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The Consequence of Perplexity

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Summary: Cordelia gets saved by a different type of Xander. Gender-bending. SLASH Xan/wes, Xan/Spike.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Wesley/XanderLLNFR182325,793139076,37717 Mar 0629 Apr 08No

Chapter One

Title: The Consequences Of Perplexity
Chapter: One
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Angel Crossover AU.
Pairing: None at the moment. Tell ya as they come. Will be SLASH.
Disclaimer: don't own'em.
Feedback: is like chocolate. So feed the need.
Summary: You only need to know Doyle is dead. not that I don't like
The character, I do..mmm, those eyes. But for my story he doesn't fit.
Cordelia still lives in her old apartment. Angel hasn't got the Gem of Amara
Yet. A different Xander saves Cordelia.
Transcripts used from


'Los Angeles, you see it at night and it shines. Like a beacon. People are drawn to it. People and other things. They come for all sorts of reasons, my reasons. No surprise there. It started with a girl...'
Angel, City of...-Angel the Series.


During the auction Cordelia watched as Barney, that little scumbag of a demon sell demonic items knowing that she was next on the block.

'Where's Angel, when you really need him?' She wondered. Cordelia looked around the room taking in the sight of all the different species of demons and humans. One womancaught her eye; she leaned against the wall next to the door, looking bored at the whole scene.

The woman had the same build and height as Cordelia herself. She had a heart-shaped face with pouty lips, long waist length dark brown hair, a shade lighter than Cordelia's own. But it was the woman's eyes that kept your attention. Cordelia couldn't tell the color but they seemed to glow. In short the woman was a hottie.

Cordelia, mostly noticed how she was dressed...

'Uhgg, ...White-Trash Chic...mmm, she does seem to be pulling it off well.' Thought Cordelia.
Lace-up Doc Martin boots, black leather-jeans, and a white t-shirt worn under a light brown suede duster.

"Next up lot 32. We're lucky to have this here today. It's a rare and beautiful find." Said Barney, that weasel. As his human partner Hank takes off Cordelia's gag and leads her to the stage.

"I'm not really a Seer. I only had one vision and I'm sure is was something I ate..." Hank puts a hand over her mouth.

"The maginficent eyes of a Seer."

'Well, the loser's eye's are magnificent.' Thought Cordelia.

"Your very own pipeline to the Powers That Be, folks. The possiblies are endless. Keep the girl as a slave, remove the head as a trophy or simply harvest the eyes in any case, a unique party icebreaker! It doesn't get any better than this. Let's start the bidding at 2000. Do I hear 2000!"?

And so the bidding began. The price got higher and higher. Slowly, though it started to end at a price that Cordelia found insulting.

'I'm worth ten times that! '

"Hey! You know you pay twice that for cataracts. Theses eyes are flaws even without the stupid visions. That's the best you can do! " Cordelia insults the crowd. The bidding began again.

"12,000, 13,000 going for, 12,000."said Barney happily. Cordelia stalled for more time.

"Come on, have some huvoes guy!" she called to a long haired, white demon dressed Goth like, sitting next to a blond man in a white suit.

"Whitey, he's is stepping all over you! Are you going to take that from his kind?"

Cordelia saw the dark-haired woman; shake her head at Cordelia's antics.

'There's something about her...something familiar.' She thought.

Hank stepped forward to shut Cordelia up. But Barney stopped him. Every time Cordelia got mouthy the bidding got higher. He like that, then the Goth like demon killed the blond man.

"30,000!" said a businesswoman.

"Sold! To the lovely lady lawyer from Wolfram&Hart."


In a storeroom, people were picking up the demonic items they had bought. Cordelia is standing quietly having been threaten to be regaged.

"We won't be needing the body. My employer has requested that the eyes be removed," said the lady lawyer.

" extraction is a very delicate process," said Barney looking to make some extra from this," We run the risk of damaging the gift. It's going to cost you an extra thou."

The lawyer looks put out.

"Extraction is always included in the price."

"Not with Seer's eyes."

"Never heard of such a thing!"

"There's never been such a thing on the market. An extra thousand or you take as is."

The lawyer looks thoughtful for a moment. Cordelia got hopeful.

"Go a head."

Hope came crashing down.

Barney rubs his hands together. Then looks at Hank who was holding Cordelia, and threatening her with a sharp metal looking clamp.

"Give me the extractor," he told Hank, who looked disappointed.

"But...I wanted to do it. You know that. I've been begging you..."

"Hank! "Barney says sharply," your embarrassing yourself. "Hand it over."

Hank does do relucantly. Cordelia whimpers in fear.


Said a voice from the doorway, as Cordelia got pushed into a chair. She saw the dark-haired woman from before.

"Go any closer to Cordy, and I'll tear out your heart!" growled the woman.

'Cordy? Do I know her?' wondered Cordelia, as she mentally went through everyone she knew.

"...eyes!" said the woman as Cordelia came back in to what was being said.

"There her best feature. I loved staring into them when we made out in the janitor's closet in high school."

Cordelia blinked at that statement. She had done that with only one person, and that person had been male! But she was a good child of Sunnydale and just went with the weird, saying..."Xander!"

Xander Harris smiled at Cordelia.

"Sooo, good that you remember me." She said.

"Wow, Xan, being a female must really agree with you. Your fashion sense has really improved."Cordelia said with a smirk. Just because Xander was know a woman and apparently here to rescue her, didn't mean she had to make it easy.

"Cordy, sweetheart, it's not nice to make fun of the person rescuing you. I might decide not too. Besides, what was wrong with my fashion sense?"

"You didn't have any. That was the problem!"

"Not that I don't find this interesting," said the lady lawyer interrupting the banter between the two, "but I'm on a schedule."

"Time to make some money." Barney said, in the blink of an eye Xander, was shoving Barney away from Cordelia. It was about that time a man came sailing through the door of the storage room. Angel and Wesley burst into the room.

"Ah, the Calvary arrvives."Cordelia muttered.

The security guards try to stop Angel. While Wesley hops on a foot trying to get a knife he had taped there. Xander grabs one of the guards, and shoves him into another guard heading for Angel, both guards fall down. Wesley has fallen to the floor still trying to get the knife free. As he kicked the stake out of the third guard's hands, Angel is being held by two other guards. Xander punched out the guard that tried to stake Angel, the guard goes down.

Angel had seen the woman helping them, but it was now that he noticed her scent.
Sunshine, chocolate, something primal and earthy, death and the taint all of the children of the hellmouth carry. He had known only one person with that scent.

"Harris?" He asked in shock, because there was no way that it could be him. Angel hit one of the guards knocking him out.

"Nice to see you too, Deadboy!"

'Yeah, that's Harris. Only he was brave enough...or stupid enough to call me that to my face.' Angel thought.

"You look different."

Xander gave him the 'are you stupid'look.

"Thank you, States-the-Obvious."Xander said punching a guard.

Wesley laughed as he heard that, as he made his way to Cordelia. He had always found Xander's wit amusing, when it wasn't directed at him.

"Are you alright?" he asked, when he got over to her.

"I'm sooo, far not."Cordelia said motioning with her tied up wrists.

"Right wrists!" says Wesley trying one more time to get his knife free.

"Come on, Wesley!"

He then sees a claw of some various demon, he picks it up, and uses it to saw through the ropes.
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