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But Most of all I wish

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Summary: You would think by now that Daniel Jackson had experienced enough of life to think before he spoke but even he didn’t know that wishes weren’t to be taken lightly.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Humor(Moderator)AvaFR1538,050610815,88616 Mar 065 Nov 06No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Of Cookies and Aliens

Of Cookies and Aliens...

Her face pinched into a frown as Buffy stared at Vala, more than a little stunned. “Aliens are real?”

The other woman nodded adjusting a pigtail. “Yes.”

Buffy blinked, “Huh.”

A finely shaped brow rose. “You’re taking this well.”

Buffy shrugged and glanced over at Daniel, who was pulling his…her hair back with oddly graceful movements. She frowned as he used a rubber band to secure the ponytail—hello follicle damage and how are you today?

She turned back to Vala and shifted in her stool, leaning forward to brace an elbow on the desk between them. “I’ve heard stranger.” She paused and gave the other woman a considering glance, “What do they look like?”

Vala inclined her head and returned the once over before nodding as if she saw something in Buffy’s head-on stare. “I am one.”

Her brows shot up over Daniel’s glasses. “Really? You look kinda human to me.”

“I am actually. It’s a rather long story.”

Buffy glanced over at Daniel. His head lowered over a tablet, right hand working a pencil quickly, but gently against a notebook. Her eyes traveled upward to the clock hanging above his workstation.

She turned back to Vala, “I’ve got 62 hours to kill. Let the story telling commence.”


Daniel frowned as the lead of his pencil broke and rose up from his hunched over position. Marveling at the lack of muscle cramps as he scanned his 20/20 gaze over his laboratory. His brows lowered at the sight of Buffy and Vala hunched together in the far corner. Their voices lowered in hushed tones—he should have noticed the quiet sooner.

Pushing himself away from his work he slid off the stool and made his way over to the pair. “What are you two whispering about?”

He watched Buffy raise his head and frowned at the bright smile she flashed him. “Vala was telling me about how a bunch of aliens came to Earth through a Chips’A’Hoy and enslaved mankind.”

Daniel stilled, mouth agape before unconsciously correcting, “Chappa’ia.” Then his eyes narrowed and he sent a heated glare toward Vala who raised her brows. “Do you know how to keep a secret?”

Vala frowned, “Of course.”

Daniel very nearly growled. “Apparently only when it’s your secret to keep.”

The trio turned toward the entrance of Daniel’s lab at the sound a woman clearing her throat. Buffy inclined her head at the sight of a pretty blonde standing next to what looked like a scaled down teeter-totter. Her eyes shifted to Mitchell as the pair pushed the contraption into the room and Daniel’s voice rose with excitement.


The blonde’s eyes widened and Buffy watched her struggle to keep the amusement off her face. “Hey, Daniel.” The façade cracked and laughter filler her eyes, making them bluer and Buffy raise her status from pretty to beautiful. “You’re so cute.”

Buffy’s brow wrinkled as that last part sounded like a veiled insult and she spoke over the linguist as she rose from her stool. “Thank you.”

The blonde—Sam—had the grace to look apologetic before she stepped around Daniel and offered Buffy her hand. “Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter.”

She took the offered handshake and returned it firmly, “Buffy Summers.” Again Sam’s face filled with delight and Buffy rolled her eyes. “Go ahead and laugh before you hurt yourself.”

A snicker escaped before Sam shook her head and glanced back at Daniel. “Sorry.”

Buffy felt Vala move to her side and casually slip an arm through hers while offering Sam a brilliant smile. “Hello,” Buffy raised a brow at the rolling purr to the thief’s tone. “I’m Vala, Vala Mal Doran.”

Sam caught Buffy’s amusement and returned the casual flirtation with annoyance. “I know who you are.”

Vala’s arm stiffened under Buffy’s and she tilted her head to see a pleasant blankness over riding any real emotion on the brunette’s face. “Daniels spoken of me then?”

The blonde shook her head and moved back toward the contraption she had brought with her. “No, Daniel hasn’t. I’m the person who had rewrite the Prometheus’ basic operating system after you tried to steal it.”

The teasing light completely faded from Vala’s eyes and Buffy frowned taking a small step in front of the only person who had actually been nice to her since finding out she and Daniel had switched bodies. The other women offered her a small smile of appreciation for the gesture.

Daniel watched their interaction, considering, before he turned back to catch Mitchell quickly glancing away. “Would you stop that?”

Cam blinked and met his gaze, “Stop what?”

“Checking me out.”

Vala, Sam and Buffy burst into laughter and Daniel blushed, realizing how that sounded even if he was currently a pretty twenty something. Cam raised his eyebrows and contemplated arguing but in all honesty Daniel was right. He turned to Buffy and offered her a half smile, resisting the urge to shake his head at the fact that she was wearing Jackson’s face.


The laughter still laced her voice as she grinned at him. “Not a big. ‘Sides I know better than to call someone on their interest.”

The pointed look she sent to Daniel had him crossing arms under her breasts as he shrugged. “Well I’m not used to being a someone that can turn heads as they walk down the street.”

Daniel watched the smile on his face widen and become something close to happy and he stiffened, realizing all the members of the SGC had been either ignoring Buffy or treating her like a nuisance. Vala shifted closer and rose on tiptoe to whisper something to her and the smile stretched just that much wider.

Before he could comment or possibly begin to close the gape between himself and Buffy, Sam called their attention toward the machine she had brought with her. “Hopefully you won’t have to get use to it.”

He frowned at the purple hue of Ma’Chello’s invention as it reflected the overhead lights. Its simple design belied its ingenious function of switching two persons consciousness between bodies.

Buffy moved to stand beside him, Vala only a step behind as they looked at the machine. Daniel ignored the curl of unease twisting in his stomach and looked to Sam. “You think it’ll work?”

She sighed, “I don’t see why it shouldn’t.”

Buffy frowned, “What is it?”

Surprisingly it was Cam that stepped forward and offered an explanation. “It’s an invention by a guy named Ma’Chello. It supposedly can switch personalities when two people grasp either handle at the same time.”

Sam sent him an amused, but annoyed look. “Thank you for boiling it down to its simplest level.”

Cam grinned, “I aim to please and dumb up the most complex of situations.”

Buffy arched a brow and asked, “Invention? As in science?”

Daniel turned to her. “It couldn’t hurt.”

“Uh, yeah it could.” She caught their collective frowns and sighed. “Magic and science are non-mixy things. Like oil and water. They just don’t work well together.”

Sam frowned, “Magic?”

Daniel shook his head. “There is no such thing as magic.”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed, “Not having this conversation again.” She motioned to Ma’Chello’s invention. “And I am in no way touching that thingie.”

Sam snorted at hearing Daniel’s voice say ‘thingie’ and then cleared her throat before trying to offer reassurance. “Buffy this invention has been used before with very little ill effects.”

“That’s not the issue, just trust me that this has bad idea written all over it.”

Sam shook her head. “Trust us, that we have a little more experience in these types of situations than you do.”

Daniel ignored the flash of annoyance that chased its way across his features. “Buffy, can you really spend three days away from your life?” She remained stubbornly silent and he switched to dirtier tactics. “What about Dawn?” She stiffened, he continued. “Who’s going to look after your sister?”

She exhaled sharply through his nose and glared at Daniel. “I’m doing this under protest and the right to say I told you so afterwards.”

“Fine, alright.” He motioned her to move toward the machine as Cam and Sam stepped back.

Taking opposite positions across from one another Buffy sent Vala somewhat pleading look. The other woman gave her double thumbs up and a quick—if uneasy—grin. Buffy turned to lock eyes with Daniel and sighed out her mounting frustration before nodding her head. Their hands rose and clasped the two handles directly in front of them and Buffy felt a tingle spread up her fingers, which suddenly flexed around the grips.

A deep thrum filled the room and the machine sparked. The arch of electricity traveled up from the center of Ma’Chello’s invention and struck both Daniel and Buffy simultaneously. Buffy slim frame stumbled back, off balance. While Daniel’s slightly more human form was thrown into the far wall much to everyone’s shock.

Sam moved swiftly forward and knelt beside him, her fingers deftly checking his pulse and sighing as she saw the rise and fall of his chest. A sharp cough exploded from him and his head rose gasping.

“Daniel?” Sam asked hopefully.

A harsh glare was her answer as Buffy growled. “Not quite.”

Sam leaned back as Vala came to Buffy’s other side and drew her attention away from the Lt Colonel. The thief reached out and adjusted crooked glasses before quickly scanning Daniel’s fit frame for obvious injuries. Her eyes widened at the burns decorating his hands. With a frown Buffy followed her gaze downward and frowned at the blisters, making a thick band across her palms and the edges of her fingers.


“Oh, Buffy.”

The Slayer winced as she felt a tightness in her chest as she tried to rise on her own and sat back. Understanding Buffy’s desire to not ask for help, Vala simply grasped her wrists and aided her in rising. The other woman put Buffy’s arm over her shoulders as she swayed and sent the room a glare.

“She requires medical attention.”

Cam stepped forward to take Buffy’s other side, ignoring the tightening of muscles with his touch. He shook his head as Sam opened her mouth and helped the thief lead Buffy from the lab.

Sam turned back to Daniel who was staring down at his unblemished hands perplexed. His gaze rose as the trio left the room and a frown marred pretty features as he went after them. Sam looked toward Ma’Chello’s invention and then back at the empty lab before following.


Author’s Note: This plot bunny has taken over and is trying to drag poor General O’Neill into this circus. *evil grin*

The End?

You have reached the end of "But Most of all I wish" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Nov 06.

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