice snapped her back to reality. Hermione looked up to see him looking at the three boys suspiciously, her mother standing just behind him looking just as apprehensive. “What? Oh, no. What are you up to?”

“Nothing!” Blaise protested, trying his best to look innocent which, considering they had just rocked up on her doorstep with a group of death eaters trying to murder her and her family, was not as innocent as it could have been.

“They’ve seen the error of their ways.” Connor offered.

Hermione looked at him properly for the first time. “You! You’re that spy that was at headquarters the other day.”

Connor nodded. “That’s me.”

They head a rough voice waft through the open window. “Flint! What’s taking so long?”

“We have to get out of here.” Draco sad urgently. “They’ll see Flint stunned on the doorstep.”

“I know how we can get away.” Hermione said. She pulled out a golden watch that she’d kept on her person ever since she’d been given it by the headmaster at the end of term.

“What’s that?” Mister Granger said, eyeing the pocket watch suspiciously.

“It’s a port key, Dad. Professor Dumbledore gave it to me before I came home just in case. It’ll transport us to my school when I activate it.” Hermione said, words tumbling over one another as voices neared the house.

Her mother nodded, her voice trembling slightly. She was a dentist so understandably this was a bit much for her. “Very well. If you say it’ll work then I believe you, let’s go.”

“Just grab onto a bit of the chain.” She held it out to her parents and prepared to activate it as yells came from outside.

As if on a second thought, Hermione turned to the three ‘Death Eaters’. “Are you coming?”

They all looked at each other, shrugged, and stepped forward to place a finger tip on the port key.

“What have we got to lose?”

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