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Waiting Room

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Summary: Two very same but very different women meet in a waiting room.

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)NycorsonFR1515842134,04416 Mar 0616 Mar 06Yes
A waiting room with an assortment of odd people, a woman cut in half, a pretty brunette, a man with a shrunken head, a scary but pretty blonde, and a few others that would have stopped most in their tracks. Everyone had numbered tickets in their hands, waiting patiently for their number to be called.

“If you touch my leg one more time I will rip that tiny head off your shoulders and shove it so far up your ass you will know what you last ate!”

A brunette female looked up from the magazine she had been listlessly flipping through to see the blonde woman who had been there when she walked in, stand up from next to the guy with a shrunken head and stalk over and drop in the chair next to her.

“Bastard, swear I am tempted to practice my carving abilities on him.” She snarled, rampant energy coursing through her body.

The other woman laughed “Gee can I watch? Please?” Then shook her head “Argh.. bad girl, not suppose to be thinking like that, ain’t never gonna get what I want if I can’t prove I have ‘reformed’.” Making finger quotes in the air.

The blonde laughed, “You too? Swear you kill a few people and suddenly you are evil, regardless of the reasons why you killed them, cut up their bodies, and ravaged their men.” She snorted in a very non-ladylike manner. “But say you are fighting for the side of good and oh.. all sins are forgiven.” A sour, frustrated, and envious look on her face.

The brunette laughed. “Yeah.. know the feeling, so what are you in here for.” Nodding towards the ticket in she was holding her hand that had a number on it.

A wry shrug from the blonde. “Asking for reincarnation, told them I wanted a chance to prove it was nurture that created me, not inherent nature… it only took me 200 years to get that phrasing down correctly, and I have been waiting here for over 1500 YEARS!” Yelling out the last part.

The receptionist just shrugged, and looked up flipping the number so it changed, “Number 35?” They both looked down on their tickets the blondes said “1,345,678,902” while the brunette’s said “1,345,690,452”. The brunette swallowed “I am not sure I have that much time.” A bit worried.

“Huh? Why not?”

“Well… I don’t think I’m dead yet, just in a coma, am here petitioning for a chance to wake and maybe try and change my life… at least a chance to change it.”

“Ah… lucky you, I’m stuck here unless they give me a new life.”

“Who knows, anything is possible right? BTW I’m Faith.” Sticking out her hand.

The blonde took it with a wicked grin “Well that is better than Hope any day. Callisto.”

They shook, then started talking and the conversation quickly fell to weapons and best attack strategies. It was just getting good, when the receptionist spoke up. “1,345,690,452”

Faith blinked looking at her number and started to feel funny. The receptionist spoke “They decided to let you wake up, make good use of it.”

Faith turned to Callisto “I hope you get your chance to start over…good luck.”

“You too… “ Callisto replied a bit wistfully as Faith faded from view.

~many years later~

Faith looked down at the tiny bundle of blue eyes and blonde hair the nurse had laid in her arms, and smiled. “Welcome to your chance Callisto.”

(yes it is the beetlejuice waiting room... ~snickers~)

The End

You have reached the end of "Waiting Room". This story is complete.

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